16 December 2009

wake up people

Watching the Democrats in action thus far on this health care reform debacle makes me realize that the Democratic party as we know it is dead. Democrats, the party intended to be the balance for us common folk against the wealthy and powerful and their Republican party, has shown all of America their true colors now. "Fuck you Commoners" is the new political slogan from both sides as the assets of the rich and corporate are strengthened and every time you listen to any politician you should be hearing that phrase, "Fuck you Commoner!" in your head just to give what they are saying some perspective. I mean really Democrats! Do you think that your shenanigans have gone unnoticed? Are you that arrogant or just stupid? The American people voted you into power because WE ARE ALL SICK AND GODDAMNED TIRED OF WASHINGTON's 'BUSINESS AS USUAL'!!! We voted to end the Iraq and Afghanistan war, not expand them. We voted for real, bona fide free health insurance for all Americans. We voted to see justice served upon the people of the last unlawful administration for torture, murder and allowing 911 to happen. We voted to end domestic spying. We voted for real climate change controls. The repeal of the Patriot Act. The end of the drug war. And what about strengthening our schools and educating our children? Can't. All the bailout money went to Wall Street to the very vultures who helped former illegal president Dubya Bush destroy the American economy. And our wars are far more important than our kids. Besides, 10 years from now our kids have a job all lined up for them in the Army where the can be killed or brutally maimed for a country that makes our veterans feel like heroes but won't be able to cover their medical needs or expenses. Yay! Thanks for defending my freedoms. Tough luck you're retarded now. Can I give you some money? Get the hell oughta my face dick! At least there's welfare. Good job Democrats. You have further fucked up our nation, it's legacy and it's heritage and sealed our doom. Oh sure, Dubya started the process and built for it a firm foundation but you lot have just poured the cement for the basement. If there were a God or if there was truly Universal Justice, all members of Congress and the President would gain hideous nose zits that couldn't be covered by makeup. It would be a pock mark on every politician who betrays, swindles or lies to the American people. A mark so gross, so revolting, so disgusting that the people would finally turn away from them once and for all and do something about the rampant coruption in DC. Sadly there is no Universal Justice or heavenly court to fight for our cause. There is only us and our woeful common sense against powerful, wealthy villains and we have no heroes to fight for us lowly, common citizens.

12 December 2009

why i don't like the new nhl's scoring system

Back in the day, in the NHL, if you went into OT, you could either win your 2nd point or conceed a point to the team you played for being at least as good as you if even for just one night. Nowadays, if you play to OT, you get a guarenteed point. Ugh! I have seen so much boring OT just because everyone's playing not to lose, but not to win also. And the shootouts? The novelty has worn off. That's not hockey and shows that the regents of the NHL are out of touch with the true fan base of the NHL. We are simple folk. We like to get drunk and high and watch Hockey and have it mean something when 2 teams are tied in the late stages of a game. It makes it more interesting and dramatic. What would the League stats look like now if the old scoring system were intact? As it should be? I wish I had a team of researchers to look it up so I could say with difinitive authority that it is so! But these games lack passion. If that 2nd point actually meant something, teams would try way harder than the do today to score the Game Winner. They wouldn't want to share that other point because they would actually need that point to ensure their own success! Ah well. Gary Bettman is an idiot and saner minds must rule the NHL before it's too late.

03 December 2009

the Avalanche are getting robbed!

From a Detroit-esque goal that wasn't a goal even though it WAS a goal to the penalty to Clark in the 3rd that wasn't a penalty, the Colorado Avalanche are getting robbed. Perhaps the Hockey Gods wish it this way or perhaps the NHL is looking the other way while gamblers profit, I do not know, but the Avalanche, a team that used to be MY team's arch-nemesis, is getting robbed at gunpoint on my NHL Center Ice package. Can they hold up? Can the Avalanche suck it up and pull it out? Well, we'll know the lay of the land when a final is declared.

Oilers at Red Wings

So I'm watching the Wings just get pounded by a talented, young Edmonton team and it's just a beating. To make matters worse, the Red Wings have scored 2 of Edmonton's 4 goals while they have managed a meager 1. Ugh! And it made me think of Yuri 'Happy' Hudler because if he were here, none of this nonsense would be happening but he effed off to Russia and I realize that I'm mad at him for it because I'm a selfish Red Wings fan and his going to another hockey league for 'mere' money was unconscionable to me while the reality is, he did the right thing by him and I would have done the same thing he did. Ugh! So I wish Hudler had just stayed because he really liked his teammates or just wanted to be a Red Wing but agh! Getting to go home and make a lot of money is just too wonderful. The game of Hockey isn't owned just by the Canadians any more and Hudler will star in a bunch of huge games over there and he'll do well. Good for him. Besides, that isn't why today the Wings look like a bottom feeder in the NHL this year. There are a lot of reasons like letting Tomas Kopecky go. Ugh! Or being so sweet on Zetterberg. Fans think I'm stupid when I call Zetterberg dead weight or wishing he was someone else like Parise or Getzlaf but I think the fans are blinded by the stats. They have to be because if they have truly been watching their hockey games as I have, then they know that Zetterberg plays soft. I know of at least 3 games in which Zetterberg's lack of grit has cost victories and those were just the ones I noticed. His lack of desire for driving an opponent into the boards in order to get control of the puck has led to 12 or so goals that come to memory just now. And while Zetterberg is certainly an offensive talent, he would be better suited for the Habs, Rangers or 'Canes say. Why? Because Mike Babcock's Red Wings aren't Scotty Bowman's Red Wings. Mike Babcock's Wings are best personafied by Dallas Drake while Bowman's would be personafied by Zetterberg and the fans haven't caught on to this yet so Zetterberg is a Superstar. And he is. But geez, wouldn't it be great if that was Parise fighting for the puck to dish to Datsyuk or Cleary?