16 November 2009

15 November 2009


So I realize now that it's all over. I have no power, no voice and while I don't like it one bit, I accept it finally after years and years of senseless resistance to it. See, when I was a boy I was always taught that in America we're free to do as we please so long it doesn't harm anyone else, that our votes mattered and that our standards for competition and fair play were second only to Jesus Himself. But something terrible happened along the way and my country no longer values it's heritage. We are all of us treated as criminals here on the streets outside the gabled homes and lush, palatial mansions of the wealthiest, most powerful Americans. Americans full of vice and greed, guile and cunning. They could have any one of us executed on a whim and the U.S. Soldier doing the hit, who, today, I am relentlessly reminded is a hero somehow protecting freedoms that aren't threatened by anyone else in the world but by my own government, that soldier would blow your fucking brains out and go home with a sense of pride that he has slain an enemy of this great Democracy of ours. Some Democracy. It isn't a Democracy if not every citizen is allowed to vote, regardless of criminal background. It's not a Democracy when Southern blacks can't vote due to racism and intimidation. It is not a Democracy when corporations are said to have "free speech" as if the corporaation was an actual living, breathing human being. What bizzaro world shit is that? So because rich people run corporations, through their corporate being they can have twice the say as me in the voting booth? It is to laugh and imcompatable with what this nation's Founders established after bloody revolt. The rich elitists of this nation demonstrated their power recently by getting all those millions of Pentecostals out on the streets to get violent and belligerent at town hall meetings, threaten the President of the United States with their gun toting contingent and threaten their own bloody revolt over the Obama government and presumeably the rest of us Sinners. Yet Obama is working with the rich and elite. He has ended no wars, the government still participates in domestic spying and seriously, if President Obama really wanted health care reform, he'd get it. He'd make it happen. He's the fucking President for Christ's sake! Yet some power called off their Pentecostal dogs, their threat understood and President Obama, who loves his wife and daughter very much and wants to see them grow up had no choice but to back down. Now the President hopes his Democratic Congress will surprise the nation and stand up for history but they won't. Like all politicians, they are paid for and bought off whether they be Republican or Democrat. Both parties owe some rich people something. That's why even though most American's are alright with a women's right to choose what is best for her life in the privacy of her doctor's office, the rich in this country who don't agree an American should have any privacy in a doctor's office keep financing the resistance and if someone gets executed, why it just couldn't be helped. Or how the majority of Americans support the decriminalization of marijuanna. The rich of this nation do not. They think we will all get high and lazy and stop working in their factories and mini marts which, of course, will allow you to get more money from them as you lay around getting high all day. So what do they do? They subject America to nearly 35 years of civil liberties abuses through their War on Drugs, uncountable violations of millions of American's 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th Amendment rights. Isn't it super that while America isn't #1 in a lot of areas anymore, that we are #1 in the whole World for having the highest ammount of citizens imprisioned. We dominate in this category world wide, beating Tsar Putin's Russia and the Communist regime that rules China and the C'hin people have far fewer rights by law than we Americans say we still have. Ugh! I could go on with examples but who cares? Not my fellow citizens. To them, everything is just fine. Laptops, flatscreen HDTVs and iPods oh my! So what if we drop bombs on women and children? They aren't Americans and they are Brown. So what that our government gives out billions of dollars of bribes to the world's nations to do our bidding? Man, if the people of Iraq wanted their own government, then they shouldn't have let us put Saddam Hussein in power. Americans just don't care. To them freedom is shopping wherever you want and buying lot's of stuff. They trust that their government and local law enforcement will always do what's right and not fuck up anything anywhere at anytime even though there is mountains of evidence showing them that this just simply not true. Cops on the beat aren't cops, they are military. They are the first line of defense the rich and powerful have against us. It is also a result of their Drug War. That's why cops are so lethal. I'm told they protect me and they probably do, but they are also thoughtless automatons who 'just follow orders' and do as their told by the heads of the food chain. So that is why I have finally just stopped fighting it. I seem alone in my disgust of what my country has become, what freedoms we have traded for security, what International laws we break in the name of our 'national security'. Dammit, we helped right those laws! No our hipocrosy is complete! Ugh! We are the grossest violator of human rights on the Planet. All men are created equal. Nice sentiment but no longer applicable here. Endowed by their Creator of certain unalienable rights until we humans take it away from ourselves. I'm afraid the only way to save America now is with blood. The blood of those rich, elitist assholes who choke our Frredoms and Liberties from us and kill unmercillously in our name, using our sons and daughters, for their financial gain that they have no intention os haring with you. Sure, sure your daughter was a hero now fuck off. Next you'll be wanting us to pay for VA hospitals! That stuff about your dead kid being a hero or dying for some great cause is all just a bone they toss your grieving ass so that you keep going along with a lie. Why is their blood more precious and valuable than yours? But your kids never had to die. 9/11 never had to happen. George Bush was never lawfully elected to the Presidency of the United States and the impeachment of Bill Clinton is exposed for just what it was at the time: the preamble to the total conquering of our nation by the rich and powerful through their political arm, the Republican party. We let this happen on our watch and those elitist bastards are using the political divisiveness of American society to blind the people of what's really going on and with that upstart nigger finaly in their pocket they can get on with the business of taking back their political, law making power from those pesky Democrats we elected into office over the last few years. They are already preparing you for it through their right wing media outlets. And as they retake power in 2012 they will have you convinced you really wanted them to. Not because they are good or pure but because they manipulated you into it. And your so dumb, your happy as a pig in shit that you could help seal the deal on the death of our once proud, once great Republic.

14 November 2009

11/14/09 Anaheim @ Red Wings

Though the names have changed from last season, the Ducks Wings game is still a big deal to us Detroit fans. They are still the Ducks and they always play us hard although Anaheim looks like they are about to get dominated after their performance in the first period. This pleases me but the Ducks might be playing possum. We'll see in the 2nd. Naturally this game is on at a very inconvenient time. See, I only have a few hours before my old lady gets here and my old lady doesn't like hockey. In fact, she hates it and there are a lot of great games on for sure and I have the Center Ice. All the games appear to be at intermission together. Ugh! Well I can DVR the Buffalo-Phillie game. Bounce back and forth between the Wings game and the Caps @ Devils and then DVR the Nucks @ Colorado. It's like a hockey OD! I've decided that the Detroit game will be a blowout for our boys so I'm onto the Caps-Devils game which Langenbrunner just tied at 2. I've been meaning to see what this Devils team is all about anyway since they've become early road warriors and these Capitals will be a good test of their mettle. Besides I'm a Parise fan and wanted to see rookie Bergfor. Ouch. Washington just took a bad too many men penalty. We'll see if the Devils have a good power play. Didn't manage a goal. Shots even at 15. Breakaway Parise scooooores!!!! Yeah! Sloppy play by the Caps lead to points. Man that was pretty. The Caps had been winning this game 2-0 at one point. Matt Halisschuk scores his first NHL goal. Congratulations young man. These Devils have a lot of nice young talentand should be among the leagues elite. The Caps look off their game but so far New Jersey is earning this game. Back to Detroit wit a minute and change left. Anaheim scored so it's a game again anyway. Look at this!! My Maple Leafs came back on the Flames and now trail 3-2 with 8 left in the 2nd and the boys are bucking on the ice. Looks like it got too intense for Toronto's Jamal Mayers as he takes a call for hooking. Not something you want to give the dangerous Flames. Good PK by the Leafs. And just like that one penalty ends and another begins as Calgary's Craig Conroy takes a high sticking call. Toronto's turn. Can they tie it up? Nope, but great pressure. Kiprusoff keeps the Flames ahead. You know Dan Cleary just got a bad call for tripping. C'mon ref it's hockey not tiddly winks! And wouldn't ya know it the thrice damned Ducks tie the game at 2 on that bad call. Alright Parros! Way to give us the power play right after your team ties it up. And Rafalski to Datsyuk puts the Wings back on top! Nice and good for Pavel. He needs to pump his stats up a bit. Ugh! They Ducks aren't having it as Lupul ties the game back up not a minute later. 3 all. C'mon Wings. You can win this thing! Come back from the bathroom and it's 5-4 Red Wings and Bertuzzi bounces one of the goal post! Should have just paused this but now there's no time with only 2:50 to go. And Darren Helm comes through with a huge goal to make it 6-4!!! A great rivalry. And Zetterberg get's his hat trick and gives south eastern Michigan free Arby's curly fries. 3 stars: 1) Henrick Zetterberg with a 3-2-5 night 2) Ryan Getlaf for his 1-3-4 performance and 3) My favorite Wing Dan Cleary with his 1-2-3 night. Ouch! Calgary responded to the Maple Leas by scoring 2 goals since I've been gone. I always want Toronto to do well because I spent time in Toronto and they are an O6 team. Ugh! They just can't score. Ah well. So I imagine it'll be Kiprusoff as the 1st star, Beaucheman as the second and Iginla as 3.

12 November 2009

11/12/09 Canucks at Red Wings

So the plan was to have a blog on NHL.com so I could rant or rave about the Red Wings and other teams I love, point out players who did great things and kvetch about those who go out of their way to try and hurt other players but alas! Every single meaningful blog post I tried to publish was lost. Maybe I took too much time to write it. Maybe I wrote too much. Maybe there's a flaw in the sites programming. Who knows? What I do know is that the posts were, out of necessity, rendered in short, terse bursts of me complaining that my posts were irretrievably lost while all my insights were wasted. Frustrating. So then I figured I could come to Blogger.com and make the posts there to re post here. I don't want to do it this way as my Blogger account is more about politics and private frustrations (you can check it out if you like: ) and I want to keep my love of hockey separated from my angst riddled tomes but what can a guy do? Until NHL.com fixes its broken system I'm stuck doing this for now. I started writing this at 9 AM yesterday and it's still here. But this is about hockey, not my bad luck. How about Pat Quinn's Edmonton Oilers, eh? He has transformed the team into legitimate playoff contenders and while there are a lot of games left, I say expect Edmonton to place 7th in the West. Another team that seems to have pulled it together is the Ottawa Senators, which I'm pleased to see after their last 2 miserable seasons. Do they make the playoffs? Too early to tell with all the great teams in the East but I predict they'll make quite an effort to get there where they could prove dangerous. Detroit continues to be an enigma. They looked like they had everything working well until their Toronto visit where their only highlight was Dan Cleary scoring his 100th goal as a Red Wing. Hooray! Dan Cleary is without question my favorite Wing. He earned his spot on the team and works hard all the time to justify that spot. Then they go to Columbus and look like supermen. Now they are slugging it out with an injury depleted Vancouver team; just like they are. Hooray Mason Raymond! You're on my fantasy teams. Let's go Red Wings! Ouch! 5-1 Philadelphia! I still stick by my prediction about Ottawa. Maybe because I lived in Ottawa county here in Michigan? Maybe because I learned to love Hockey while in Canada and have a Canadian team bias?? Ah well. Just you guys wait. The Maple Leafs are slowly starting to pull it together. Hehe, give me some time and I'll have them making the playoffs too! The Devil's on the road are unstoppable! Ah! This NHL Centre Ice package kicks ass! 4-3 Thrashers over Rangers. Are you kidding me?? When did Atlanta become a threat?? Awesome. The Thrashers needed a good season. Playoff bound? Nah! But what do I know? The Thrashers in the playoffs would be awesome but highly questionable. Can the Thrashers hold their lead?? We'll know in 4 odd minutes. Back to Detroit. 1-1 in t6he 3rd. Jimmie Howard continues to impress. The next Terry Sawchuck? Are you joking?? Yeah, but a damn good second to Osgood. Hoooray! Another successful Detroit PK. Now what fellas? Can you make this a win before OT?? We'll see. The Devils are spanking the Penguins. Ach! The arch-nemesis. Do we dare pray for Detroit-Pittsburgh round 3??? Let's go Red Wings!! I know Bertuzzi will always be remembered for The Hit but wouldn't it be wonderful if Bertuzzi becomes remembered for The Goal?? ACK! The Thrashers are coming to town! Can we win it? You bet! Will we? That remains to be seen. Hooray Zetterberg! Are you kidding me?? Ack! Great job Hank! 2-1 Detroit with 11 and a half to go. Can we beat Vancouver again?? We'll see! Let's go Red Wings! Wings win! Wings win!! Watch out NHL, we're back for the attack! Okay the 3 stars of the game: 1) Jimmie Howard for outstanding goal tending 2) Mason Raymond for the only Vancouver goal and 3) Hank "why aren't you Ryan Getzlaf?" Zetterberg for scoring the game winner. Before I jet I have to wonder what is happening with the St. Louis Blues. They should be rocking the West with their strong, physical game play but instead they are slumping badly. Sure, it's early in the season and there's plenty of time to correct this but it seems as though the team as a whole just isn't giving their best effort. I get that it's hard to be up for every regular season game but the Blues are going to have to find some way to bring consistent intensity to each game before they find themselves in the same situation Nashville (another underachieving team) was in last year: 9th in the West. D'oh! Time for St. Louis to pull it together is NOW.


For better or worse, I'm very easily frustrated about most everything. From simple things like why the party store doesn't carry Diet Dr. Pepper to more complex issues like why America can't take care of its own people but will pay billions in bribes to other countries so that they fall in line and do our bidding, it is nearly too much to bear sometimes. It is all the way easier just to stay at home, keep the TV off and waste my days on the Internet playing various video games and occasionally checking out some porn to satisfy my old man waning libido. But that's no good either especially now that I am about to be a grandfather. My future grandson (who will be born in February) will be one of America's future inheritors and he isn't going to be born into the America that I was. His America will be a dark place where the American dream is dead and the nation, as a whole, will be falling to pieces. He will be uninsured and at the mercy of evil men (the rich) and their pawns (Democrats and Republicans). He may even get drafted as waning American power becomes challenged by the surging Chinese. I used to be concerned by the Chinese taking us over and instituting government reforms that would make our land a totalitarian nation, but we did that to ourselves anyway during the illegitimate Bush regime so whatever. There is no difference now in our government or Russia and China's government at all. Worse, most Americans are too lazy, stupid and uninformed to do anything about it except bitch about it with their friends at the bar. Or they, like me, are just too goddamned frustrated. What good is voting Democrat or Republican when you get the exact same results? Why aren't there at least 6 parties to choose from like they have in Canada? Canada is still a free nation because it's citizens challenge the authorities and the status quo. All lover's of freedom should move there and preach the gospel of the corrupting influence of America's immorality and greed before even Canada gets transformed into a mockery of Liberty and Justice like we are here today. I had naively hoped that with the election of President Obama that this would all change, but the Democrats as a whole haven't learned what made the Republicans so dominant since the mid 90's: their unity. The Dems have no unity which is why real health care reform won't happen nor will real environmental changes happen nor getting rid of lobbyists nor real, legitimate campaign financial reform. Greed and corruption will do that and politicians are crooks and con men to begin with. If the Dems lose the 2010 midterms it will be because of this. They were elected to change things not leave them as they are and so they will likely be unemployed come next November and will have earned their firing because they didn't grasp this moment in history and claim it as their own. Still, they are better than Republicans which is like saying Castor oil tatses better than feces. The Republicans, the modern day equivalent of the Pharisees and Sadduces, on the other hand will likely use their infinite riches and uncanny ability to manipulate the public to continue to ruin the country. They will give more wealth to the rich, raise your taxes and then give you a tax credit like they are doing you a favor or they will continue empowering the federal government while simultaneously robbing us of more civil liberties with unconstitutional laws like the Patriot Act or they will invade Iran and cause World War 3 while bridges continue to collapse in America. As for your health? Die quickly bitches. Yup, it's a pretty fucked up mess of a country my grandson is about to find himself in. I wish there was something more I could do to change it but I get so damned frustrated when the fact is there is nothing I can do to change it. The powers that be are firmly entrenched and we, the People, haven't got the grapes to water the tree of Liberty with Patriot's blood. We are too fat, too complacent, too afraid. Our lives are too connected to the status quo and rocking the boat could put our families at real risk or political reprisal. We don't (or won't) look into the future at our unborn spawn, our children's children. Why? They aren't any more real than my grandson. Yet. But they will be. And when they are farming shit due to the corruption inherent to the system and being repressed like the slaves to the government that they will be who cares right? With any luck you won't live long enough to see this and in death you won't worry or care about anything ever again. Good for you! If your future family curses your names or thinks of you as irresponsible sperm donors or cum dumpsters you won't even be the wiser. Good luck my cherished and beloved grandson! You are gonna need it!