29 September 2009

us (U.S.) vs. Them

When the serfs of Europe rose up against their Masters it was Us against Them. When Howard Dean ran for President, it was Us against Them. But THEY knew how to sabotage the Dean campaign. Even then, with the guy They figured the could beat, They still had to rig an election. Why? Because the knew Americans, REAL Americans rejected their Administration. Thus, Barack Obama, rather than Howard Dean, is the elected President of the United States today. Yet They bitch about it when the American people reject their immoral objectives and strive for something new. Something Hopeful. They think They are Entitled. They think they are Better than You. They think that by lying to You so that they can keep their filthy riches safe. They don't want You to know that they want to keep You down while They get away with whatever They wish. Wake up America! Before you know it, They shall take what Little You have and funnel it into their own coffers. Right Sarah Palin?

27 September 2009

Lions WIN!

Well This Years Detroit Lions finally pulled a victory out and no one in the area could watch it because of that stupid NFL blackout when the home team doesn't sell out but by God the Lions are among a plethora of 1-2 teams in Pro Football and they can build on this win. The losing streak is over and already you can feel the energy from the City of Detroit has become happier. Hooray! They could finish 7-9! But it could easily be 9-7 if this team can step it up. Too early to say but congratulations to the Detroit Football Lions. You won man!!! If you missed the Minnesota Vikings host the 49'ers you missed a Great Game. San Francisco played with a lot of heart today and, I thought, with enough to win the game but that damn Brett Favre. Love him or dislike him (and sometimes I do for his antics) he is perhaps the greatest in the game right now (after Tom Brady. Go Patriots!) and man did he prove it all day, winning the game with an easy as you please TD pass to Greg Lewis with only 2 seconds left in the game. Damn he's a Gunslinger! The Niners are undoubtedly a team on the rise but winning today was all to Favre. Now I get to watch a lame ass game between the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the pathetic Cincinnati Bengals. Ugh! Who cares??? 13-0 Pittsburgh going into the half? I'm so startled! Are you effing kidding me? Why not the Saints @ the Bills or the Dolphins @ the Chargers? At least those will be close games! Maybe they'll change games after the half. Ugh! and I have to wait til Midnite for the NFL to post the Lions game so I can see their win for myself. Oh well. The Colts @ the Cardinals might be good for a few laughs. Colts number 1 pass defense shuts down the Birds while Peyton plays for bragging rights over his brother Eli (who is the better QB). Sorry Manning. Still have you as my starting QB on my fantasy team though. Might give Jay Cutler the start next week though; Seattle has a good pass defense and the Lions secondary is still unproven). Tomorrow night's game is probably a snorer too. Ugh! Carolina @ Dallas. Carolina 34 Dallas 21, Romo tosses 3 picks.

thank goodness there's pro football

I haven't felt like writing much lately because the World is just too depressing. Lives overseas hang in the Balance as our elected officials decide what to do about Iran and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, here at home, Right wing Radicals are inciting insurgency against our government. They are literally hunting the President (which is why they take guns to his rallies) because with him out of the way they believe they can retake the White House behind Sarah Palin, who, today, is following the example set by Jane Fonda when she went to VietNam. Not to be outdone, dear Sarah went to the Communist country of China afew days ago and held our Commander in Chief out for scorn and ridicule as she spewed forth her Right wing ideology as if she were Somebody. But Sarah Palin doesn't love America, she loves her Bible and she loves Republicanism and strange wang every so often if One may believe the National Enquierer. But America? Bah! Still her base is working themselves up for some sort of shenanigans. I can feel it in my bones. So yeah, who cares? The World is always doomed and we dumb Apes seem to be the cause for that more often than not and NHL hockey is still another week away. Grr. But hooray it's Sunday and I can forget it all by watching the Lions win their 1st game but oh no I can't because the game's blacked out because Detroit has given up on their team. Dammit! But I'm getting to watch what turned out to be a good game between the 49ers and Vikings. The Niners look to be back on the path to being a Real Contender in the NFL. For some reason my local CBS station who has this weeks double header decided it couldn't be bothered to show game 1 a Chiefs-Eagles affair but will show game 2, a snorer between Pittsburgh (not them AGAIN?!) and the hapless Bengals. Never mind the better options of the Saints @ the Bills or Miami @ San Diego! Ugh! The Earth is Dying and my Football Sunday is off to a rocky start. My fantasy teams are doing well though if that means anything. And in 2 minutes the Lions will be 1-2.

24 September 2009

out of bullets

I should tell you that while we are wasting our time watching TV or playing on our computers (guilty), they are holding meetings in their homes and planning their next move in their war against us. It is a very real war to them, a Biblical war by golly. Jesus himself and through His Apostle declared it in the Olden Times that in the Later Days we would know the Signs that His Return was near . It is a time for War and Domination in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and we must be ready! Arm yourselves! We are the Army of Christ and we will Rule the Earth beside Him as His Holy Saints! Garbage right? Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who believe that tripe. Never mind all that "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" crap. They believe that they are under attack by us. You and me. Right? What are we doing to attack anybody? Not a damn thing. Still they think we are and so they gather together every night for home held church where they sing hymns and pray in the Spirit and discuss their next move. Now while most of these folk funnel this paranoia into politics where they managed to take over the Republican party there are still a few more million of them that don't think that is enough. They also have prayed together in their homes but their God has given them a different plan of action. They are to arm themselves and train themselves in the usage of their weapons for when the Antichrist appears (President Obama) his Hitler like charisma will deceive the whole World and he will lead the Armies of Satan against God's Chosen people Israel. I'm making this all up, right? I see what they are planning to do now. They are here at home busily churning up the chant for Revolution. We will retake Washington by force if we have to! You've probably heard about that on the news recently. They will stop at nothing to acheive this for by God when the End Times come, America will be defending Israel against her enemies not leading them! It's all a gag, right? I'm fucking with you, I have to be. Yet they are plotting it. They are hoping that someone in his religious fervor will kill the President of the United States. You might have noticed the gun packing, 2nd amendment spouting rednecks that have shown up where the president is speaking lately. That's why. It is encouraged. Besides, the Bible explicitly states that the Antichrist will suffer a head wound and will come back from the dead. When Obama survives the attempt then his true colors will be revealed and Christ will Return and whisk them all away for 7 years where they will feast with all the saints since Adam and drink the finest non alcoholic wine before the come back and kill the rest of us on Judgement Day. No freakin' way, right? Top story of the day: America is suffering a shortage of bullets. Domestic terrorism is still terrorism even if they do call what they do Christian. I hope our Federal government does something about it soon.

22 September 2009


nothing to say really as I just don't have the energy to be upset all the time. the radical right in this country are out of control and it's up to us, each and every one of us, to stand up against them because if we don't, they will bring destruction and ruin down upon us. their hearts are black and all they know is darkness. it is all they know. My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing. But our liberties are in danger so the song becomes discordant, an ache for better times when we Americans were freer. I was alive then so I know it existed once in the days before Reagan ruled. It can be that way again but it seems none of my countrymen even know anything is wrong.

21 September 2009

on America

I grew up listening to the legends of Gerorge Washington, Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson in school and they were very inspiring to a little boy. Larger than life. Today, our students don't know that legend. It isn't taught by the Powers that Be because they don't want your children to get any crazy ideas like standing up to the Federal government or demanding rights or such other nonsense. Oh no, instead they are taught to be obedient (quiet) and happy citizens of the United States for we are surrounded by enemies and we must preserve the American way of Life. So much for our ancestors. Instead, today, we have lost our Way. Hell, no one even knows what the Way is any more. Liberties, equal justice, freedom to chose what's best for yourself and your family. But there is a pernicious Spirit about. It is on the loose and it is growing stronger. We here in America are feeding it and it is thriving of our energy. It is a spirit of anti-Americanism, the spirit of anti-Christ. And what is the Spirit of Christ? The Universal code of Knowing the difference between what is Right andf what is Wrong. Yet there is no Right or Wrong, is there? There is only the Rich and Privlieged against the rest of us All. Or as We, the People, know them as, the Republican Party. The Republican Party is the Party of rich folk. They even have their first Black chairman (after it was clear Barack Obama was going to win the Democratic nomination). They are the Party of the Old South, the party of every White person ever who has felt the Sting of Racial Discrimination and knows, in his heart of hearts, that they are better than all the other colors on the Planet. Michael Steele? Uncle Tom. 3 Black guys behind me? A gang initiation? High 5ing? Goddamn mother fuckers, do you think I'm an easy target? I'll fucking show you. Maybe. Goddamn Republicans. You're exactly like 3 Black dudes behind me. And you want to be.

17 September 2009

the radical right hates all America

Yeah I get it when the Taliban says the covering of women is essential to keep a man's lust in check and , yeah, I get it when the radical right Republicans in this country say they will overthrowe the government but that doesn't mean I think they are right. People who are immersed in religion are obviously insane because, let's face it, God or Alllah isn't directly speaking to anyone because they do not exist. Sure, like you, I've been waiting for proof to the contrary but there isn't any because you cannot prove or disprove the existence of something that never was. Which isn't to say I'm against religion but, let's face it, when your faith becomes an excuse to act like a traitor to this, your country, then we have problems. I tolerated George Bush as best I could, but he was an idiot who fucked this nation straight up the ass. Yes he should have been arrested and hauled of in chains. Why? Because he lied to us, all of us. He said he'd be President but he wasn't. Rove and Cheney ran the show and we all know it. We all fucking know it yet they walk around free men. But George Bush Jr. was the face of the administration, the poster boy if you will, and he did nothing on his own that Rove and Cheney did not approve of. WE know this, yet still did nothing. George Bush was NEVER LAWFULLY elected President of the United States, ever. This isn't me being a Democrat or a what the fuck and who gives a shit anyway moderate or anything. This is me, a human being and an American by birth, a thinking, intelligent person saying George Bush ruled illegally the last 8 year because we, the American people, didn't have the drive, the passion or sense of priveliege that the Republican radical right to stand up in one voice and in unison demand that Righteouness and Justice were restored to the halls of power in Washington! That is how they win, that is how they get away with everything and that is how come we never get ahead in this nation. We are too nice, too civil, too mature while they push us, shove us, shout us down and threaten the President of the United States. When do we stand up for what's ours? When do we get a little crazy and push back against these radical right agents of insurgency? Why aren't we getting angry for free health care? Why aren't we getting angry that all the Right wants to do is to subdue us, to spy on us, to steal our precious liberties and waqrp our government into some twisted fascimile of itself? Why are we accepting defeat? We have the numbers, they don't. Why then are we rolling over like whipped dogs so that these people of wealth, money, power and ignorance can continue to fuck US straight up OUR asses! Why are we taking it like a bunch of $5 whore's on shore leave? Do we hate ourselves? Do we feel so guilty about how good we have it in America that we feel we must make martyrs of ourselves before the peoples of the Earth so that they can marvel at our helplessness before the powers of hate and racism disguised in Republican garb? Was George Dubya Bush the President WE chose or was he simply a sign of our inner need for self-flaggelation? Yet now we have a President that we elected and we know he won fair and square because we sensible Americans, worn down after 8 years of Bush incompetence, went out to the voting booth and gave President Obama and the Democrats a landslide victory and a clear mandate for change. Only the radical right is complaining. They carry signs depicting Obama as Hitler, signs declaring we Americans (all 75% of us) who voted for the President are stupid or ignorant and signs like "No diversity in my country!" No diversity? Why would a Southern white guy have a sign saying that? Why would psycho right wing radical Republican Christians ignore the Bible's edicts to take down our president? After all the Bible clearly states in Romans 13:1,2 that: 1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. So why are they cursing the words of their own God and spitting in His face by rebelling against His word (which they make so big a deal about)? What might cause radical right Christians to show how little they actually follow their own Bible? Or prompt Glenn Beck to call the President a racist or a sitting Republican Congresswoman to tell a crowd that the GOP is looking for the Great White Hope? And why is it that the gun toting right wing radicals who show up at an event where the President is are all white? I disagree with President Obama when he says race plays no part in the rabid fanatacism alligned against him, because it does (even though he's half white). The President being a Northerner doesn't know the reality of life in the deep South where racism is a way of life. Hell when I was in the Army (Ft. Polk, LA) most people were okay with the coloreds because they "knew their place" but the rest were in the KKK and used the words "Boy" and "Nigger" a lot. Even here in the North white guys hate "uppity niggers" (anytime "uppity" is used in describing a black person it is from the phrase "uppity nigger" used by most old folks when I was young). When I was homeless last year oh the racism was so thick you could cut it with a knife. And if a white girl was doing a black guy, she was a sloppy whore that you wouldn't stick a white dick into because she was forever "contaminated" by the black dick. So you can imagine how our 'friends' on the radical right must feel about President Obama's white mother hooking up with a black Muslim! No wonder they say the President is the Antichrist. The radical right is filled with this sort of hate, ignorance and jealousy. They always have been. I know from attending their churches growing up. They are jealous of white non-Christians because we have more freedoms than they do because their Bible imposes so many restrictions upon what they can and can't do every day. They hate non-whites who don't know their place. All they know is hate for their religion is for show and has no depth. After all, President Obama is a born again Christian. He should be considered their brother yet he isn't. If you have a better explanation as to why that is than I've just given you, I'd sure love to hear it.

11 September 2009

on 9/11: some of you aren't gonna like it

www.judicialwatch.org/iraqi-oil-maps.shtml On the 8th anniversary of 9/11 let us all take a moment to remember the dead. To this day I have some very serious questions about the events of and leading up to 9/11. For example how did Dick Cheney know through 1997-1999 that he would be able to chop up Iraq and sell it off piece by piece to the highest bidder when, in theory, there was no way he could know he would be in office to honor the contracts he had signed in that time period? Naturally any answer I can come up with would be pure conjecture based on reason so how would any of you answer that question? Me, I look at the Florida fiasco in 2000 where the radical right, the same foes we face today in our national discourse, hijacked the voting process and stole the election for Bush. First they eliminated nearly all the black votes (damn Democrats!) then staged near riots to force a recount. Problem is the recount favored Gore and the whole world knows it because --haha!-- the news outlets around the world followed the recount through to its conclusion and Gore won, period. These outlets then ran the story while here in the States the right wing media fudged things a bit and said Gore couldn't have won with the votes he wanted recounted. Hopefully most Americans can remember back that far and say, "Oh yeah Mike, I remember those shenanigans." because these events are facts on record for all to find and see for themselves. So, honestly, doesn't it seem fishey to you that a person standing to make billions in loot if they get elected to office suddenly wins under questionable circumstances? Or would you say "Hmmm, that is weird." As for me, there are only so many coincidences that I am willing to accept. The version of the list you see if you click the link is an updated version from March 2001. The version I originally saw (but can no longer find online) dated 1999 but a careful perusal of the documents show the contracts and bids began in '97 so there ya go. But there are other coincidences that need explaining like how the George Bush's 12 page daily briefing "bin Laden Determined to Attack America" became a mere 2 page memo when released to the public during the farcical 9/11 hearings. Or why FBI, CIA and German intelligence was dismissed during that fateful summer. Or why John Ashcroft and other Bush officials were warned not to fly commercial airliners. Or why was the Air Force ordered by Don Rumsfeld to stand down while terrorist controlled planes headed for both DC and New York. Or, to me, the biggest issue: why wouldn't Dick Cheney or George Bush testify under oath about that day. Hmmm, that is weird. Unless... See, in America, we have free speech and I'm like Van Jones in that I am convinced members of the Bush administration had a hand in letting 9/11 go off as planned. Oh no, not Bush himself because he was merely the face man of that administration. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were actually running the show and either Cheney or Cheney and Rove allowed that day to occur. Why? Billions of dollars. Will they ever be brought to justice? No. They got away with murder. We know the Bush White House destroyed evidence and obstructed justice yet to this day are not held accountable which is the shame of modern America. If the ultra rich can commit mass murder and get away with it then the justice system in this country is only meant for the poor who get abused by it everyday. Oh sure some rich folk swing but only because they aren't connected to the right people. If Bernie Maddof had Dick Cheney's connections, he'd still be a free man but I digress. So you see I have a hard time with this day because 3000+ Americans were slaughtered in the name of greed and unfettered Capitalism. From airline hold options to the doctored footage of the Pentagon exploding (you can clearly see it's a missle being fired from a low flying aircraft, presumeable a helicopter if you adjust your TV settings correctly) to the fulfillment of the Iraq land grab (amazing how the oil pipelines, rigs and refineries weren't hit during Shock and Awe) something is clearly wrong in the state of Denmark to quote the bard Shakespeare. So do we continue to live in this "new post 9/11world" or do we bring those government officials responsible to justice? Most of you choose to live in the former while those officials laugh all the way to the bank. If we truly honor the dead, we'd turn that laughter to tears but we don't. Instead we let their unsettled ghosts continue to suffer as we wrap ourselves in denial.

10 September 2009

what I wrote to SC Rep. Joe Wilson

I tried to call but his lines are busy so I'll keep trying to call (202)225-2452. In the meantime, this is what I wrote him via e-mail (www.house.gov/formwilson/IMA/issue.htm). I encourage all Americans to do likewise. Protocol would have me start this with "Dear Sir" or "Honorable" but your antics during the President's speech last night won't allow me such civilities. I'm 41 years old and have watched evry President since Nixon deliver speeches. In all that time, no matter how vociferously one party disagreed with another, they never, ever had the temerity to shout out in the middle of a speech much less call the leader of the free world a liar as you did last night. You made me ashamed as an American when you did that. I'm sure around the world foes of the United States loved it and laughed their butts off. Way to make our nation a laughing stock. I'm equally certain our al-Qaeda enemies found reason to rejoice about it and may use this to reenergize their base. Way to give aid and comfort to the enemy. Are you a traitor? Are you anti-American in the name of your radical right ideology? Ideology first, America second? You claim this was an emotional outburst; I believe it was a political ploy to look good to other radical righters in your state. Now Joe, I suspect being a right wing radical that you are either a Christian or at least claim to be one so allow me to remind you what the Bible says on this matter from Romans 13:1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.May that judgement be visited upon you swiftly.

SC rep Joe Wilson

In my 41 years of life no one ever, ever called the President a liar. But Joe Wilson of South Carolina did and by doing so, gave aid and comfort to the enemy. Joe Wilson showed the world that America is weak in a time where we are fighting terrorism. Why? Because Rep. Joe Wilson would rather have terrorists feel America is divided rather than acknowledge that health care reform is necessary to the future of our nation. By giving hope to our enemies, Joe Wilson shows to our Al-Queada foes that we are divided and weak and ready to cave to their immoral demands. Way to weaken America you asshole. I hope you are proud that in front of a worldwide audience you made us look like a indecisive people you fucking traitor.

09 September 2009

ready to explode

I gotta tell you, I am ready to explode as the radical right keeps bullying this country. I want to go disrupt their meeting, take a gun to their events, maybe punch a few of them in the face. If they want to fight, I for one am ready to give it to them. If they want to play dirty, then I want to get rough. Maybe that's the wrong approach (especially for a taoist) but I'm sick and tired off them pulling down the President, calling him a Commie and preventing my kids from having free health care so I'm good and pissed off. Are you? Then join me in a campaign to fight the radical right. Staring tomorrow I plan on posting flyers in local stores, on busses and wherever else I can that have the names and numbers of this areas elected officials so people can call their Congress person and tell them they want free health care. Then I plan on finding Republican events and disrupting them to see how they like it. And if someone gets up in my face I can't be held responsible if I fucking snap and break their nose. I don't usually encourage violence but these assholes brought guns to events the President of the United States is at. The radical right already has declared war on America so it's high time we should all treat them like the enemy and fight back for our rights, freedoms and liberty. They want to shout, we'll be louder. They want to get violent, we repay them in kind. They want to lie about our President, we lie about them. We fight them in our homes, we fight them in our neighborhoods, we fight them in town hall meetings, etc. For my country, I'm getting started. What about you?

08 September 2009

new to me: GOP learning from the Taliban

www. washington post.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2009/02/08/AR20090208o2344.html?nav=rss By Alec MacGillis and Perry Bacon Jr.Washington Post Staff Writers Monday, February 9, 2009; Page A01 Three months after their Election Day drubbing, Republican leaders see glimmers of rebirth in the party's liberation from an unpopular president, its selection of its first African American chairman and, most of all, its stand against a stimulus package that they are increasingly confident will provide little economic jolt but will pay off politically for those who oppose it. After giving the package zero votes in the House, and with their counterparts in the Senate likely to provide in a crucial procedural vote today only the handful of votes needed to avoid a filibuster, Republicans are relishing the opportunity to make a big statement. Rep. Pete Sessions (R-Tex.) suggested last week that the party is learning from the disruptive tactics of the Taliban, and the GOP these days does have the bravado of an insurgent band that has pulled together after a big defeat to carry off a quick, if not particularly damaging, raid on the powers that be. "They're talking too much about opposing," Florida GOP Chairman Jim Greer said of the House Republicans. "They're talking too much about voting 'no' and not about how they're going to solve these issues. I'm proud the party took a stand on principles, but I also want to hear about how the Republican Party leaders intend to solve problems."

Israeli Defence Forces snatch organs from Palestinians

www.ynet news.com/articles/0,7340,L-3763958,00.html Roni Sofer Published: 08.18.09, 22:31 / Israel News Leading Swedish daily Aftonbladet claimed in one of its articles that IDF soldiers killed Palestinians in order to trade in their organs. On Tuesday the Israeli Foreign Ministry responded by saying that the article "is a shocking example of Israel's demonization." According to the ministry, the Stockholm-based paper accused the Israeli army of organ theft. The report mentioned Brooklyn resident Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, who is accused of involvement in the recent human organ-trafficking case that caused a storm in the US and Israel. The report said Palestinians claim youngsters were forced to give up theirs before being executed. This suspicion, the report said, may lead to an international war crimes investigation against Israel. The report went on to say that about half of all kidneys used in transplants in Israel since 2000 were purchased illegally in Turkey, Eastern Europe and Latin America, adding that the Israeli Health Ministry was aware of the phenomenon but did nothing to curb it. Aftonbladet also said Palestinian youths who were snatched from their villages in the middle of the night were buried after being dismembered. The reporter, Donald Boström, said he was informed of the alleged atrocities by UN employees while he was working on a book in the West Bank. According to Bostrom, a Palestinian from Nablus who for a number of years headed stone-throwing attacks against IDF soldiers was shot to death in May because he interfered with the activity of the "Israeli conquering forces." The reporter quoted Palestinian witnesses as saying that Bilal Ahmad Ranian was shot in the chest, leg and stomach and then evacuated in serious condition by helicopter to an unknown location. Five days later, Bostrom said, Ranian's body was returned to his village, wrapped in hospital bandages. Aftonbladet published a photo of the body, which had a scar running from the face down to the stomach. In his article Bostrom quoted a number of Palestinians as saying that their children were killed by IDF soldiers for their organs. Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor said in response, "We call on every Swedish citizen who holds democracy dear to reject these inflammatory (accusations)."

07 September 2009

no more mr. nice guy

ever since the Reaganites decided to follow the Nixon strategy of catering to far right wing radical fundamentalist Christian nutjobs, said Christers have blossomed into a full fledged threat against American democracy. I suppose to understand the fundamentalist Christer's mind you'd have to go to one of their church services and see for yourself and while mainstream Pentecostals don't handle venomous snakes as their couterparts in the Tennessee mountains, they do have their own unique rights of passage that are just as bizzarre like speaking in tongues or dancing in the Spirit. It's like a carnival freakshow without the bearded lady. Still all the followers of this aggressive religion swear these are genuine manifestations of their god (who apparently loves people to act retarded) rather than their own group psychosis. Now, I don't care what religion anyone does or doesn't follow (personally, I follow Taoism) but when a group of religious fanatics try to force their views on the rest of us, it's time to take action to stop these domestic terrorists and they ARE domestic terrorists. 1) They have threatened the life of the President of the United States. 2) They have brought guns to public forums in an attempt to intimidate the rest of us (and by implication, the President as it was only at places the President was at that they brought the guns). 3) They have killed doctors in the name of Jesus. 4) They have rioted and disrupted elections in attempts to keep people of color from voting because people of color tend to vote Democrat. 5) They have beaten Middle Easterners and Mexicans or Indians who look Arabic because of religious differences. 6) They have blown up clinics and burned down synagogues for Christ's sake. 7) They knowingly and maliciously spread lies to the public and beaten those who disagree with them. 8) They view themselves as soldiers in the Army of Christ so their loyalty IS NOT to America but their imaginary savior. They use the Book verse in which Jesus says, "I came not to bring peace to the Earth but a sword." to justify this and this fuels their aggressiveness. After all Yahweh's law trumps man's law in their opinion so breaking the law, killing, etc. is justified through the prism of their distorted and twisted faith. 9) There is no compromise in them: it is their way or no way. 10) They are bent on bringing down the United States government. And so forth and so on. These are all facts readily available to any and all who look for them. Worse still they ARE the Republican Party. After Barack Obama won the Presidency, these fundamentalist religious whacko Republicans all got together and agreed to fight and resisit everything the new President and Congress might propose for the betterment of America. They have refused any compromise even though their Democrat counterparts worked with these assholes when they were the majority part under that failure Bush. They are like children throwing tantrums because their distorted religious views dictate the President must be the Antichrist simply because he's a Democrat. Their views also say we the people are blind followers of their Satan deluded in our lusts to lead this planet to Armageddon. How do I know all this? I was raised up in their churches and indoctrinated in their ways before I managed to break free of their brainwashing. Now they want to spread their ignorance and disease of mind to the whole country and take this country over to rule it as they had done under Bush. Why? To force us to follow their ways and to ensure America is on the right side in their coming Apocalypse, never mind they are supposed to be raptured away long before them. If that doesn't make sense to you, it does to them for they are truly America's version of the Taliban. Mind you, their numbers are not anywhere near a majority. They must rely on aggression, distortions and fear tactics just as the Nazis did to gain power in Germany. It is time the rest of us push back. When a bully keeps fucking with you the only way to stop him is to standup. If they come after our President, we go after their leaders. If they try to shout us down we punch them in the face. If they try to bring guns to public meeting places, we call the cops to have them thrown in jail for conspiring to commit violence against us real Americans. If their churches want to be political units for the Republican party, they should lose their tax exempt status. If they want a fight, we should all give them one because they sure as hell won't stop until we do.

04 September 2009

this years Lions

so i watched the Detroit Lions-Buffalo Bills preseason game last night and I have to tell you folks that I like what I see. The Lions defence was all over the ball and were actually hitting opponents. To normal football fans this may seem like a small matter but normal football fans aren't Lions fans. See, we love this team. In many ways it is the heart of Detroit and the soul of the great state of Michigan. We root for them come hell and high water and, more often than not, they let us down and break our hearts. But we Lions fans are retarded and every year we go right back out to root for them and thus the cycle continues. But don't you just want to believe? Wouldn't it be sweet if these gridiron kids rise to the task under their new, improved head coach and end up landing bass ackwards into the playoffs? That's us Lions fans for ya. Always hoping, always dreaming, hoping for glory days we can spend our whole lives cherishing while fondly recalling those events to our children and grandchildren. "I was there when it happened," grandpa or gramma will say. "It was really something!" Somehow it all reminded me of today's President Barack Obama. He is just like this years Detroit Lions in the sense that he is the new, improved version of the lousy Lions we fans had to sit through for almost the last 8 years. Oh sure Lions GM Matt Millen took credit for his blundering teams every year but, oh sweet Jesus if, I had to see one more thrice damned M&M name combination I was going to blind myself to end the agony! Matt Millen with his Morningwhigs, Mariuchis and Marrenellis. Arghh! All we Lions fans wanted was to have 5 minutes alone with that rat Millen just so we could vent and shout out our frustration. "What the hell is a matter with you Millen!? What are you doing to my Lions you twisted fucker?!" And so on and so forth. But we never got the satisfaction and team owner Bill Ford wouldn't fire Millen until last years o-16 debacle when the old Lions earned the dubious honor of being the worst football team ever in the annals of professional football. See? It's like the Lions of the last 8 years are like the Republicans who ran this nation into the ground and caused many of the problems Today's President Barack Obama has to wrestle with like a screwed up economy, the rich not paying their fair share in taxes and 2 war fronts that are just falling to shit. To Republicans it was like here comes some uppity Negro prclaiming he can change everything and save the day. They began running him down 2 years ago when he decided to run for office. Barack Obama? Sounds Arabic to me! Must be a terrorist! Has anyone seen his birth certificate? Oh and did I mention he's a Negro? Ugh! Today's Radical Right Republicans make me sick. But Today's President perservered against them and overcame them to become Commander in Chief of our armies fighting in hot wars in the Middle east as well as Leader of the Free World. 75% of Americans voted for him with a mandate for a real change in this nation's direction just Just like when we Lions fans made so much noise Millen was finally dismissed. Now wouldn't it be something if this years Lions did something special? We Lions fans want to believe just like America wants to believe that Barack Obama will do something special. Oh sure the pro football pundits will predict the Lions will go 0-16 again or might only win 4 if they're lucky just like the right wing media that dominates this country predicts Today's President Barack Obama will fail over and again and openly pray for his failure, encouraging their followers to do the same and thus twisting the Patriotism of many Americans into some sort of sick and evil counterpart to Patriotism so that the black venom of their hatred towards President Obama can be unleashed through their prayers and in their churches and now that venom is spreading into the body of the United States of America, making her diseased and decrepit. I see Matt Millen on the TV every once in awhile. He says it wasn't all his fault the Lions sucked so bad but he's sorry they did and offers color analysis on games like he knows something about football. Maybe he does but he sure couldn't run a football team so I wish he would just shut the hell up just like I'd wish Cheney or McCain would just shut the hell up. You assholes couldn't run the country right in the 8 years you had to do it, 75% of America voted against you. You lose. Now be gracious losers and go home and shut the hell up. Instead it more of the same of just what they started 2 years ago only worse: President Barack Obama is a racist, a Socialist, a Nazi with no birth certificate. He's a terrorist trained when he was 12 in Africa along with his Muslim father and groomed by the Islamists to one day take the Presidency. He's making our country weaker blah blah blah ad infinitum nauseum. Seriously dudes, the man's only been President for a few months. We don't know what great things this new Lion might do. And remember: it took most of us Americans 3 years before we decided it was time to turn on Then Illegitimate President Bush and even then you guys stole the freakin' election. But you couldn't this time could you? Too many of people like me turned out in droves to cast you hate filled fuckers out on your ass. Ah but these right wingers have polls! They ask like 00 people if they think health care reform is a good idea. 57 don't like it 41 do and 2 don't know and could go either way so the right proclaims that 57% of Americans don't want health care. What? There are roughly 360 million Americans so how can anyone proclaim that just because they asked 100 or 1000 people that it represents the whole of American society? Don't be absurd! But I was there, we all were. We remember the last 8 miserable years under the Bush administration's inept and illegitimate 'leadership'. We remember the good years unde Former President Bill Clinton when it seemed everyone had money and there was actually a budget surplus for just such an emergency as a recession. It's like remembering Barry Sanders. Barry was an untested commodity in pro football so the first time he touched the ball he broke out a 70 odd yard run. The man could move and it made you proud to be a Lions fan and we cheered him on with a giddiness and glee you just wouldn't get unless you lived here in Michigan. I was there when they dismantled the Dallas Cowboys before going to Washington and losing the NFC title game. Best game ever and the crowd was insane. We were great, our team was great and maybe just maybe we could go to the next level and win the coveted Lombardi Trophy. Werll it didn't work out then and I doubt this years Lions will make it that far but who knows what a new year will bring? We longsuffering fans and Americans need to be patient and offer our encouragement and support rather than our doubts, derision and scorn. After all we're all on the same team: Team America. The Radical Republican Right doesn't like our team but they sure want to rule over us. That's not America but that's what the Right wants. They don't care about what anyone else wants and will not compromise. It's their way or the highway. And they are trying to sabotage our new season before it's even got started. Why? Why are you jerks such assholes? Bunch of sore loser crybabies. Ugh! I can't go on anymore; I get so frustrated and my head starts to hurt bad. Damn Republicans.