31 August 2009

on dick

So former Vice President Dick "go fuck yourself" Cheney is "offended as hell" that he might find himself in some legal hot water over the Attorney General's investigations into CIA torture tactics that he himself approved of. See, Dick Cheney has viewed himself as being above the Law for some time now so I believe he genuinely is deluded enough to feel he has some valid point of contention in this but the truth of the matter remains that Dick Cheney broke the Law and he should have to pay for it like the rest of us poor blighters who groan under the weight of the American Justice system. But ol' Dick is rich and his wealth can buy him out from under any legal jackpot so just why is he bitching? Oh sure, Cheney dresses up his bitching in national security issues to make it seem like he cares about America more than his own wrinkley skin but we know that isn't true because he was part of the crew that allowed 9/11 to happen and made huge profits off the so called "good wars" of Iraq and Afghanistan not to mention his lucrative deal with the U.S. government to build all those detention cells down in Guantanamo Bay. So what are you trying to tell us Dick? What are you afraid the American people might find out about? When Karl Rove approached George Dubya Bush he already had key players like Dick Cheney in place. So while Dick Cheney began selling of pieces of Iraq to the highest bidders in the world and planning his administration over the American people, Rove pitched his scheme to Dubya who ate it up. Dubya would have to do no real work or decision making as President all he had to do was be the face of the White House just as he was the face as governor of Texas where his staff strip mined the state of every natural resource they could get their greedy hands on. Dubya was skilled at doing nothing and winning over simple folk with his not-quite-right Texas accent and charm so this would be easy for him. As for decision making, it would be split between Rove and acting President Cheney. So for 8 years Dubya kicked up his feet, had a drink every now and then and vacationed, vacationed, vacationed even after 9/11 happened. Why? Well why not? Nothing at the White House was ever his problem after all. And if a few Americans like me thought that was inappropriate (a commander in chief should always be on duty during times of war especially when they go around procliaming themselves the war president) so what? Just call them disloyal aiders of the enemy and problem solved! So while Karl pushed his social agenda on America, ol' Dick Cheney went to work on his shadow government and if you don't believe Cheney was really in charge all I can ask is 'who was rushed to the bunker in an undisclosed location first?' while Bush circled the skies haplessly aboard Air Force One and there and there's your answer. Cheney had done a fantastic job of selling Iraq before he even hit office in 2000. Now all he needed was a war to make his schemes come true. Now folks if I have a list of Iraqi investors in my pocket and I needed an excuse to invade Iraq, what do you suppose I might be willing to do to insure that money makes it into my coffers? Worse still, this is all fact. Look it up yourself. It is a matter of public record. What would you do to make millions? What would Dick Cheney do? Well he might allow or help participate in a crime so unimagineable that no American would ever want to believe it even though there's a lot of reasons to be suspicious. Evidence goes overlooked because the American people need to believe terrorists attacked us on 9/11 rather than members of their own government! Unfortunately there's too much evidence to the contrary. From the Army helicopter that shot a missle into the Pentagon (you can see it on the doctored footage released by the FBI when you adjust the settings right) to yellow cake uranium to Cheney's staunch refusal to swear under oath about the events of 9/11 because of some imaginary executive priveliege cooked up just to keep him from testifying. And don't we all wish Clinton had executive priveliege? Anyway so Cheney is in deep but protected but needs to look and act the part of concerned acting president so he began to advance torture practices as sure proof the American government was taking this whole terrorism thing seriously and would stop at nothing to prevent another 9/11 (which he helped with). It's a famous strategy when a white person is involved with a crime to blame colored people and so that's what he did. Blamed the Arabs and tortured them to stop crimes he himself committed! So yeah, I imagine Cheney is a little upset that his war crimes might still come to light and he still might have to answer for them with what little life he has left pumping through his plastic heart. So shut up Dick and go fuck yourself. I for one would like to know exactly what you did during your illegitimate time in office. If you have nothing to hide, that shouldn't be a problem. But we all know you do have something to hide don't we you old fossil? Or to paraphrase Shakespeare, The old man doth protest to much, methinks.

28 August 2009

Republican hopeful "jokes" about hunting and shooting the President

www.macleans.ca/world/wire/article.jsp?content=w271647019 August 27, 2009 - 20:03 THE ASSOCIATED PRESS BOISE, Idaho - An Idaho Republican gubernatorial hopeful insists he was only joking when he said he'd buy a license to hunt President Barack Obama. Rex Rammell, a long-shot candidate slated to run against incumbent C.L. "Butch" Otter in the May 2010 Republican primary, made the comment at a rally Tuesday in Twin Falls where talk turned to the state's planned wolf hunt, for which hunters must purchase an $11.50 wolf tag. The hunt is due to begin on Tuesday. When an audience member shouted a question about "Obama tags," Rammell responded, "The Obama tags? We'd buy some of those." Rammell told The Associated Press Thursday he sees no reason to apologize for the comment because it was just a joke. "What I would say to all my Democrat Idahoans: Take a deep breath and relax," he said. "We're not going to go out and hunt Obama." He also told the Times-News newspaper, "I would never support him being assassinated." After Rammell's comment was published in the Times-News, he said one person sent him an email indicating he would ask the FBI for an investigation. Threatening the president can be a felony punishable by five years in prison and a $250,000 fine. "I'm probably safe," Rammell said. "I'm not the one that started the whole thing." Debbie Dujanovic Bertram, an FBI spokeswoman in Salt Lake City, said the agency couldn't comment on whether it was investigating or if it had received a complaint. "I think the Republican Party in this state and elsewhere would be well served by making it clear those types of comments are very inappropriate," Democratic Party Chairman Keith Roark said. Officials with the Idaho Republican Party in Boise didn't immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

27 August 2009

Republicans are racists

Rep. Jenkins: GOP looking for "great white hope" 1 hr 9 mins ago TOPEKA, Kan. – U.S. Rep. Lynn Jenkins told a recent gathering in northeast Kansas that the Republican Party is looking for a "great white hope" to help stop the political agenda of the Democratic party and President Barack Obama. Videotape shows Jenkins, a Republican, making the comment at an Aug. 19 forum. She was discussing the Republican party's future after Democrats took control of the House and Senate in the 2008 elections, when the presidency went to Obama, the nation's first black president. A Jenkins spokeswoman told The Topeka Capital-Journal Wednesday that Jenkins apologized for her word choice and did not intend to offend anyone. Kenny Johnston, of the Kansas Democratic Party, says Jenkins' statement was regrettable and that she should stick to discussing solutions. ___ Information from: The Topeka Capital-Journal, http://www.cjonline.com Like I have always said, the Republicans are rich white racist snobs who don't care for anyone making less than a 6 figure income.

26 August 2009

Here in Ypsi its raining the longest it has since June and I find it fitting as today our nation has lost an icon in Senator Ted Kennedy. Flags should be half mast across the land in honor of this great man. Love him or hate him, you have to respect his long, distinguished career and all the good things he has gotten done for our country over that career. Sure, he was a politician (and all politicians are suspect in their motives). Still you never doubted Senator Kennedy's sincerity and belief in the causes he was fighting for like health care or demanding our troops overseas had the best equipment after discovering George Bush sent in the Marines without enough body armor. He was just that kind of guy: he cared passionately about all Americans. Now he's gone. Just a few days ago John McCain and some other Republican fool (Grassley?) invoked Ted Kennedy's name saying that if he were involved in the negotiations over health care the Republicans would be able to work something out with the Democrats. Isn't is nice to see the Republicans, knowing that Senator Kennedy was at death's door, are willing to negotiate over whether we should all have free health care or not. Over his dead body, eh, you vultures? If Senator Kennedy's legacy means anything to you, you Republican swine should pass this health reform bill in his honor. It is what he would've wanted after all since he's been fighting to get national health care from your party since Nixon. Farewell Senator and thank you.

24 August 2009

an open letter to my fellow Americans

I began to realize something today that has brought my heart no end of sorrow: maybe we can't win the grand prize of free health care from them. Maybe we can't even fight them in the next major election cycle because even when they lose, they win. I have seen this whole episode playout before, over and over, time and time again and still it's the same group of fat fucking rich white guys who get their panties all twisted in a bunch shouting, "They'll give all your daughters abortions!" or "They will pull the plug on you when your old!" or "You can't even choose your own doctor!" to the old tried and true saw "It's socialism!" or whatever else they can think of to fill their airwaves with. And why? Because they don't want me to have free health care. They don't want you to have it or you or you. Why? Because they know they'll have to pay for it out of their millions and billions. And what is wrong with you America? Don't you want free health care? I mean isn't that what Jesus would do? Care for the sick and needy? Doesn't he teach that "as you have done to the least of these, you have done unto me also"? Could it be we forget about Jesus' compassion in favor of his War God status? What if, god forbid, something terrible happens to you like an accident? I've heard horror story after horror story about people fighting the insurance company to hold up their end of the bargain for all those premiums you paid them. People have lost their homes because of that. HMOs? Instituted by Nixon to help insurance companies avoid their obligations to their customers. Who doesn't know someone with a story about that? So help me understand this. Why can't you have free health care? What about your kids? Why can't they? The simple truth is they can. You can, I can, we all can. Trust me: I was in Canada for a year and let me tell you free health care kicks ass! Free Canadian health care literally saved my life and you can't give a bigger recommendation than that. And all that crap the Republicans say about the horrors of the Canadian health care system? Not true, not one bit of it. In fact all the Canadians I asked about it laughed and wondered why we Yanks always believed such nonsense about their way of life. Now those rich folk? They don't have insurance because they don't need it: they have private physicians who work for them. And the Republicans, they get free health care by working for the government. So what makes them any better than the rest of us? Their money? Well who helped them get all that money? We did. The whole country did. America did. So while we helped them for better or worse, through sickness and health, they keep digging in their heels and resisting giving all of us what is right, what is honorable, what is decent and American and by God is what is owed to us after all of our sacrifice and hard work. But no, say the rich. So they lie and they lie just like they always do and whip the people into a frenzy over those lies because they hope you will be stupid enough to believe in them. In fact, this whole health care showdown is part of their political efforts to regain the House or Senate and the White House after that. Is that what we the people want? 8 more Bush style years of Republican governance? Really? I don't think so but some of you sure do act like it. So can we win? Can we beat them? Stand up America and claim your birth right! Or are you Esau, ready to sell it for a pot of stew? The rich don't care about you and they don't want anything from you but more money. Today I decided to get active and volunteer for the Democratic cause. Next I got in touch with my elected Representatives and told them what side of this debate I was on and I heartily encourage all of you to do this. Call them, e-mail them, do whatever it takes. Or give up. It's up to you.

23 August 2009

Republicans are masters of bull shit

Here in Ypsilanti we have a yearly Heritage Festival which features live music, arts & crafts, yummy fried foods, a petting zoo and little booths set up by people to peddle their business or their beliefs to anyone as they pass by. There was a Veterans for Peace booth, a Libertarian booth, a solar energy booth, etc. No problem right? Well... Guess who else had boothe there? The thrice damned Republicans and Right to Life. So what, right? But where all the other booths throughout Heritage Fest were restrained and unoffensive, I got to see dead baby fetus pictures and depictions of President of the United States as the Joker with the word SOCIALIST underneath. Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy eh? Now people, I really don't give a rat's ass what anyone believes so long as they don't try to shove it down my throat or limit what anyone else believes. I had enough of that growing up in an Assembly of God church. See, in an Assembly of God church, everyone believes in the Book 150% which already means they are retarded. I mean who honestly believes that the Earth is only 8000 years old? They do. Who can say man and dinosaur lived side by side as friends with a straight face? They can! And let me tell you this, if you've never been a part of their speaking in tongues services, you should go and see just how weird and freaky these nut jobs get. When i was a young man I remember all of them surrounding me and laying hands on me and shouting in tongues because they wanted me to speak in tongues just like them. Eventually i went yaddida dadada dadada just to get them to stop. Apparently you are not saved enough unless you do it and this action of blathering in tongues means you are a bona fide 150% true Christer (because accepting Jesus as savior alone just won't do it). So what does this have to do with Republicans and Right to Lifers? They employ the same tactics as my old church mates. They surround you and shout you down blathering away with their tongues filled with hatred and lies, intentional distortions that they know are lies but say them anyway because when you say the same lies over and over again people start to think they are true. Can you say death panel? And hey, what about my rights?!? You right wing assholes aren't the only ones who want freedom you know. I want to be free from seeing aborted fetus pictures while I'm walking through a family festival. Where were our rights in this? Those pictures are pornographic and there were children walking by asking their parents what they were seeing. Now if you Right to Life fuckers can't handle sex ed being taught in school to your teenagers then why oh why is it okay for you to flaunt your carnage in front of 4 and 5 year olds you twisted fucks? Don't I have a right not to see your smut? Or are you only against Janet Jackson's boobs? Ugh! It's fine that you have an opinion on abortion but if your position is so righteous and legitimate why can't you work with lawmakers and government and spare us your melodramatic blood spattered placards you insesnsitive dimwits? And you Republicans! Do you know why I have kept calling you asswipes Nazis since 2001 when I returned to this great nation from Canada? Let me tell you a story... The Nazi party started in grassroots rural areas of Germany. See the party wasn't very popular with the citified Krauts but the country yokels ate it up. It was about God and Glorious Destiny, saving the Homeland... I mean Fatherland (how'd I get that mixed up?)..., restoring German morals and values and power over Europe to establishing a global economy with Germany at her rightful place as leader of the free (market) world. These are facts. And don't these facts sound awfully familiar? The Christian Coalition married to the Republican party, organized it's members into a powerful voting bloc for the express purpose of restoring America to Christian (white) values and exercising military and economic control across the globe to further the cause of glorious all powerful America. So the yokels invaded the cities and mobbed, vandalised, rioted and beat up fellow Germans of different political parties until all the common people were cowed into supporting the Nazis or face the consequences. Our Republican friends do this too. Florida 2000 they rioted in order to help steal the election for Bush. While running America they actively spied on peace groups and arrested some members for their un America delusion of free speech and the right of people to peaceably assemble. Now they bring guns to peaceful town hall meetings and threaten the life of the President. They shout over people and bully them down in these meetings as well. They are dangerous and twisted and their mind's are diseased. Yesterday when I saw the Republican booth with it's disgusting portraitures of our President i wanted to start in with them. If I had had a bat I would have driven them from the park like Jesus chasing money changers from the temple. Thankfully my girl Renee was there and she calmed me down. Yeah the urge to beat them was a bit over the top but goddamit I am sick and tired of these fuckers always pushing the rest of us around. They are like infants throwing a tantrum and sometimes you have to spank a rotten kid. I'm getting angry about it and we all should. The Republican party has disrupted the national harmony since Ronald Reagen. They play to the lowest common denominator so why not push back a little? Why not shove them around? Why not chase them with bats? If the Radical Right wants to get all billigerent and violent maybe we should oblige them. Hmmm... I wonder how Republicans would feel if pro gun Dems went to the filming of Tom DeLay on Dancing with the Stars? Or a Sarah Palin event? Bastards!

22 August 2009

Stop the Right before it is too late!

So I recently gave up resisting it and bought a television set. I didn't really want to but with hockey season coming up I don't feel I really had a choice because –haha!-- I really enjoy the sport of hockey. 3 on 1 breakaways, Datsyukian deeks, Lord Stanley's Cup and –woohoo!-- fighting and carnage! So you see I was sorta stuck and getting a TV began to make sense. Unfortunately TVs are a great evil in todays Age of the Ape Called Man and many of my Ape brothers and sisters are addicted to it as badly as any alcoholic is addicted to sweet liquor or any crack addict to their precious rocks. Like money, it is a root to all evil through which the rich men who really run this country program our beliefs and behavior to insure our faithfulness and dull minded allegiance. What Man Ape is strong enough to resist the seductive allure of television? So you see my problem yes? But still I bought the TV set. As it turns out though, I'm not really watching much of it for a couple of serious reasons. 1) I hate commercials as much as I despise the Anaheim Ducks and that's a whole hell of a lot. 2) The right wing media is killing me in my spirit, literally. See, after 9/11 was allowed to happen, the Bush administration used the opportunity to go after so called “liberal” news outlets like the New York Times and CNN. The Bushies asserted that these sources were giving aid and comfort to the enemy or were traitors to America. You know, cuz free speech is un-American. But in a matter of 7 or 8 months, all media went one way and one way only and that was with whatever way the Bushies wanted! It didn't stop there even. Soon the Discovery channel got nuetered, the History channel became the All American Weapons of Mass Destruction channel and so on and so forth. It was like cable was taken over by creationists and rednecks while simultaneously all the information about the outside world America gets from the news channels is all filtered through radical right Republican filters. And don't even get me started about local news. Local news is all about selling you shit like computers and new video games while assuring you that it isn't safe outside. Arghhh! The fucking thrice damned Republicans are out to destroy the American Way of Life those rat bastards! And we know it is the Republicans behind all this for they are the very ones that the rich elite look to in this country to protect their assets and help manipulate the masses. Thus we know is true by the recent health care battle. The right has pulled out all the stops on this one. They have the news outlets showing polls favorable to their position, they have memos encouraging people to act like rowdy bawds, they have nut jobs bringing guns and assault rifles to places the President of the Unites States is at, and, worse still , more heninous then all of these things, I believe they are actively looking for some dumb good old boy to step forward and assassinate President Obama. Proof? All circumstantial evidence I'm afraid. First, did the so called liberal media report this? Nah which is strange considering the liberal media wants to take away all guns from the hands of private citizens eh? It could have been a nationwide crackdown on guns and a victory for liberalism but –haha!-- we don't have a liberal media do we? No, not at all. In fact the few networks that did cover it made it a 2nd amendment issue! But, it seems to my mind, if this had happened while Bush was still illegally in office there would have been a vicious backlash and we non Republicans (especially you non Republicans with guns) would have been rounded up en masse under suspicion to commit treason! Second, we know that the radical right is full of deluded good ol' boys who will kill another Human Being over matters of faith just like that nut job Scott Roeder who shot and killed Dr. George Tiller of Kansas in front of Tiller's whole church. Before Roeder it was Shelley Shannon who tried to kill Dr. Tiller. She managed to shoot the good doctor twice in the arm outside his clinic. See, the radical right needs very little provocation to murder or kill or take guns to where the President is speaking or spread misinformation and lies or just disrupting townhall meetings across the country. Why? Because we so called 'sinners' don't follow their warped brand of Christianity. Third, we know the certain Republicans of the radical right are pros at stirring up peoples fears and playing on their weaknesses. Look how well they played this country during the Bush era. Politically motivated manipulation of the terror threat level, slanderous lies like the whole 'Swift Boat' debacle during the Kerry campaign or even today with calling the President of the United States a Nazi during a time of War. Oh but when Bush was “president”, or, more accurately, the so called “War President” (nods to the Old Testament, eh? You manipulative fuckers!) any bad word was tantamount to treason. But that's the culture of America, manipulated as expertly as it is by the right wing media. I am reminded of the Presidential election last year when the right wing and it's media outlets showed poll after poll showing how tight and close the race was. Turned out that was all a bunch of shit intended to manipulate voters. The race wasn't close at all and Obama won in a landslide. But the intent of the lie of a close race was to energize the Republican base to get out and vote and cause moderates and independents to think they'd be wasting their vote with Obama. But Obama won in a walk. So now they have polls showing how half of America hates the health care plan and half the people disapprove of Obama which simply isn't the truth. It's manipulation. Why? Because if enough Americans become convinced that Obama sucks his assassination at the hands of the radical right will almost be acceptable. Remember, the radical right have no respect for any president not of their party. Remember what they did to Clinton? They'll do that and worse to President Obama if given a chance. And if we Americans don't demand that these homegrown terrorist tactics that the radical right employ be cracked down on, they will continue to ride rampant over us and manipulate us. Freedom isn't just for Republicans or radical right wingers. We must stop them now while we are still able. I accuse the right of domestic terrorism and I can only hope my fellow Americans realize this too before it is too late.

19 August 2009

it makes me very sad that one group of people can force their ways upon the rest of us. i mean it breaks my heart and makes me cry real tears that the republic of the united states should be so easily forsaken by us all in fear off their intimidation. they will not stop until we are all subverted to their evil ways. why? i do not believe that if god existed this is what he meant for us all. why are we all so seperated when it is within our unity that we are so great? could it be that these lecherous thugs on the radical right have at last suceeded in destroying the greatness of our country? our country was bred of revolt for we are a stubborn and stiff necked people. we do not take kindly to bullying. yet we give into it day after day with each passing insult from the right republicans and the rich. they mock us you know? they rejoice in the fact we are so easily abused. wake up america, my fellow countrymen, before it is too late and the bullies of the right rule us all.

the radical right plan on assassinating president obama

i have come to accept that while 9/11 was an inside job it has nonetheless served to allow the federal government to continue its domestic spying agenda upon americans who've done nothing wrong. for better or worse, this is still george bush's 'merica and he had 8 lousy years to fuck this nation up (good job dick) and it will take some time to return our nation to some semblence of normalcy. so for now we bloggers and e-mailers and wierdos have to watch what we put in our posts lest we get a visit from the secret service, fbi, cia or nsa. certain words like 'assassinate' and 'president' are quite likely to get certain posts flagged and scrutinized. but truth be told, that's what i'm hoping for with this particular post because you government spooks aren't doing your jobs and i want to scold you for it. for years now the radical right has gotten more aggressive and violent. it sure didn't help when the previous administration encouraged such moblike behavior. and now look at them. sending memos encouraging disruptive and virulent outbursts to destroy public discourse, spreading heinous lies and now bringing guns to the president of the unites states' town hall meetings. are you guys even looking into this? are you investigating the fuckers who have done this? this is not a 2nd amendment issue when it involves our president. the president's welfare should always be paramount and when some frothing right wing lunatics come with guns you had better believe that somewhere, some place there is a radical right wing movement afoot that is looking to assassinate the president. what are you federalis doing about this shit? if these right wing zealots are genuinely looking to kill the president then it is time for a crack down on these fundamentalist yahoos before their rabid fundamentalism does any more damage to the country. for the record i know of no plot myself but i know these right wing weirdos and trust me, they are not above assassination to further their own political agenda.

16 August 2009

Mommy, why won't the Republicans let us have health insurance?

15 August 2009

death panels

a lot of folks may not remember all this 'death panel' hullabaloo from back when bill clinton tried to give all americans free health care in his first year as president but yeah, the republicans have been beating that drum for a while. back then they didn't call the president nazi or nigger like they do today, they called him the antichrist and baby killer. real patriots those radical right wingers eh? for republicans of the radical right there is no republic of the united states, there is only majority rules, a concept that was ananthema to our nation's founding fathers. it's the republican way or the highway, follow the narrow minded right or be branded a leftist, a liberal, a socialist, a communist or an enemy sympathizer or a traitor. and republicans view all of us that don't support them as traitors to america for not supporting their outmoded vision of what america ought to be. ah now look at those hippocritical assholes! bashing president obama with slander and lies when they shouted one couldn't talk to george bush that way because it was war time. it's still war time isn't it? or did these radical conservatives go and win a seperate peace with iraq and afghanistan? of course not. but obama is a traitor to them; hell, to them obama isn't even an american. preposterous! but here's the kicker of this whole shebang folks: the so called death panels are a republican idea, not the democrats. indeed, back when bush sr. and senile old coot ronald "what's my name?" reagan were trying to 'fix' health care, it was the right and special interest groups conspiring together to keep the rich and wealthy from having to pay more into the health care system. it was special interests and the radical right that wanted a panel to decide who was too sick for proper care so rich fuckers across the nation could save a few bucks and not waste them on someone who was gonna die anyway or some poor fucker who couldn't afford to pay their own medical bills! compasionate conservatism my ass. so all you dumbasses out there with your tea bag parties and your shouts of 'the president is trying to kill my grandmother!' guess what? you are being used and manipulated. but it's easy to use and manipulate you isn't it? that's why the republicans are so glad you are on their side because the right doesn't need individuals or people who think for themselves. they just need pawns to do their dirty work and you clowns are it.

14 August 2009

to the govenment spies --i mean henchmen-- who are reading this

i remember how it was that i used to respect the republican party back before all these religious whackos took over the party. back then republicans were truly moderates and i could really get behind their platform of a weak central government and states rights because (goddamit!) the citizens of each state should have the right and authority over what direction their communities go in. but always, always especially in the late 60s throughout the 70s there were the religious whackos of the southern baptists convention, the assemblies of god or the pat robertsons bitching, whining and moaning because american's had too much freedom and were thus rejecting their version of the christian religion and provoking their god to destroy us all. to these people the only way of fixing america (as if america and her people were just broken things) was to take over the federal government and push to pass laws that would legislate morality and force every american to at least behave like their kind of christian whether any of us like it or not. i suppose this more than any other reason is why i liken them to the nazis and have ever since they were first called the christian coalition or (later) the promise keepers. unfortunately richard nixon, ronald reagen and george bush sr. were only too happy to use them for their own political ends. people call reagen a great president but i disagree. it is he more than the others that unleashed the radical right upon the country and today they are a very real threat to the american way of life and our freedoms. it is the radical right that has raked up the issue of defining marriage as if something so trivial was as bad a tragedy as darfur; it is the radical right that shoot pysicians and doctors for not agreeing with their religious values; it is the radical right that pushed for our great country to be the laughing stock off the world in it's efforts to destroy sitting president bill clinton through monica lewinsky; it is the religious right, always so bent on the end times and armegeddon, that Italicignored the growing threat of terrorism so they could focus on defending israel against russia and china (their end times gog and magog); it is the radical right that helped steal the 2000 election for george dubya bush by rioting and engaging in racist practices that ensured those 'damn coloreds' didn't vote democrat; it is the radical right who supported the patriot act, the stripping of our fundamental constitutional rights (the very thing that makes us all americans), the march to war and on and on and on. today? they rile up the masses because in their warped vision of america no american should have free health care. in their vision president obama isn't really a president because he isn't even an american or a christian (never mind they started this lie knowing it was a lie and now believe it is the Truth for it's been said so many times it must be true. hippocrits all! they stoke the flames of hatred and racism and say they are saints of christ! of course this is how we know that christ is not truly in them for the spirit of christ is love not anger or division. truly they serve the darkness and not the light. and truly they are a dangerous threat to us all (again). so that's why i wrote this to you government spooks who read my online postings. tell the secret service to be even more vigilant than usual. already the radical right call our president a nazi, hitler, a muslim and that he has no birth record. this means the radical right are painting president obama out to be the antichrist. it also means one of those fucking nut jobs may try to harm our president. these people are certifiable and you musn't put anything past them. please keep my president safe!

13 August 2009

getting a grip

so i've given up posting my blogs on myspace because quite frankly i like the idea that i'm just babbling on to nobody. it's like hiding in plain sight on the world wide web. i like my anonymity, an increasingly difficult thing to maintain in today's united states, i assure anyone who might just happen to come across this post and read it. the problem with my desire for anonymity is that there are a lot of really rotten fuckers in america who don't want to be ignored or overlooked. they want to be noticed. in their minds they know exactly how this nation ought to be, from it's morals to it's foreign policy. the right way, the white way, the christian way. these pernicious fucks fuck with me on a daily basis by stealing from me my right to privacy, my right to be left alone and, perhaps most importantly, my right to be not lied to. maybe some of you don't believe that right exists because it has never been writen down anywhere the annals of human history but it oughta be right up there with thou shalt not murder. yeah, yeah, yeah humans lie all the time and distort things into unrecognizeable fashions but goddamit when the fuckers who want to be noticed, who want to run things, who imagine they know what's right for all of us get involved with big government they begin to warp the government and quite frankly, the government should be beyond reproach. no lie should be ascribed to our government period. republicans i am looking at you and calling you out and accusing you of fucking up my government. and look at those pathetic, hapless republicans now. so desperate for power, so eager to keep america chained to their unrealistic version of what olde timey america was in their minds, so sure what their doing is certain to please jesus, because it is white and white is america. easy there mikey you're getting all worked up. i know the republicans are evil and deceitful and full of the same hatred that filled the hearts of every nazi. that's why they are scary funny. funny because they are so desperate, scary because they are pulling their scheme off of bringing the entire american race dowen to their level. already people just like you and me, otherwise nice folk i am sure, are being brainwashed and used to pull off the republican agenda as envisioned by karl rove and george bush sr. they are being deceived and lied to about how much they have to pay for universal health care, they are being manipulated and used in thinking the president of the united states of america is some sort of secret muslim of no american heritage, they are claiming he is even a communist or socialist because goddamn it hate speech works. oh especially if the president is a dirty, lazy nigger eh republicans? i hope all you right wing fuckers get ass cancer.

10 August 2009

so the economy is getting better eh?

according to yahoo.com news, the american economy has begun to rebound and the 3rd quarter should prove quite nice as economic factors begin to strengthen across the board. good thing obama is president eh? he began to tackle the financial crisis even before he took office and already, a mere 6 months into his term, his hard work and dedication seems to have payed off for the american people. hooray! after that dundering nincompoop bush did his level best to bankrupt america while he and his crony henchmen were stealing money out of all our pockets, i feared that no amount of good governance would save this nation. haha! fuck you george! still i continue to be baffled how obama, obviously a very talented person to serve as our president, continues to be the butt of derision and scorn from his fellow countrymen. oh sure, i get it when the belligerent right wingers do it. what else are they going to do? admit their party is stuck in the past and has become too religious to be mainstream? hell no! not when there are nigger jokes and rush limbaugh! but i'm worrying about that you see. just because america voted for reason and accountability in the last election, don't think we've won a permenant or long term victory for ourselves or our children. oh no. we just stemmed the right wing onslaught for an election cycle. those right wing bastards are still out to have their cake and eat it to i assure you. for, you see, the venom, hatred and narrow mindedness of a right winger makes then unnaturally aggressive; their minds bend to acts of illegality simply so they can force their views, their beliefs and their twisted ways on all of us americans regardless of what we might believe in or feel strongly about. yes, the right wants hegemony with white folk in their natural roles as leaders and decision makers and all people of color quietly subservient and obedient. that is their vision: white, christian america as the obvious rulers of a dark complected world. normally i would just laugh at them but it seems their venom is spreading throughout the national psyche as the pound our president (in a time of war no less right?) with their right wing media and scream machine. make obama look bad at every turn, call him socialist or muslim, claim he's not even an american, make jokes of his mixed heritage, come up with racial slurs and epithets. and guess what? their poison is seeping into the mainstream. we people need to stop this. we need to stand behind president obama and offer him our respect and support. and when those right wing fuckers try to say anything detrimental to the leader of our country maybe we should just take a page from their book and shout those worthless benedict arnold's down. or kick 'em in the nuts. or both.