08 April 2009

ga. cops kill again

http://www.wjbf.com/jbf/news/state_regional/georgia/article/wadley_police_shoot_kill_suspect/12386/ Fraendy Clervaud Published: April 4, 2009 One man is dead after he was shot and killed by police officers Friday night in the small town of Wadley, Georgia. It all started when officers responded to a domestic dispute between a father and his son. Authorities say moments later, things took a turn for the worse. It happened at the corner of East Smith and North Main Street. Police say when they arrived, Jerry Conner had a knife in his hand. His widow says her husband had been drinking and was having trouble dealing with some family issues: “In the past three year, he’s lost three immediate family members, his mother, father and brother”, she said. Police chief Wesley Lewis says Conner started to approach the officers with the knife in a threatening manner. One officer tried to subdue Conner with a Taser, but the device failed: “During that time they made multiple commands to drop the weapon and stop his actions, at which time Officer Paquette had to make a decision on using deadly force”. Conner was rushed to a hospital in Louisville, where he later died. His wife says the shooting was not necessary: “Why not the legs? Why not the hand? Why not his foot? Why his heart?“ She asks. Chief Lewis says, “Shooting somebody is the last thing an officer wants to do because when you take someone’s life, it doesn’t only affect the family of the victim; it affects the officer and the department.“ The officer involved in the shooting works for the Wadley police department on a part-time basis. He’s been placed on administrativeleave pending an investigation by the G.B.I.. so, like i said before, the cops are thugs, hired henchmen of the government and the rich that take great pleasure in bullying us common folk (not to mention tasering and killing us low lifes eh?). police aren't heroes, they are muscle for uncle sam's mafia, hired goons armed to the teeth with military weaponry and flak jackets. remember when they said that when guns were taken from the public then only criminals would have guns? well, they're right. only these criminals wear badges and have the blessing of the state to abuse and abase with little to no oversight whatsoever.

07 April 2009

fresno cops kill man in custody

http://www.ksee24.com/news/local/42529077.html A man who was being pursued by Fresno police died shortly after being taken into custody on Monday morning. Police Chief Jerry Dyer says that officers were pursuing a man in a Ford Mustang for about two blocks after he ran a red light. The man finally stopped at a gas station at the intersection of Jensen and East. The man, described as about 5'8' and weighing 350 pounds, got into a confrontation with police. Officers used bean bag guns and a Taser to try and arrest the man, but he continued to resist and officers finally wrestled him to the ground. At some point, he stopped breathing and he was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Stay with KSEE 24 News and KSEE24.com for updates. naturally the next day the same station reports he was a drug user and not in custody... http://www.ksee24.com/news/local/42562412.html Fresno police have identified the man who died while being taken into police custody early Monday morning. Ricardo Varela, 41, died after police made several non-lethal attempts to subdue him after he resisted arrest. Varela was being pursued by officers after running a red light in Southeast Fresno. Two blocks from that intersection he stopped at a gas station. Police used bean bag guns and a Taser when Varela confronted them, and eventually officers wrestled him to the ground. The 5'8", 350 pound man started having trouble breathing and was transported to the hospital before he died. Police Chief Jerry Dyer said he had a conversation with Varela's mother today, who told him Varela had a drug problem, which Dyer said may have contributed to Varela's actions this morning.

cops taser 15 year old boy for 'clenched fists'


Police Stun Boy With Taser At Hospital

Police stunned a 15-year-old boy with a Taser after an angry confrontation in a hospital, Mesa police said.Police said the boy was clenching his fists and yelling at a staff member at Mesa Regional Hospital when they arrived.Police determined the boy had assaulted someone who left before they arrived.After an officer attempted to take the boy into custody for creating a disturbance, the boy approached the officer with clenched fists, police said.