29 October 2009

Guess what??

Do you know that in less than an hour that my Red Wings (for they are mine, fuck you Illitch) will face the resurgent Edmonton Oilers but I am conflicted because of American politics? I am. Fuck Joe Lieberman, that duplicitous Jew. He is truly a Republican now and hates America because his first devotion is to the nation of Israel, NOT the United States. Why would a Jew who hates America want to fillibuster health care reform. Because if American's get health reform, they will LIVE longer. Yes, the very same Israeli government that SPIES on us REGULARLY, is trying to ensure you die before your time, using not only Lieberman but the whole of the Republican party who are nothing more than religious zealots. Why? So you die dumbass! There is a right wing media out there and they are trying to sell you on the idea that Israel is on YOUR side (they are NOT). They try to tell you that supporting Israel is somehow Biblical (it is not). They try to tell you that Israel is our stoutest ally but then why do they spy on us? Israel is our foe and they set themselves up to be.

27 October 2009

the difference between Rush Limbaugh and Brett Favre

So the last few days I haven't watched a lick of cable news (hooray! no headaches for me!) or done much of anything else besides drink beer and watch Pro Hockey and Football (yay!) all weekend. Heaven I tell you! Of course there were the inevitable ups and downs like the Detroit Red Wings losing yet again this young season on Saturday night or my New England Patriots just dominating the sad sack Tampa Bay Bucs or Brett Favre showing what a fraud he is during a key loss to Pittsburgh that Minnesota still could have won had Brett Favre tackled the guy that intercepted his pass. Poor Brett decided his old bones were far more important than the teams need to win that day so Brett, having caught up to the guy, let him go and his team lost. But Brett gets to play again next week I guess, which will make the NFL powers that be very happy. Maybe they'll even get Favre a gift for being smarter than to risk his season and start power on a such a silly old thing like a win or genuine team e'sprit de corps. Boo! So while I was getting ready to check my Fantasy Football teams stats yesterday, somehow I came across the story of the fake Obama Thesis and Rush Limbaugh's liberal use of it on his comedy radio show. You can actually envision Rush just drooling over it, salivating on the fake as he thought to himself, "I got him, I got that black piece of shit. This is it!" And it was. Soon the internet was abuzz as right winger after right winger went to the site to read the phony work for themselves, calls went out from pastors to their deacons and the tea baggers and lifers and angry white rednecks throughout the land became all a flutter as the spread the lie amongst themselves and to their neighbors and co-workers and anyone who would listen. "We got him! Obama is a commie and we have PROOF for once!" I wish I could have seen old Rush's face when the intern or whoever came in and told that fat blowhole "Uh, boss? It's a fake boss! We been had!" Oh that look must've been just wonderful, that twisted look of anger and surprise. I presume the intern (or whoever it was) has since been fired because -- and this is the good stuff-- it was quite easy to find out that the purported thesis was a forgery written by another right winger as satire. So naturally Rush didn't apologize or recant or do anything else because he, Rush Limbaugh, says quote "I know he (the President) thinks it." And then it was Brett Favre all over again. See, Rush says he's a team player too, that he is simply using his experience and seasoning to guide a dull and dim-witted electorate to common sense and American Glory under Republicanism the way Brett Fvare has duped the Minnesota faithful to follow him to Super Bowl Glory. But Rush isn't a team player. Rush already said he hopes that the President of the United States of America, our President, Barack Obama fails at everything. He has called our President a Nazi and a Socialist and has gone out of his way like a white man's Tokyo Rose to spread his lies and his filth across the airwaves in order to break the Will and Spirit of our team: the American people. But Rush doesn't care about any of that or any of us because Rush is really on a different team though he dresses in our uniform. Rush's team is the Republicans and Rush will not rest or be happy until his team dominates our team forever. So sure Rush is right in his own mind, he claims to psychically know what the President thinks. I will not apologize he bellows becuase I am in Obama's head, I know what he thinks because I am God Himself to know such things! Rediculous right? Not to Rush. He believes this claptrap because he wants to believe it. He believes it because he hates average Americans so much but loves money and Republicanism first and best. He believes this because he is a petty, pompous, cigar smoking, fat, rich white guy who thinks that if you were rich enough to travel in his circles or meet his wealthy Republican friends you would understand why Republicanism trumps our Constitution, our Government and our Way of Life. I know he thinks this. So am I Psychic too? Hardly. But I can tell you when someone's running a scam or not. Brett Favre is running his Last Super Bowl scam on Vikings fans, Rush Limbaugh is running his Lie, Lie, Lie, Repeat scam on the American people. the difference between Brett Favre and Rush Limbaugh? Brett Favre is not a Benedict Arnold to his country like ol' Rush.

22 October 2009

goddamn cheney!

so the pre game show for the Red Wings Coyote game is on in 10 minutes and I should be excited but instead I'm all pissed off because Cheney is on TV showing what a dumbass he is/was when he ran our country as the illegitimate Vice President from 2000-2008. I swear to you all, these Republican assholes are up to something. They are preparing to take over our Government by whatever means necessary. Assassination, military force? You bet. Be afraid America, be very, very afraid for these assholes are about to fuck our whole nation up but good with whatever shenanigans they are about to unleash on us in the name of their Party, the Party of religious fanatics, war profiteers and rich, white men afraid to have to pay for your health insurance.

dick cheney 'n me

Former illegitimate Vice President Dick Chney and I have a lot in common. Seriously. Weird right? Can't stand that asshole. But we are, for better or worse a lot alike. We are both Americans. We are both older, white males with heart problems. We are both fathers and soon, we are both about to be first time grandfathers. Oh wait gentle reader, there's more. We are both into politics, we both think we know what is best for the United States and the Whole World (we dumb apes are very narcissistic), we're both stubborn and we both just love to bitch about stupid shit. I bitch allll the time here on cyberspace and in real life too. It's too hot, it's too humid, NFL refs are paid to rig the outcome of pro games to appease gamblers, goddamit! people suck! And so on and so forth. And that's ol' Dick Cheney too. He just bitches about different stuff. Oh the executive branch is all powerful and above the lawful scrutiny of the American people, I can broker any energy task force deal I want without Congressional oversight, I can invade whatever goddamn country I want and you can't stop me so go fuck yourself, what do you mean I can't torture an enemy combatant? Why not? They're camel jockies fer Christ's sake! They aren't even real people! But it seems like this is where I and the former illigitimate VP start showing our differences. For example, my bitching doesn't ever hurt anyone and anyone reading it or listening to it are just regular folks and it's all free. When Cheney bitches people die and anyone listening to him are Uber Rich White Americans of the Republican party who will give all the money that they can to insure the Republican party retakes the country so that they can return us to the stranglehold they held all of us in under the illegitimate Bush regiem. His daughter will never, ever have to worry about a single doctor or hospital bill when her baby is born yet mine will have to go into debt just to have her baby because she is uninsured. And Cheney bitches about giving my daughter and her baby free health care too. I believe in Peace and Love and America first, he believes in War and Torture and the Empire's interests above all others. Now, the way I read it in 2nd grade, America's Founding Fathers were all about Truth, Justice, Freedom and Minding Our Own Business in World Affairs. America would be self sufficient, not relying on any country for anything. Americans would be innovative merchants though to the Entire Planet and have a weak central government and states deciding their own laws and fates with an emphasis always upon Community and Union amongst all citizens. The way Cheney read it was the same I read it only he doesn't think that old timey claptrap means anything anymore in Today's America. He forgets that in 1914 that President Woodrow Wilson ordered the standing Army of the United States to be disbanded because America had no use for one. He forgets this because he knows he can make a shitload of money during war time (real or manufactured) He forgets that America only went into the Great War to expand American markets that only the Wealthiest Americans could ever benefit from. He forgets this because he doesn't care if a few poor Americans die to help him get at Middle East oil. He forgets that the United States only got into World War II to get at the Germans so that America would be a Global Empire. He forgets this because he sees this as the Manifest Destiny of the United States ordained by Almighty God through His Son Jesus Christ. So you can imagine that when I see ol' Dick Cheney on TV trying desperately, urgently to save his legacy because he knows his time left on the Earth is short, i get a little irritated at him. Cheney old boy, you have nothing you can ever say to me, to thousands of military dead or their families, or the thousands you allowed to die on September 11. You are a liar, a law breaker, a killer, a swindler and you are full of darkness and hate. It is never right to torture anyone, it is never right to spy on the American people becuase you guys fucked up and dropped the ball while you were illegitimately in office and it is YOUR fucked up Afghanistan plan that has us in the bad place we are today thank you very much you twisted asshole. You don't get to bash President Obama while he tries to clean up YOUR mess. You don't get to give my President shit because he thinks torture is wrong. Or anything else. You had 8 years to make you legacy and it was a horrible nightmare for the Entire Planet and the People of the United States as well you self righteous, egotistical, rich on the blood of Americans mother fucker. It is your fault our nation is in harm's way, it is your fault terrorists's succesfully attacked America and it is your fault Today's America more resembles the police states of either Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany than a Sweet Land of Liberty. You hate the Law and despise our Constitution and deserve to have your name used as a byword for petty thug or two bit tyrant. See, I can bitch too. Be more responsible when you bitch you old cranky fucker or God will no doubt take you even sooner than you think. Then again, maybe God is keeping you alive so your last days are full of suffering physically and mentally, unable to change the fact that your prestiege is gone and that your whole time in office was nothing more than a bad joke played on the World by the Religious Fanatics of the GOP.

21 October 2009

Israel continues to spy on United States

news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/8315538.stm An American scientist who worked for the US defence department and the space agency Nasa has appeared in court charged with attempted espionage. Stewart David Nozette tried to give classified information to a person whom he believed was an Israeli intelligence officer, the justice department said. The 52-year-old, who once had top security clearance, was arrested on Monday in Maryland by FBI agents. The complaint does not allege Israel or anyone acting for it violated US law. Mr Nozette, who appeared in court in Washington on Tuesday, faces a maximum sentence of life in prison if convicted. The scientist did not speak except to give his name. He is next due in court at the end of the month. 'Top secret' "The conduct alleged in this complaint is serious and should serve as a warning to anyone who would consider compromising our nation's secrets for profit," said US Assistant Attorney General David Kris on Monday. According to an affidavit, Mr Nozette worked at the White House on the National Space Council from 1989 to 1990, where he developed a radar experiment that purportedly discovered water on the Moon. He then spent 10 years at the Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he designed highly advanced technology. In 2000, he set up a company that developed advanced technology for the US government, including for the Pentagon and Nasa. "From 1989 through 2006, Nozette held security clearances as high as 'top secret' and had regular, frequent access to classified information and documents related to the US national defence," the justice department said in a statement. Last month, Mr Nozette was contacted by an undercover FBI agent posing as an Israeli intelligence officer, whom he allegedly told he would be willing to regularly answer questions about classified information in exchange for money and an Israeli passport. Over the course of the next month, the scientist provided letters with answers containing information "classified as both 'top secret' and 'secret' that concerned US satellites, early warning systems, means of defence or retaliation against large-scale attack, communications intelligence information, and major elements of defence strategy", the justice department said. In return, Mr Nozette accepted cash totalling $11,000, it added.

Democrats ready to throw their majority away and accomplish nothing

So I was watching the news channels yesterday and much hoopla was made over a Washington Post poll that showed 1) the Republican party is on the endangered species list thanks largely to the religious zealots who have take it over 2) America believes in it's President and 3) the Democratic Congress isn't faring much better than Republicans. Now while the 1st two points were discussed ad nauseum the 3rd point didn't get much air time at all. I suspect the reason for this is that a jaded American electorate is waiting to see if the Democrats, who have run the Congress the last 3 odd years and rode to a majority on President Obama's coattails, will finally deliver real change we can all believe in on health care and such. Well America, the answer seems to be leaning towards no. While the Republicans are in disarray, the Democrats in Congress are playing the same old politics, frittering away their majority to just please campaign donors. Afraid to lose their campaign money donated by the insurance companies and certain health care "professionals", the Dems are willing to let the American public hang from the neck until dead on key, critical issues such as the Public Option despite their clear majority and their mandate from the People. It's enough to make a cynic like myself bitter(er) and left to speculate whether all this talk about bipartasanship from the Democrats wasn't just a smokescreen for their spineless, wishy washy governing. The Dems were never going to pass anything with real reform like a Single Payer system or a Public Option; it was all bullshit to cover their own asses. That way their financial contributors stay happy and they could publically blame Republicans for such weak health care reform. Seemed like a cinch after August and those rowdy town hall meetings across the land because (thanks in large part to the Republican news channel Fix... I mean Fox news) nobody really believed the American public wanted it. Now the Dems have their cover blown as poll after poll shows that >gasp!<>really do want free health care! Oh you should see some Democrats backpeddaling and trying to find cover like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I thought I liked Reid until yesterday but with his tlak about discussions about maybe talking about discussing the Public Option made me realize he's just another politician who doesn't give 2 squirts of piss about my kids, any of you or myself even while he himself enjoys the benefit of free health care that all members of Congress enjoy at our expense. Worse, half the Dems in office are exactly the same way! What the hell man?!? Ugh! Well they better get their act together or they will have very good reason to worry about their re-election bids. We Americans replace elected officials who don't do the job we elected them to do in the 1st place. The only problem is that until America develops more than a 2 party system, those replacement will be Republicans whether I like it or not (and I don't). But what else can we Americans do? The fix is in. And the Dems are going with the status quo to keep it that way.

09 October 2009

writer's bloc

So, lately, my zest for writing has deminished. Can't say why really. Perhaps it has something to do with my mood of late. See, I've come to grow despondant over these last few weeks because I just don't get it. I'm an American too yet I see that I am not equal to some of my fellow countrymen. My voice, my opinion, is ignored. That's why I come on here and maintain this blog. It gives me a place to vent my frustration. Now, I'm used to being ignored because I spent most of my childhood learning to be invisible but I don't like this not being equal crap. I suppose on one hand that I should be grateful because this gives me a first hand feel for what this nation's Founders must have felt when the decided to rebell against their King and Government. They were less than equal too but they did something about it. And that's what's eating at me. Here we commoners are striving to free ourselves from the chokehold the Rich and Republican tyranny and still there are millions of Americans standing between us and them as human shields. These frothing religious fanatics, used deftly by the Republican party and given financial resources from the Rich yell of Patriotism and the American Way. They shout of Revolt to reinstall Republican power to Washington. They demand and threaten, stampede and riot. In them is no hope of reason. They are perfect little soldiers to be exploited at will by the very powers seeking to keep America in the Stone Age. Ugh! So I get angry with these people, stirred up as they are by their Masters, which only hurts my Spirit. As a Taoist I try not to feel anger at all, let alone direct it at anyone. Jesus teaches this as well but I guess they don't teach that in some Sunday schools anymore. You know what I mean; you saw them too. Frightened groups of Fundamentalist Christians worked into a frenzy over health care, government takeovers and Socialism chanting for open, violent, bloody rebellion against the forces of Evil and Democrats. Ah to be in Germany circa 1932 eh? Everyone seems to forget that the Nazi party already existed in Germany for some time and it took awhile for them to claim absolute power. The Nazis, initially supported by the Rich and the Religious, gained it's power slowly and methodically. They gained their foothold in government by going to the "country folk" as Hitler called them and winning popular support and giving them a new enemy to focus on and hate. As this mob went forth spreading the Truth of Nazi doctrine, they soon found themselves in control of the whole country. All that remained were some pesky Constitutional rules but Chancellor Hitler and his cohorts in the Reichstag took care of those at once. Now if you would have told a Nazi in 1929 that his party would wipe out millions of people, including fellow Germans, they surely would have called you a traitor, questioned your fitness as a German and either shout you down or beat you up. In 2009 America we have some weird paralels.

04 October 2009

on the Detroit Lions

Todays game vs. the Chicago Bears. My belief? Detroit loses under a barrage of Jay Cutler bombs. Hell, I even made Jay my Fantasy Football starter just because of this. Ooops! The Lions secondary was up to the task. Ugh! Peyton was my starter otherwise! But the Lions who beat Washington showed up. When it mattered, early enough in the game, Jay Cutler scores a very questionable touchdown. I swear the ball never broke the plain. Every replay, I'm still not sure. The difference? Had the Lions gone into the half 21-14 instead of tied, maybe that big kick return never matters and Detroit is 2 and 2. But it did. The Detroit Lions are still the Worst Team in Football. Hate to tell you this folks, but the Lions should have beat the Vikings as well. 3 and 1. But... The NFL officials intervened. The Lions lost (again) nevermind the costly Bad Calls that benefited Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings. I've seen this before. Back when Mariuchi coached the Lions. Ugh! Are you shiting me calls??! all year long. Did the Ford's not want to pay enough for the NFL to look the other way for their team? I ask this because the Ford's didn't accept the Bailout money either. Maybe they didn't want to sell out no matter how much the NFL tried to make them do. Now look at them. A 3-1 team that's 1-3. But... New Orleans??? The Best Team in the NFL??? You betcha! I will never doubt it again. This is the Saint's Year. They manhandled the Ney York Jests like a stripper on Saturday night. The Team to Beat in the NFC this year. Just like my Patriots remain to be the Team to Beat in the AFC. The New York Giants? Still the Best Team in Football. They effed up last year and they know it so this year is Revenge. They will beat the New Orleans Saints for a chance to lineup against the Patriots and prove Once and For All who the better QB is: Eli or Tom. Plus the added Eli over Peyton bragging rights. Suddenly taken in the Spirit, I see that next year Peyton takes the Super Bowl behind a new, improved stalwart Colts defense. Ugh! Family rivalries! Where does that leave the Lions? Also rans in a tough division. The Red Wings have started 0-2 for the 1st time since I can remember which makes it the 2nd time this year that something I can never remember occured, the 1st being Rep. Joe Wilson's outlandish outburst. Rep. Wilson got away with embarrasing the American people AND making money off of it (and as we all know, money is the root to all evil). He is now a cause celebre in many Right Wing circles because his disrespect of his President, which aided this Country's Enemies, is seen as the Power of Christ Manifest, though it isn't. As their own Bible teaches, that even in the Last Days, the Very Elect would be deceived, they do not See it. They don't Get it. They are pawns of the very Evil they fear! What to do? For the Red Wings I'd suggest trading Zetterberg away for Ryan Getzlaf. For the rest of us? I'd suggest that the Freedom of Religion is one thing and the Abuse of Our Religious Impulse for Exploitation for the Benefit of the Republican Party is a whole other Thing. I swear to You, my Brother or my Sister, if we don't stand now against them, we, as a country, are doomed. They WILL destroy us all. God I hope I'm not the only One who Gets this.

could it be?

So I haven't seriously enjoyed Pro Football since the rigged Pittsburgh Steelers-Seattle Seahawks debacle they called a Super Bowl. Are you effing kidding me? If that game wasn't rigged through the officiating staff on the field than I'm a Republican. It actually began to become apparent to me that the NFL rigged their games routinely throughout the course of the season during that year and the year before it. I guess that's why I don't get why it was such a big deal when it was discovered that my Favorite Team and World Champion New England Patriots tried to bend the Rules in their favor. Oh poopoo those dastardly Bostonians! I say they did nothing wrong because every other team in the League aims to do the same thing: gain from bending the rules. That my children is the American Way. Bending the Rules for personal gain, the needs of the One outweighing the needs of the Many. It is so common there is no one alive anywhere in the World who doesn't know Americans speak with forked tongues. Everyone knows to ask of Americans "What is your angle?" or "What's in this for you?" So what's in it for the NFL to fix their games? I don't know though I speculate it has something to do with that San Diego-Pittsburgh (again!) game last year where gamblers across the nation threw a fit over the lack of an officials call that led to a San Diego victory that >gasp!< covered the spread. You don't piss off your base right? Still I guess I just miss the game even though it's as real as pro wrestling. Pro football still has no Soul anymore. That's where Fantasy Football comes in for me. Gives me an excuse to follow along and catch the Great Plays. Yeah, the players in the game today have a lot of Heart but they are pawns to their rich owners and football bettors.

why bother?

I'm having a Very Bad Week. No, nothing's wrong with my circumstances. My boy just had his 24th birthday, my daughter has a job, my girlfriend loves me, i have a place to live on my own and the Detroit Lions won their 1st game in 2 years. Almost perfect but... my Spirit is troubled by what is transpiring within my Country these days. Well, it used to be my country. It used to be your Country too but they took it from us. They've been conspiring to do take over our Country since the end of the World War II. Make no mistake about it, they have plotted and broken the Law; they run things now and their might and power is so vast, they have even managed to cage the office of the President of the United States. It is a jewel in their golden crown. If I was still in Sunday School I would teach that this golden crown was but one of the 10 crowns of the Beast from Revelation 13:1. President Obama is being confronted by this ugly truth even now. You can see it in his body language and in that of the First Lady as well. They are already the new Clintons and President Obama hasn't been in office but 9 months. That's how good the right wing propaganda noise machine truly is. There is a great Evil in my Country and that Evil rules us. This is how the Nazis secured their power in Germany and the Religious Right in our Country are Apt Pupils. They have the venom of Hitler in their veins, the lessons of Goebells upon their heart and all the seething hatred for Outsiders as the SS in their brains. They are wicked and immoral, the Parisees and Saducees of our Day.

01 October 2009


I realized today just how real the War Against Us truly is. I mean, I've known for a very long time that the Republican Party has wanted to enslave us all and take over the World but somehow everyone says, "Oh that's crazy talk." How is that crazy talk? We've seen how the Republicans want to run the country after 8 terrible years under the worst unelected President ever George Bush Jr. Ha! Junior. Hey Junior do you worry your wee wee is smaller than Daddy's? Ahole. Ugh! They allowed the deregulation of Wall Street that led to our current financial hardship, they invaded Iraq and failed to harvest it's oil to pay for the war like they said would happen then broke our Army, they spied on all of us right here at home because they don't trust us, they took away many of our Fundamental Rights with their so called Patriot Act because they allowed a devestating terrorist attack to occur on their watch, they have kids in college right now learning the Law for the sole purpose of eliminating the Bill of Rights altogether because they can't control us enough to make us do what they want us to do. You will conform because you will have no choice. And that's where many Sane Americans say, "Oh that could never happen here, this is America!" Many Sane Americans think that just because the Democrats are in Power now that there's nothing to worry about because it's all politics anyway; everything will be fine no matter how it works out. Because the Radical Right is acting so damned silly, they can't possibly take them seriously. They don't see that the rantings of Rush Limbaugh or the antics Glenn Beck as a real threat to all of us Americans because they don't fundamentally understand the base of the Republican party: some 80 odd million Americans who have read all of Tim LaHay's books and believe in their heart of hearts that Mr. LaHay's stories are for a real Prophecy about the Future. 80 million Americans who speak in tongues, who are religious zealots and who are arming themselves right now for a very real War Against All of Us and they are being actively egged on by Republican Party leadership and Limbaugh, Beck et al. When the Republican party lost power in 2008 they got together for a conference in which the Southern delegation emerged as the New Leadership. Thus the Republican Party is now the Official Party of Fundamentalist Christianity. It was decided to resist bipartisanship, to vote no, to always go against everything the President or the Democrats try to propose. Dig in and wait til 2010 where they hope to regain the Congress. Their candidate will be Sarah Palin, a religious fanatic with some small charm, very little Brain and a body most white guys just can't wait to vote for because they think she's a MILF and guys dig chicks with power. The only thing missing is a Palin Maxim spread which her base might actually like. They seem to love bikini clad calendar girls holding firearms. That's why they rile up their base with words like Socialist and Nazi. They declare that Obama is taking over America and will take away all Freedom. In private circles they use the word Nigger to describe our President. Now gun toting religious lunatics are showing up at Presidential events hoping to slip in, to get by the Secret Service, to just get close enough to President Obama for one clear shot. That's why they are their. And I accuse the New Republican Party and talk radio of trying to cause this to happen. Why? Because they hate us. They are at War Against Us because they despise our way of Life. They hope that with Obama out of the picture Sarah Palin is a shoo in for President and that she will lead our country in the name of Christ and the Bible while valiantly guiding our Armed Forces into the Battle of Armageddon. Says so right there in the Bible. 80 million (at least) believe this. They are the foot soldiers of the Republican Party and they are True Believers ready to do anything it takes by whatever means necessary to restore the Republicans to Power. Civil War round 2. Who do you think's going to win it?