31 January 2010

Teachings pt 1

I'm having a moment of zen. One is All, All is One. All of Us are God.

Some say God is seperate from Us, but that is impossible because You are God. I too am God. We are God, the First Paradox. Om.

When We follow the way, the way follows us. When the way is lost, religion grows.

The First Paradox, Our true nature. No self, yet clearly We are, I Am, here. As One yet part of a beautiful Collective. Our Collective of physical Life and Chi Life. In both states we are perpetuating Creation Always creating, always going forth. Creation is never completed,as some teach, it is an ongoing process.
If we are lucky and focus our Chi, our descendants may have the honor of continual participation in the Creative process.

30 January 2010

I guess I'm a little "lowbrow"

I follow the way and the way follows me. I am what I am. I am common, plain. Yielding like water, smooth as a stone in the stream, gritty like sand. I have no mind of my own for through me flows eternity. Chi. Everything is possible.
The only limitations I have are the ones that I impose upon myself.

Ah, if only I were perfect! It bugs me in my heart and within my seat of power that I am not. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with my imperfection but I feel I make so many mistakes, so many errors in judgement and that these mistakes affect other folk. How many lives have I injured, not really meaning to, but in the mere action of going about my day? When I am snippy, whose feelings might I have hurt? When I see the homeless guy asking for change so that he can get more liquor and I have the change, why do I say I don't Who am I to judge that person or that persons situation? Right? Everyone follows the way whether they know it or not and the path one person must follow is not the path I must follow. There is a reason people suffer as the Universe goes about it's endless way. So what if I give them the change and that liquor I helped provide by trying just to be decent to another human being down on their luck and the next morning he's found dead because it was -10 degrees last night? What is right? What is wrong? Will you, mere ape decide and try to take the place of the nameless One?

I stay in a lot, trying to make the least ammount of impact on other folk. Sure I make many happy. I'm very jolly and usually have a warm "Hello!" for passersby I meet while walking along my way. People like me. Well, that's not the only reason I stay in.
See, I am afraid for my physical safety. I'm not afraid to die, that's not it at all. I died before and was brought back, it's no big deal. But I'm afraid of my country and what it has become. I know that I am not truly safe because my own government could have me arrested and make me vanish under the aegis of the Patriot Act just because I have an opinion about Republicans. I can barely believe it but it is so; you must recognize this yourself or you will never understand my apprehensions. YOU are not safe either! The very same government that cound come after me could come after you too. When I was a kid they told me this only happened in Soviet Russia, not here in the land of the brave and the home of the free. Soviet America? Really? How did we allow this to happen?

People wonder why I am so belligerent against Republicans. Well folks the answer is simple. Since the 1st Gulf War, a small but powerful group of men stewed in their own juices because then President Bush pussied out and not taken Iraq while the whole goddamned planet was behind it. The cause was righteous with endless rewards and profits, the invasion just. But Bush wouldn't do it. He would not pull the United States into Iraq and conquer it when no one would have said anything about it. Maybe it truly would have been roses and chocolates! But Bush did not.
And these men fumed, seethed with anger and hatred at that son of a bitch that just ruined everything! Everything! The money would have flowed for decades and Americans would never have to worry about low mileage cars or know that they were literally killing the planet Earth by using them. America could have solidified her Empire and been in perfect position to anticipate the upcoming Chinese power grab or possible Russian resurgence.
What was that idiot thinking??? Fucking Bush! they spat between their teeth as they went over it and over it in their heads.

I do not know why Bush Sr. didn't invade Iraq and nab Saddam as a war criminal then and there. He did it before in Panama when he sent in Marines to nab Noriega. The economic news at home was bad and voters always vote economy and pocketbook. If this scheme didn't work, America would be stuck in a long, costly occupation and that might even break the economy. Where was the money going to come from? Them? The American people? The conspirators in this plot aren't going to want to pay anything if their little plan goes wrong.
So Bush said no. Better to raise taxes now to help the next guy out. Best to lose one election and regain the government in 4 years than to guarentee Democratic control of the White House and Congress for the next 40 years.
And these men stewed.

Sure enough, Bill Clinton won the White House. The Righties typically blame this on Ross Perot. I liked Perot. I was going to vote for him until that whole dropping out of the race, dropping into the race debacle. Ross maintained for a long time that the reason he dropped out of the race was because someone in the Bush camp threatened to have him assassinated if he continued to challenge Bush in the race. It didn't matter. Once he caved everyone stopped caring about him and started following Bill Clinton. I think Perot tried to do the right thing when he decided to run anyway despite the threats on his life, but he was done and execution was no longer necessary.
Didn't take long did it? After that? The Right Wing in this country just went apeshit. I had truly only seen this sort of anger and vehemence in revolutions. That was the tone of a National Socialist. That was a belief of the Soviets. They spoke of acts only a Fascist would believe in.
Now, I will not say that during the Bush and Reagen years that people didn't say terrible things about them. I'm sure they did. Maybe the problem was the Right controled too many media outlets and their voice was the only one I heard or could hear. I always was respectful of the American President. For example, I really didn't agree with a lot of Reagan's policies, but he was MY President. I didn't go around spreading lies or rumors about him or call him names. I was on his side just because he was MY President. I did my talking in the voting booth.
But all those hatefilled voices on talkradio. Slick Willy they called him. Said he was the Antichrist. He's a criminal, an adulterer, he'll slash the military budget in half! Wow. Such bombast! There was nary a voice to be heard but the Right's. It was vulgar. It was distasteful. Rape Chelsea Clinton? Really, you fuckers? She has a horse face? The Right stopped at nothing. And this talk radio infiltrated into the government and gave the Republican party its very own propaganda machine.
Clinton was a thief, Whitewater, he's going to socialize medicine and on and on and on. Bad enough that the rabid Right the national discourse to this base and vile level anyone who spoke up was simply ignored, shouted down, called liar. All the froth of a National Socialist and none of that common courtesy we American folk are so known for. They declared war on "Liberal" America and meant to restore the just order of the Republican party to the American people.

These things take time, don't they. Fixed News wasn't even in existence yet. Too many Americans didn't listen to "news" radio, they got their information from their TVs. They were too busy in a booming economy to listen to the ravings of a disenfranchised voting group. Americans were experiencing prosperity and out spending their money and thus feeding the cycle of happiness and growth. Clinton built upon the economy he and his staff inherited from Bush well so when the Right contends all the prosperity of the Clinton era was because of George Bush, they are partially correct. They forget to mention that it was the very tax raise that cost him his job as President and while he didn't fix the economy himself, he certainly provided Clinton with the tools he needed to make the economy soar if he knew what he was doing. And he did know what he was doing. Most Americans liked Bill Clinton alike.

Also during this time, that small group of men who wanted Bush to invade Iraq saw an opportunity. They would push Bill Clinton to invade Iraq in the name of national security. They would recruit weapons manufacturers and powerful voices of the wealthiest men and women in America in an effort to convince him. Look Mr. President, we are running out of time. If we don't get that oil now we may lose it to the Chinese.
Then they would go on the talk radio and bemoan the mistakes of George Bush. Saddam is like Hitler! Saddam is a tyrant! We are morally obligated by a Higher Calling to free the Iraqi people.
Like George Bush, Bill Clinton would not invade Iraq. He had other problems to worry about.

Saudi Arabia. The House of Saud. A repressive and tyranical monarchy in the throes of Revolution. They also give us the most oil. We station troops there to help "maintain the peace". I think of the Prime Directive from Star Trek. You don't interfere in the affairs of other cultures. Every first day cadet in Starfleet Academy knows that. The human rights violations will go on, the amputations for petty crimes, and the people all slaves to the king.

Strange bedfellows. I never knew that the Bush family had such heavy financial dealings with the bin Laden family. Serious? Wow, so called liberal media never mentioned that! I refuse to believe it! Really? Evidence? Ugh! Why is this Laden trying to blow up the WTC? American troops on Saudi soil? Really? It's like I'm living in bizarro world. This is serious. More attacks? Huh? What the hell is going on?!?

The chant to invade Iraq is growing. They talk about UN santions violations, mass graveyards filled with hundreds of thousands of bodies, dead babies. Ugh! Who wouldn't care about dead babies? Bosnia is not the war we should be fighting. Clinton is placing American troops under UN command. It's the One World government!
You don't understand, says Clinton, we must show the Muslims we are their friends. What? came the retort to the President of the United States from the rabid Right. Iraq is the real threat! He's making weapons of mass destruction so he can attack America because he hates our freedoms!

Around this time a cabal was formed. I do not know everyone who was a part of the scheme, but I know from common sense it involved Dick Cheney and Karl Rove. For Rove's part, he was sick of the restrictions placed upon government power. It didn't matter what the liberals wanted, the full power of the federal government could be brought to bear down upon them and they would have no choice but surrender to GOP rule forever until Jesus returned and raptured them all to Heaven. Then who gave a fuck what the liberals did?
As for Cheney, he was one of those in that small group of men. He would make billions, the world would be less one tyrant and all that oil will make any talk of energy crisis irrelevant. Plus there'd be a base of attck against Iran. Don't think we fogot that hostage crisis. We didn't.
You're in for payback!
All they needed now was someone who could win the Presidency.

George Dubya Bush is an alcoholic and cocaine user. He also chose not to fight for his country in VietNam, nevermind the excuses. Clinton didn't fight for his country either, also nevermind the excuses. But Clinton was never in the Armed Forces. George Bush was and he didn't fulfill his obligations. He got arrested and wasted instead. I wish I was making this up but the public record is plain. But that was then.
In the 90's he was a star on the rise. Rove had tutored Bush personally. I do not know what Rove and Cheney told George Dubya or if Dubya even understood it all. Did Bush know that a 2nd Iraq invasion was a done deal? Who can say but him and America has never held him under oath in order to explain his actions. All the world knows is Cheney had a list ready to go in 1999 dividing up Iraq among other nations of the world and many powerful corporations. Gulf War 2 was coming and all that was needed to invade was an excuse and a frothing public bent on revenge.

Hold the phone! Al Gore wins Florida! Yes! No?? WTF?? Serioulsy? It came down to a blowjob? A blowjob? The Right could never catch ol' Slick Willy in any real crimes, though they tried their level best. Nothing. Hundreds of millions of tax dollars wasted and that fucking worm wiggled of the hook? Or did he? An intern eh? She has a dress you say!?!
Seriously, I was never more embarrased in my life to be thought of as an American when the Right got hold of the Lewinsky scandal. The Right made American politics into a carnival sideshow and the entire world laughed at us. Nixon had an affair, Eisenhower, Truman. Never, ever has a political faction in this country done more to disgrace a sitting US President. It was freakish. Bill Clinton isn't my President! Well, he's MY fucking President! You're a Leftist! Because I support MY President? He's YOUR President too. Don't say that! Don't you ever say that!!!
What the hell is going on here?
And now we're here in Florida. Somethings wrong. Mobs of Republican voters are pounding on the windows of polling places, shouting, obstructing other voters. Hundreds of thousands of law abiding black voters are being turned away from voting because they have wrongly been listed as felons. More prominent Florida Right wingers come forthe declaring they didn't know who they were voting for because the ballots were too confusing. What?!? Votes from one country vanish altogether.
So the carnival of the Lewinsky debacle came to a close uncerimoniously when the Supreme Court of the United States declared Dubya Bush President. What's the worse that could happen?
But wait. The results are in. Al Gore won the election even with his stupid recount. Everyone around the world is reporting it. I know this because I'm in Canada at this time. The whole world is watching. They are perplexed as I am at the Supreme Court's decision. Oh well. At least it's over. What's the worst that could happen?
I perceived a voice then telling me, This man will bring war and destruction upon your country. I make no claims from whence thisvoice originated. I have only heard it in my life in moments of peril or great need.

9/11. 911. Emergency! How symbolic is that? How lucky. 911 police. Somebody help! How perfect! If it had happened on August 9 how would Americans know they are in danger?
Now it was on. Start in Afghanistan, take Iraq and we have Iran in a classic pincer movement. That way when the Final Battle comes for Armageddon and the 2nd Coming of Christ, American and Israeli troops would be already positioned and ready to help the Lord destroy all of our enemies and establish his 1000 year reign upon the Earth! And if it wasn't the end, who cares? American forces will hold a strtegic foothold in a region full of oil. Oil the Chinese will be coming for.
Cheney certainly involved the CIA in the events of 9/11. I believe the Israeli secret service was involved. I am unclear how much Bush knew or didn't. I believe Rove knew because of how quick he had the Patriot Act in front of the Congress. Wolfowitz obviously knew as it was his war doctrine they were following. Libby knew too.
To this day none of these lawbreakers have been held to account. Bush and Cheney refused to swear under oath about the events of 9/11 because they were hiding things. I refuse to accept there is true justice in America when common folk like me can be hauled off by our governement on a whim but men like Cheney can get away with war crimes.
The shenanigans in the 2004 election are well documented. The so called liberal media never reported it. The American people never cared. So what?

Today I have a new President. His name is Barack Obama and he is a good man. I know this because the voice said so back in 2002 when I 1st became aware of him. The rest of what I was told about him is none of your business. I'm no Democrat, but I am all about MY President. I voted for him because I knew about him from following his career. He has the potential to be one of the greatest Presidents in American history. The people spoke.
At once the right declared, Obama isn't my President! That rabid, combative Right went about attacking him immediately. The have yet to stop. To this day the say he isn't their President. Well, you fuckers, he's MY President. Do I get mad when you classless assholes tear into him the way you do? You bet! Do I return fire and rage and curse and thrice damn these voices of rebellion and revolution and their stinking politics. You're goddamn right!!! I'd put a fist through your rotten faces right now if I could you hatefilled bastards!

MY President still tries. He remains civil and hopeful the Republicans can still be friends and play nice with the toys. I know he is right. I'm sure he gets frustrated by it all, I'm certain it hurts his feelings. Reagan was my President. So was Nixon. So IS Obama. And he's YOUR President too. This is OUR America too, you Righties. We tolerate you guys and support him, you support and tolerate ours. Except for Dubya Bush. His rule was illegal and 9/11 happened on his watch. He is no American's President. No real American's anyway. Some things are beyond politics.
I promise to be civil to you shitty GOPers if you guys be civil. Instead of making America look stupid and giving people reason to laugh at our nation or letting our enemies seeing us weak and divided by petty name calling and bickering, we should come together as Americans and just support and uplift the President through our prayers and courteousness. In November you can vote like I will and see what happens. If a Republican wins he'll be MY President too and if not President Obama will remain MY President. Sure I prefer Obama to Republicans. All you guys did was allow the illegitimate Bush administration break the economy and our armed forces and take my civil liberties and freedoms from me and all Americans except the very richest. The next Republican President may start World War 3 and doom us all.

To the Aliens

I've just made first contact with a right leaning Independant. He and I agree on a great many things, so many things that our differences seem insignificant. We are 2 sides of the same coin. I will engage in a dialogue with him and perhaps, if the great way is with us, we will find alliance.

Warned you I was a stupid ape.

29 January 2010

Republicans hate Jesus

While my head is hurting (a daily experience) I keep thinking about the Republicans and their villainy against my country. And it is my country and your country but Republicans think that this is their country and theirs alone. In fact, Republicans don't trust us common folk Americans to make our own decisions or elect our own leaders or choose the path our nation should go on. They don't trust us, they don't like us and in their heads we are all duped, brain washed Communists supporting an uppity n bomb Socialist.

The GOP goes out of its way to prove this everyday. Everyday, they lie to the American people and use fear tactics to confuse and muddle the minds of common follk like us. Everyday they obstruct the functions of Congress with their never ending mantra of "No!" They don't care about Main St. pocket book issues or whether or not you have health care or whether they destroyed the economy under George Dubya Bush Jr. All the Republicans crae about is money, rich folk and corporate interests which is why they tried so hard to do away with campaign finance reform. That way they could drown out all of the voices of us common folk and bury us under wads of hundred dollar bills.

In short, the Republicans try to destroy our America and wipe out our Constitution, the Bill or Rights, our way of life and every special thing that made America great. Why? Because the GOP hates the voice of the common man. There is no profit in defending us so they war against us, supported by their rich benefactors. Proof? 65% of Americans voted for change and gave a laundry list of things they wanted fixed by our government in 2008 and the Republicans responded by claiming that Obama was not their President, that he was a Muslim in cahoots with al-Qaeda, that he wasn't even a bona fide American with a birth certificate, that he was a Socialist and a Communist. They brought guns to where the President was speaking to intimidate him and threaten his life, they do all they can to obstruct the will of the people all in the name of their narrow, out dated views. To them, the country isn't important. To Republicans, it is their own party first, the rich and corporate interests, then their own pocketbooks, then the Christian God and then the country, a country who's laws they strive to subvert, laws they break whenever they can and encourage their rabid followers to do as well.

And that's the problem. Country last.

What does this have to do with Jesus? I'm glad you asked!

Republicans have deceived fundamentalist Christians across the land by proclaiming they are true believers in Christ and follow the faith, that Jesus guides their politics. These fundamentalist Christians follow the likes of Charles Dobson or Franklin Graham or Pat Robertson so we know right away they aren't all that smart. This makes them highly exploitable as they feel alienated from America and her progressive ideas. They want to pass laws and restrict freedoms for the rest of us so that they can make America a Christian nation devoted to Christ so that when the so called "last days" arrive Jesus will approve of this nation and extend His blessing upon the land. Like I said, they aren't all that smart nor are the very well read in their own holy Book. According to their mantra, they will be raptured away during the 'end times' yet they seem to think in the meantime they must lord it over the rest of us and rule us by their doctrine. And that my friends is right up the GOPs alley. A rabid group of followers to enable the Republicans to fulfill their desire of establishing a police state of Republicans, by Republicans, for Republicans and fuck the rest of us common folk.

But Republicans are not Christians. How can they be? The Christian holy Book says, Love of money is the root to all evil. No one loves money more than the GOP. Easier for a camel to enter the eye of the needle than a rich person to enter heaven and GOP leaders are very, very rich indeed! Sell all you own, disperse it among the poor and follow me, Jesus declared. Ha! Look at how hard Republicans fight to keep every last dime! They didn't make that money themselves, oh no. They took it off the backs of their workers and the sweat of their labor, but give only crumbs back to the very Americans who made them rich! Oh, they cried when Obama came to office, it's wealth redistribution! In other words, cutting taxes of average, common folk like us and raising their taxes is Socialism? Since when is fairness and goodness Socialism. Since when is doing the right thing or giving back to a nation that gave so much to them redistributing wealth? Would Jesus hoard cash and say fuck you to the rest of us? Of course not and that is how we know that Christ is not in the heart of any Republican.

But hating Jesus? What a claim! Really? Remeber Matthew 25:36-41? As you have done to the least of these you've done unto me. Closing homeless shelters? Cutting funding to health clinics? Refusing to allow all Americans the fundamental right of free health care? Imprisoning the poor instead of helping them? Cursing the addict instead of healing? Taking from the poor to give to the rich? These are all Republican values and the very spirit of Antichrist. But like the Christian holy Book teaches: in the last days even the very elect will be deceived and indeed they are. Following the Republicans means betraying Christ. It has to. Good and evil cannot live together and the Republicans are twisted, evil fucks. Remeber, you cannot serve God and money. And the GOP loves them some money! And by this service they show the love of Christ is not in them. You know the tree by the fruit it bears.

1 John 2:3-6 put it best: We know we know Jesus because we obey his commands. Anyone who says, "I follow Jesus." yet doesn't follow his commands is a liar and the truth is not in him. Anyone who follows Jesus' words, God's love is made complete in him. That's how we know we are in Jesus. ANYONE who claims to live in Jesus must walk as Jesus did.

Republicans don't and can't do that. They can't follow Christ and follow their party too. They are incompatible.

The Greatest Threat to America - Pravda.Ru

The Greatest Threat to America - Pravda.Ru

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28 January 2010

Howard Zinn dies at 87

Last night, we common folk Americans lost a champion for truth in our nation. They called Zinn a leftist or a Socialists because he believed in the awesome power of the common man and because he saw that all of ape (human) history has been dominated by the very richest people. Rich people ruin everything, history proves this over and again but we dumb apes just can't seem to learn this. It's as though we have some delusion within us saying that if we allow rich people to exist then one day we too might somehow find ourselves wealthy. Think of it as trying to buy heaven while here on Earth because heaven, as described by our religions, doesn't sound like all that great of a place. Yay! We're in heaven! And all we get to do is praise the apegod! Ugh, boring. But being rich while alive, that's a whole other story. You can go anwhere, do anything, have people executed, run governments, buy and sell people or just get them to have nasty sex with you. Rich people are evil incarnate. The love of money is the root of all evil.

"The challenge remains. On the other side are formidable forces: money, political power, the major media. On our side are the people of the world and a power greater than money or weapons: the truth. Truth has a power of its own. Art has a power of its own. That age-old lesson – that everything we do matters – is the meaning of the people’s struggle here in the United States and everywhere. A poem can inspire a movement. A pamphlet can spark a revolution. Civil disobedience can arouse people and provoke us to think, when we organize with one another, when we get involved, when we stand up and speak out together, we can create a power no government can suppress. We live in a beautiful country. But people who have no respect for human life, freedom, or justice have taken it over. It is now up to all of us to take it back."

- Howard Zinn

27 January 2010

GOP lawbreakers try to bug Dem Senator's phones


NEW ORLEANS – Four men accused of trying to tamper with Democratic U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu's office phones shared a common experience as young ideologues writing for conservative publications.

Federal authorities said two of the men posed as telephone workers with hard hats, tool belts and fluorescent vests and walked into Landrieu's office in a New Orleans federal building Monday. A federal law enforcement official said Wednesday one of the hard hats was rigged with a tiny camera. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.

The most well-known suspect is James O'Keefe, 25, who posed as a pimp for a hidden-camera expose that damaged the reputation of the liberal community-organizing group ACORN and made him a conservative darling.

You can read the full article by clicking the link above. As I've been saying, members of the GOP are lawbreakers and hate America. They encourage all of their followers to do the same. My only question (and one the article doesn't ask) is "who were these men working for?" Someone was going to benefit from this crime. Republicans are evil, spiteful anti American traitors and must be stopped!

American myths pt 1

Like the apegod that will destroy the whole Universe except for Earth (well, the old Earth is destroyed and recreated), Americans believe in a lot of strange myths. For example: the myth of a liberal, left-leaning media. In fact the media is slanted to the right and conservative but Republicans need this myth to be perpetuated so they can claim persecution for their beliefs, a trick they learned from their fundamentalist Christian followers. Fundamentalist Christers (and Christianity in general) is the largest religion in the United States yet all you hear fundamentalists whine about is how they are a minority and the masses persecute them and hinder their beliefs. Bullshit to be sure but they truly believe it is so. Hey fundies, no one cares what you believe, what do you think of that? Just keep your apegod religion to yourself. We don't want to hear about your hell or your stupid faith. It is a goddamned private matter! You can almost hear them responding, "I'm being oppressed! I'm being oppressed!" can't you?
Much like these shameless huxters of shame and lies, the Republicans follow suit. They say they are being repressed by the media because of gun stories that show that some 60 odd % of American's favor gun control. Uh, GOP assholes listen up: media doesn't care about gun control, the majority of Americans do. So we see that 'left eing media' isn't about the media at all but a byword for saying "stupid majority of Americans" or sinners, which is how the GOP views us all through their feigned religiousness. That the GOP is largely religious for apegod Jesus is also a myth. The GOP is Antichrist if nothing else, which is an irony modern fundamentalist Christians are too stupid to perceive. Apegod Jesus is said to have mentioned that in the so called "end times" that even the very elect (Christers) would be decieved by the forces of Antichrist (or Republicans) yet they continue to blindly through their support in with the GOP because many Republican congressmen invoke the generic apegod name "God" in many of their speeches.

Another great modern American myth is that Bush was President of the United States. He wasn't, ever. All of America still believes Bush won Florida in 2000 and Ohio in 2004. He didn't. The Florida debacle that embarrased our nation and caused the world to laugh at this nation was brought on by the GOP so they could steal the election, which they did. A stolen election does not mean Bush won. Rather it means Bush was never elected and inserting him in office was illegal and unlawful. Oh, some will whine, what about the recounts? Gore could never have won!
Really? Than why did the whole of world news (except in America) report that after their recounts showed Gore won handily?
As for 2004, the supposed "left wing media" failed to report on how the Diebold voting machines rigged the Ohio vote in favor of Bush. If a person voted for Kerry on those machines it registered Bush or gave Bush 200 votes. Further proof the media is biased towards the GOP and yet another illegitimate 4 year term for Bush.
The implications of this are startling. If Bush and friends hadn't stolen the office of President, 9/11 would never have happened. Can you imagine that? 9/11 wouldn't have happened! To this day, the Bush people who bankrupted our nation, broke the economy, stole billions in government surplus, aided and abetted in the events of 9/11, destroyed our military capabilities, garnered world wide hatred for all things American, commited war crimes by unlawfully invading Iraq and engaging in torture (like Nazis) and destroying our Constitution, the Bill of Rights and our civil liberties walk about as free men, never tried for their crimes against humanity or the world. It is the shame of all America yet no one seems willing to do the right thing and bring these villains to justice. If these men can break our laws, violate our nation's dearest principles of justice and truth and get away with it how long do you suppose it will be before they try these things again? How can we as a nation allow any lawbreaker to be punished if there is a different set of laws for Republicans and the poor? 95% of all Americans are snared by the very laws that the Republicans flout. We have allowed Republicans to get away with murder. Literally. What then is American justice if it allows this? A pile of steaming horse shit. There is no equal justice in this nation anymore. Not until the rich (Bush, those Wall Street fuckers) are brought before a court of law to stand trial for their crimes.
What a different country this would be if we hadn't allowed Bush to steal his way into destroying our nation.

That brings me to the last myth for today and the one caused solely by the right wing media and Bush and his sinister, law breaking GOP buddies: Americans love freedom. A total lie and myth. American's couldn't give away their freedoms fast enough under the illegal Bush regieme. They didn't care so long as the government that helped the events of 9/11 to happen in the first place kept them safe. Huh??? I've mentioned before Americans are pretty stupid and this is the proof. In fact in recent polls, 67% of Americans were happy to have less freedom if it meant better security. If Ben Franklin were alive he'd spit in their faces (as much as I'd like to). This is where being a Republic still would be so nice, but the Republicans put the Republic on life support back in the Reagan years so those of us Americans who value freedom and treasure the Bill of Rights and demand government accountability are pretty much fucked and should be allowed to move to Canada for political reasons. They still love freedom in Canada and fight for it with their whole public consciousness while we Americans just sit on our sofas getting fat. It is so disgraceful and shameful I want to cry and scream at the same time. How dare you assholes get rid of my freedom because you are too goddamned ignorant to bring Bush to justice??? I'd kick you traitors in the nuts if you had the grapes to show yourselves instead of hiding behind annonymous polls and GOP skirts! What the hell is wrong with you??? I'm just beside myself with disgust that my fellow countrymen have turned my home of the brave into a nation full of unthinking pussies too afraid of their own shadows and people with dark skin or turbans. Racist, bigoted, whiny ass bitches! Where is your pride? Where is your American spirit that cries out against tyranny in all it forms, even when it originates here at home?
As with everything else American, the GOP has destroyed it. They justify their traitorous acts not in the name of our nation or it's citizens but rather in the name of their Party, riches and their mythological apegod. The GOP has doomed us all and will continue to destroy our country until we take them to task and start bringing them to justice.

25 January 2010

Republicans are traitors to America

When it comes to hating America and her freedoms, no one but no one is more hate filled than Republicans. Every chance they have, they turn their hatred of America onto the American people. Naturally they never admit this to the public as they wrap themselves in the flag and lie to everyone they can. They lie about the President, they lie about their intentions, they lie when they say they love America. They don't love America. If they loved America, they wouldn't have passed the Patriot Act. If they loved America, they would have demanded Bush swear under oath before the 9/11 commision. If they loved America, they wouldn't have deregulated Wall Street and caused the financial crisis the nation is in today. If they loved America they would not be attacking the President when this nation is struggling to fight 2 wars and terrorists. If they loved America they wouldn't stall the Congress but get legislation done. If they loved America they wouldn't have installed 2 Supreme Court judges that they knew full well would destroy our Democracy by according corporations human rights, corporations with their own agendas to make money, corporations run by foreign interests. Oh yes, the Republicans have no problems at all with foreigners having their say over the will of the American people. In fact, they love it because these wealthy foreign interests will make them richer than their wildest dreams.
I'm sick of these Republicans. This nation has suffered under their rule during the Bush administration when they fucked up this country but good, even allowing the attacks of 9/11 to happen (if not being outright complicit in the events of that day). And today? They are venomous cock suckers saying, Nononononononononono to everything as they put the business of the country on hold in their insidious attempts to regain power. For power is what they love more than money. They don't care one bit if this country goes to hell in a handbasket so long as they can get their power back. They are willing to sacrifice the nation in their lust and greed. They are traitors all and every American brainwashed in their cult are blind sheep just begging to be sheared of what little they have by these scumbags.
It is the duty of all Americans to fight these assholes while we still have a country and a Constitution to defend. As it is now, with our Democracy condemned to death by the GOP, we may be too late.

the struggle of being me

So why does my own brain fight to destroy me on a daily basis? Who knows? Do I say it's a chemical imbalance? Traits I learned from my parents? Abuse? Ugh!

All day my thoughts swirl about like a violent whirlpool causing terrific headaches. Aspirin doesn't help. All day, all day. That combined with my chronic abdominal pain caused by Doc Joe Flannagan when he screwed my surgery up makes for very long days in which I am living in agony. I would have sued ol' Doc Flannagan but the Republicans here in Michigan passed tort reforms that effectively shields negligent doctors from lawsuits unless the victimized patient can prove the doctor intentionally tried to fuck them up. Are you kidding me?!? Oh yeah, the lawyers I spoke to knew Doc Flannagan by reputation as many of his former patients came to see if they could sue him as well. I was just another in a long line. Doc Flannagan still practices medicine and I am reminded of him everyday that I sit here in pain.

This is just another example of how Republicans are bad for America and how they hate regular Americans. Tort reform is a cause Republicans want to force down all of our throats nationwide, not just here in Michigan. That is one of their health care fixes to control costs. So what if you get fucked up and have to pay outrages hospital bills? Protect the doctors so they can donate more money to us in the GOP. Screw the common man. Fuck Mike Villwock in Michigan or Jane Doe in California or whoever from where ever. They don't have enough money to matter.

Somehow these Republican assholes have no problem with ruining America while lining their own pocketbooks. They are traitors of the highest caliber.

24 January 2010

here we go again

So Spring is around the corner and coming with it appears to be the annual Israeli invasion of Lebanon to fight 'terrorists'. I suppose one can spin it that way when you overlook all the civilian deaths and slaughter of children, but hey, who cares what happens to Arabs, right America?

The reason for this 'who cares?' attitude (besides our inherrant racism) is that we American's love to play the enabler to Israel. Think of Israel as a drunken husband and we Americans as the enabling wife he beats when his all liquored up. The wife never leaves, she just takes her lumps. "But I love him!" or "He can change!" or "He's had such a hard life!" And fat lip afte fat lip, black eye afte black eye we Americans tell our abuser, "It's okay baby. Come back to bed."

Yet we are devoted to Israel. Nevermind they attacked the USS Lincoln in '67, or spied on us and stealing our state secrets, or stole weapons technology, or built a nuclear arsenal, or commit severe war crimes during their annual Lebanon invasions, or that they dictate to us what our foreign policy will be.

So what is the source of this devotion to Israel? The apegod Jesus. That's right, the fundamentalist Christians in our federal government have put their faith ahead of the best interests of the nation (a common occurance with these traitors to America). Faith in a myth and using that myth to put America in harm's way is treachery, make no mistake about it. Fundamentalist Christians don't love America or freedom, they love Jesus and repressing the rest of us Americans who do not follow their stupid faith and beliefs more than anything else. Their invisble apegod, that has no evidence of existing at all whatsoever after millions of years of Earth history, drives them as fiercely an any beaten wife enabling her alcoholic husband. And as our country totters under such stupid ideology, drawn into the regional conflict in the Middle East in the hopes that when apegod Jesus returns he will see America was righteous in standing by apegod Yahweh's chosen people of Israel.
Are you fucking kidding me?! How retarded do you have to be to accept that bullshit as hard reality?? How ignorant are we Americans anyway for allowing this nonsense to guide our affairs with the rest of the planet. I'm mad north by northwest and know how goddamned silly the fundamentalist Christians are and how corrupt Israel is.

To be fair I suppose I should blame the abuser Israel for this terrible situation as well. After all, they could leave us like a dirty, battered, co-dependant whore and go find some other slut to beat on, but they won't. They like beating us. They laugh at the fact that their small, insignificant, pissant country can lord it over the world's last superpower. They clap each other on the back at how well they have us wrapped around their fingers and how well they exploit us in killing their Arab brothers. They smoke fine cigars and drink their bourbon knowing full well they can do whatever they want, break any international law, commit and attrocity and America, their favorite lap dog, their faithful bruised wife, will keep them protected at every turn.
I am angry at the Israelis for all of this because nowadays it always sound like you are a racist when you call them out on the crimes they commit. Oh you are just being anti Semitic. Bullshit! Can I help it that this is all true? What am I supposed to say? It's the Russians doing this and not the Jews? I can't and I won't be silenced by a group of people who are actually Arabs themselves and tries to keep my country in their stupid civil war against their brother Arabs. Fuck that!
I am not anti-Semetic, I am anti Israel for crimes against my nation and humanity. Just like I'd have been anti Germany in WW2 or Soviet Russia.

It is time for America to kick their asshole husband to the curb.

23 January 2010

Obama Info Czar Outlines Plans to Infiltrate Conspiracy Groups

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Thursday, January 14, 2010

Harvard law professor Cass Sunstein, Obama’s appointee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, outlined a plan for the government to infiltrate conspiracy groups in order to undermine them via postings on chat rooms and social networks, as well as real meetings, according to a recently uncovered article Sunstein wrote for the Journal of Political Philosophy.

As we have often warned, chat rooms, social networks and particularly article comment sections are routinely “gamed” by trolls, many of whom pose as numerous different people in order to create a fake consensus, who attempt to debunk whatever information is being discussed, no matter how credible and well documented. We have seen this on our own websites for years and although some of those individuals were acting of their own accord, a significant number appeared to be working in shifts, routinely posting the same talking points over and over again.

It is a firmly established fact that the military-industrial complex which also owns the corporate media networks in the United States has numerous programs aimed at infiltrating prominent Internet sites and spreading propaganda to counter the truth about the misdeeds of the government and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2006 CENTCOM, the United States Central Command, announced that a team of employees would be hired to engage “bloggers who are posting inaccurate or untrue information, as well as bloggers who are posting incomplete information,” about the so-called war on terror.

In May 2008, it was revealed that the Pentagon was expanding “Information Operations” on the Internet by setting up fake foreign news websites, designed to look like independent media sources but in reality carrying direct military propaganda.

Countries like Israel have also admitted to creating an army of online trolls whose job it is to infiltrate anti-war websites and act as apologists for the Zionist state’s war crimes.

In January last year, the US Air Force announced a “counter-blog” response plan aimed at fielding and reacting to material from bloggers who have “negative opinions about the US government and the Air Force.”

The plan, created by the public affairs arm of the Air Force, includes a detailed twelve-point “counter blogging” flow-chart that dictates how officers should tackle what are described as “trolls,” “ragers,” and “misguided” online writers.

New revelations highlight the fact that the Obama administration is deliberately targeting “conspiracy groups” as part of a Cointelpro style effort to silence what have become the government’s most vociferous and influential critics.

In a 2008 article published in the Journal of Political Philosophy, Obama information czar Cass Sunstein outlined a plan for the government to stealthily infiltrate groups that pose alternative theories on historical events via “chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine” those groups.

The aim of the program would be to “(break) up the hard core of extremists who supply conspiracy theories,” wrote Sunstein, with particular reference to 9/11 truth organizations.

Sunstein pointed out that simply having people in government refute conspiracy theories wouldn’t work because they are inherently untrustworthy, making it necessary to “Enlist nongovernmental officials in the effort to rebut the theories. It might ensure that credible independent experts offer the rebuttal, rather than government officials themselves. There is a tradeoff between credibility and control, however. The price of credibility is that government cannot be seen to control the independent experts,” he wrote.

“Put into English, what Sunstein is proposing is government infiltration of groups opposing prevailing policy,” writes Marc Estrin.

“It’s easy to destroy groups with “cognitive diversity.” You just take up meeting time with arguments to the point where people don’t come back. You make protest signs which alienate 90% of colleagues. You demand revolutionary violence from pacifist groups.”

This is what Sunstein is advocating when he writes of the need to infiltrate conspiracy groups and sow seeds of distrust amongst members in order to stifle the number of new recruits. This is classic “provocateur” style infiltration that came to the fore during the Cointelpro years, an FBI program from 1956-1971 that was focused around disrupting, marginalizing and neutralizing political dissidents.

“Sunstein argued that “government might undertake (legal) tactics for breaking up the tight cognitive clusters of extremist theories.” He suggested that “government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action,” reports Raw Story.

Sunstein has also called for making websites liable for comments posted in response to articles. His book, On Rumors: How Falsehoods Spread, Why We Believe Them, What Can Be Done, was criticized by some as “a blueprint for online censorship.”

The Infowars office has been visited on numerous occasions by the FBI as a result of people posting violent comments in response to articles. Since the government now employs people to post such comments in an attempt to undermine conspiracy websites, if a law were passed making websites accountable, Sunstein’s program would allow the government to obliterate such sites from the web merely by having their own hired goons post threats against public figures.

The fact that the government is being forced to hire armies of trolls in an effort to silence the truth shows how worried they are about the effect we are having in waking up millions of people to their tyranny.

22 January 2010

we gotta get out of this place

I actually wanted to leave the United States on September 12, 2001 when somehow every retail store in America got an abundant supply of patriotic T-shirts and star spangled banners. Hell, the smoke from the rubble of the Twin Towers were stil wafting skyward, all air traffic in the nation halted and yet, as though all these retailers had prescience, there they were: Bumper stickers, Proud American T-shirts, flags to fit your car or flagpole, patriotic music all for sale at a tidy price to boost profits. You can imagine they were selling like hotcakes and no one bothered to wonder how they arrived so fast to every grocery store, mall and gas station nationwide. Sure the average American ape is pretty dumb, but it was such an affront to my sensibilities that after such a horrific event the powers that be were turning a profit off of it that surely other apes like myself had to notice and be suspicious. >shrug< Oh well.
The other thing bugging me was United 93. Initial reports declared it was shot down by the military over Pennsylvania and then those reports vanished from everywhere, internet included. Now the passengers on the flight were heroes who subdued the hijackers and brought the plane down themselves. We have impossible to make phone calls recorded by the government to prove it.
Unfortunately to leave the country requires money and I am a poor ape so I've been stuck here ever since. I did try to call an immigrant attorney acquaintance of mine in Toronto but he wasn't going to be able to help my poor monkey ass. Well, he might have. He helped me out before when I was in a desperate situation but I didn't feel it right to ask him for more free help. The man is a $1000 an hour attorney!

Which brings us to today, 8 and a half years later. Still stuck in Fortress America. It's pretty clear now that the government was involved in 9/11 though the majority refuses to believe this because they just can't imagine that Rove, Cheney, et al could huger for power so badly that they would do such a thing to their own country, even though that is exactly what happened. Hell, on the 8 seconds of doctored tape released by the FBI showing the Pentagon explode you can see the missle the military fired into the building! Still, the masses accept the official version and so, as a result, we have no real freedoms anymore (unless you define freedom as where you can shop) and anyone of us could be arrested under the Patriot Act for writing blogs like this one.
I suppose I am grateful no one really knows about it or reads it otherwise they'd come kill me like they did Hunter S. Thompson and that dude from the Enron scandal who was about to expose the Bush White House for the goons they were. Funny how when the government whacks a guy they always use gunshots to the head and cover it up as suicide. It's like they aren't even trying to cover it up anymore because nobody gives a shit but a handful of us with no power and no resources. Oh yeah and that lady from Minnesota who charged Dubya Bush with rape. They killed her too. No complaintant, no crime.

If this blog were well known and people read it, the uber patriots would be saying, "If you don't like this country why don't you leave?" Yeah, they are as simplistic and ignorant as that. I'd love to leave. I couldn't get out fast enough. Now if you uber patriots want to float me some serious money, I'll be out of your hair. Canada is still a free country.
I kinda came to think that maybe somehow I could help change things here in the States, but there won't be any real change. The powers that be are too firmly entrenched. Bad enough the rich control both political parties and most of the money. These are the people who need dealing with but now the Supreme Court has given them even more power. We regular Americans are their de facto slaves. We are slaves to their money, we are dazzled by their oppulance, we applaud their political control over us.

an open letter to Jessica Layton-Thomas

so I had a weird dream.
It was about Kyle and Catholic priests and you might think I'm reaching out to you but I'm not. Hell, I can't even remember you. What do you look like? I wish I knew what you looked like but I don't. But Kyle must be 16-18 by now. So why would I dream of the priests abusing him? Who knows?
Maybe I'm working my own shit out or maybe he's hiding shit from you. Either way, what can I do but let you know?
I am besides myself.

21 January 2010

rush wisdom

the world weighs on my shoulders
but what am I to do?
you sometimes drive me crazy
but I worry about you!
I know it makes no difference
to what you're going through
but I see the tip of the iceburg
and I worry about you...

Supreme Court ushers in Fascism

Today is a sad and ominous day for us American apes for today the Supreme Court of the US has declared that true Democracy is dead and the only real political voices that matter are the uber rich and corporations. Fuck the little guy. Fuck 95% of Americans declared the Supreme Court. Think of today as a final kiss off and fuck you from the illegitimate Bush administration who appointed 2 of the 5 judges who decided against Americans and for corporate interests.

In essence what the court did was make corporations into living, breathing, flesh and blood entities with unlimited free speech. Because of this, the uber rich can now use their businesses to funnel all the money they want into federal campaigns. Guess what? These uber rich bastards are predominately Republican, the same party that destroyed American freedom when they were in power under the illegitimate Bush fuckers.

Here's how it breaks down. Bush & co. steal the 2000 election because they want (and need) to invade Iraq for its oil and Karl Rove wants to destroy the Bill of Rights and transform America into a police state. To get the people on their side for this invasion and gutting of American liberty, they allowed the 9/11 attacks to go off without a hitch. Karl Rove, de facto co-President with Dick Cheney, rushed the Patriot Act into law (destorying the Bill of Rights in the name of a new war he helped to start) while Cheney and Bush worked on the Iraq invasion (badly). Now with the people under the iron rule of the police state and our Armies swarming Baghdad, the next step was change the courts to be more in line with Rove's thinking on how America should be ruled by the Republican party. They excused this by saying judges shouldn't legislate from the bench which was a false premise because --haha!-- that is exactly what the Supreme Court does now that it is under right wing domination. Before the court upheld the rights of Americans which is never popular to the rich or the Republicans.
Naturally, in my view, as Bush never won either of his elections, this Supreme Court ruling is bogus but it doesn't matter what I think because my fellow American apes, ignorant of what we apes will do for absolute power legitimized everything Bush ever did by doing nothing at all. So we Americans deserve as much blame for the end of our Democracy as the Supreme Court.

But Mike, how does this decision end Democracy? Now the rich have no limits and they will ensure Republicans win the upcoming midterms and presidential election. The result will be eternal Republican rule. Once the Republicans regain power, the illegitimate Bush administration will seem like powder puffs to the abuses that will come to every American. If you thought 8 years of Bush ruined the nation what will you do under perpetual Republican domination.
You won't be able to dissent or question them because they will arrest you for helping the terrorist cause. You won't be able to hide anything from them or have any privacy because they will have us all wiretapped and reading every blog and e-mail across cyber space. You will be under total government control through a miltarized police force that has no worries about Miranda rights or civil liberties. You won't be able to find remedy for any wrong by the state because they will change the laws so you can't. They will repeal every health care measure, every effort to curb greenhouse emmisions. They will laugh all the way to the back while all across America the peopulation of the impoverished rises 63%. They will continue to borrow money from the Chinese to fight perpetual wars. They will bring back the draft and force us to fight those wars. Worst of all, they will do it in the name of their imaginary apegod Yahweh and his so called son Jesus.

America is doomed. Fuck you Bush, Cheney and Rove. You've destroyed my country.

Israel Crushes Local Dissent, Attacks Global Criticism by Mel Frykberg -- Antiwar.com

Israel Crushes Local Dissent, Attacks Global Criticism by Mel Frykberg -- Antiwar.com

20 January 2010

why apegod why?!?

As a practicing Taoist, I rate myself as Enlightened yet a poor example for others to follow as I just can't follow the Tao Te Ching's admonishment of not letting the world get to me. In fact, the world agitates the crap out of me. It's my own fault really because I really care about the outcomes for all my brothers and sisters across the planet and I want them to have good lives without war, poverty or oppression yet that is exactly what befalls millions of us dumb apes everyday. How do I not get angry when China oppresses, jails and kills its own citizens (especially as China is the next superpower)? How do I not get defensive over Plaestinians being murdered by IDF forces who are guilty of war crimes? How do I stay calm when genocide is going on in Darfur and no army has gone to stop it? We in the US have an Army but we broke it when we allowed former illegitimate president George Bush invade Iraq (just as the Chinese are gaining ascendancy; good going Bush you dick!).
Ugh! It is all too much!
Worse still is that my own country is going to shit. Our infrastructure is breaking down and outdated, our economy is broken (thanks again Bush you asshole!), we have starving people, homeless people, kids who can't see a doctor (because American doctors are assholes demanding payment for services rather than following their Hippocratic oaths), a dying planet that we apes ourselves are killing and rapidly expanding poverty because the rich don't seem to be satisfied with the money they have and hunger for more. It makes me want to pull my freakin' hair out.
All across the world and in my country, billions pray to the apegod for relief but none is forthcoming because (of course) there are no apegods. We dumb apes must fix these problems ourselves but instead of doing so, we make the problems worse. Somehow we seem to think all this makes us "advanced" or "civilized" and we brag about our insignificant accomplishments like we cured Death itself or something (instead of causing it so much as we do).
It's hard to be neutral. Making it harder are the most dispicable, diabolical apes of all: Politicians.
Politicians are a pernicious lot filled with lies, greed and hatred of their fellow apes (unless the ape is very, very wealthy of course). Oh sure, some have high ideals and some really try to make some sort of difference for the citizenry but mostly politicians look to fill their own pocketbooks and maintain the status quo even when it isn't working like they do here in America. American politics is easy to dissect because there are only 2 real political powers: The Republicans (who hate poor people, people of color and freedom) and the Democrats (who kiss up to the poor and people of color but love rich people more and are so so on the issue of freedom). These 2 parties have done all they could to quash other political rivals which is why there are no other parties to really compete against them. Worse, these 2 parties have millions of devoted, loyal followers who doggedly keep them in power even at the expense of their country. This would have been called treason once upon a time but today, especially in the Republican party, treason is expected of the faithful. Country doesn't matter so much as agenda. People do not matter as much as the wealthy. Rights do not matter because one group or the other is always trying to impose their will upon everyone. Remember? I told you how the old Republic was killed by Republicans a few days ago. Not that Democrats are any better. They enabled the GOP to kill the old Republic. They went with majority rules over protecting the minority from the whims of the rabid masses. And rabid is exactly what they are. You should see how these twisted apes froth at the mouth in their demagoguery!

an open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear Mr. President,

It's not your fault.
I have been following your career since you ran for Illinois senator and have followed you ever since because you sir are a good man and good men are difficult to find in America these days. I have rooted for you the whole way and when you announced your bid for President, I was ecstatic and excited because I knew that you are a force of real change, change desperately needed in our nation's fabled capitol. And that campaign you ran! By the time you were sworn in I was certain America would be heading for a new Golden Age of civility and bipatisanship that would once again show the world how great we Americans can be.
Reality is a bitch isn't it?
Who would know that the Republicans would put their own selfish ends and their party before the best interests of the nation? Or that they would spread lie after lie about you? Or threaten your life when they brought guns to events you were speaking at? Republicans hate America and her liberties and their poison is killing our country.
Who would have thought that people in your party would be racists smiling to your face while snearing behind your back? Who would have thought that with huge voter turnouts to raise Democrats to power on the promise of change that many in your party would prove turncoats who wanted nothing more than business as usual and campaign contributions from big insurance?

Sure, there's a lot of blame to go around. You yourself made a few mistakes and broke a few promises because the previous (illegitimate) administration had effed things up so bad for America. The bailout was a terrible idea the last (illegitimate) administration thrust upon you and you had to trust that Tim Gaitner (sp?) who is a friend to Wall Street and the same financial institutions that destroyed the economy (thanks to GOP policies). Or keeping Bush era policies alive you said you'd end. Ugh! Really? It is my opinion (and I am mad) that your biggest mistake was not allowing your AG to prosecute the previous administration for its crimes against humanity and this nation.

I know sir. You just wanted to move the nation forward and revive civilized discourse and dialogue. So admirable! But really Mr. President how could you be so naive? The opposition are not civilized. They are violent, hate filled, virulant, abusive, insulting, obstructionist, racists and, like I said above, they don't love America but rather their own pocketbooks and party.
Like I said, it's not your fault.

So now what? A year in and it's time to make some changes.

1) You guys are going to have to get into the mud with the GOP and start fighting back. You are looking like wimps against the bombast the GOP makes. They spread lie after lie and where is the Democratic response? Where are the fighters who get into the face of the GOP? They have no qualms being anti Christian or anti American and you Dems just take it. Time to get rough and slap some faces!

2) Get rid of Lieberman and every other Democrat turncoat that sold out the American people over health care (among other things) because they are killing the Democratic agenda the American people voted for. Why did the Dems lose Massachusetts? Because the voters have watched Democrats gut Ted Kennedy's hope for real health reform in favor of insurance companies. They have also noted that while the Democrats helped out big insurance, they still would force poor Americans to buy insurance under penalty of law. Hello!?!? They don't have insurance because they can't afford it in the 1st damn place! Now they'll be fined or jailed while the big insurance companies laugh their way to the bank, banks which Timmy Gaithner helped get 6 figure bonuses. It isn't rocket science why Dems lost MA in light of this. Oh I'm hearing excuses already from moderate Dems about why you guys lost but the reality is that the voters aren't stupid and know when their government is shafting them. So they shafted you guys back, simple as that.

3) You have a national network of voulenteers and YOU can dictate the agenda to your party. Push harder, energize your base and put your party members on notice. I was a voulenteer for you myself until your party started dropping the ball on health care. Call these turncoats out! Fight them the way you should fight the GOP! They are NOT on your side. Sir, I would voulenteer again if you wanted to whip your party into shape. Besides, that's how the GOP got their agendas through so handily during the Bush era. Their party was unified in the anti American hate and their agenda destroyed the country. The Democrats must be so unified or you WILL lose your House and Senate majorities and your 1st term might be your last because if the GOP takes over Congress your last few years in office may render you a lame duck President (which has been the GOP hope all along).

4) Americans hate the GOP, exploit it! Remind them how 8 years of GOP leadership broke the economy, destroyed the Bill of Rights, passed legislation to repress states rights and personal freedoms. Remind them that it was Bush era deregulation of Wall Street that allows those jackals to exploit Americans while earning their bloated 6 figure bonuses. Americans will remember and will respond (if you get your party back in line).

and 5) and I hate to say it but play the race card. They are racists!!! Time to put it in their faces! Let every Hispanic, Negro, Asiatique and Jew see their venomous hatred of them. The GOP is a white supremicist party that caters to the wealthiest (predominantly White) Americans. Oh sure they have a black chairman but he's a token and the whites in his party correct him often and remind him of his proper place at every opportunity. When America sees the GOPs hate, discrimination and religious intolerance, the GOP will fall utterly.

Sir, no one can blame you (and us who voted for you) for being a pie eyed optimist with high hopes and sincere heart. Your desire to serve your country and help fix what the GOP broke marks you as a great man on the level of MLK Jr. I guess we're all a little disappointed or disillusioned now by the harsh reality of the situation. But I believe in you Mr. President and I believe in your cause. I support you 100% and I'm not ready to give up or call it quits. I am still here for you and I'm ready to get back out there and work hard for our cause. We can and will still do this but please sir, please you must stand up. You must look all your foes in the eye, roll up your sleeves and punch them in the nose. Sure, I'm a little loopy and maybe my 5 suggestions are stupid but who knows? Maybe they aren't. I'm with you Mr. President. I think the overwhelming majority of Americans are. Call us to arms and service and let's go and do this!

Mike Villwock Sr.

19 January 2010

monkey brain hardwired for simple math

By Alan Mozes
HealthDay Reporter by Alan Mozes
healthday Reporter – 22 mins ago
TUESDAY, Jan. 19 (HealthDay News) -- Monkey see, monkey do simple math?

A German team of neurobiologists has found that rhesus macaques can engage in abstract mathematical reasoning using specific brain cells dedicated to the comprehension of math rules and relationships.

The finding could provide insight into the neurology behind human ability to comprehend much more complex mathematics, German scientists said.

"Even simple mathematical operations are highly abstract mental operations on quantities that are governed by overarching concepts and principles," explained study co-author Andreas Nieder, a professor in the department of animal physiology at the University of Tubingen's Institute of Neurobiology. "Monkeys can adopt abstract mathematical rules, and they can switch between them."

"That means they understand very fundamental, non-symbolic mathematical principles, such as 'greater than' and 'less than'," Neider added. His team traced this ability to neurons in the prefrontal cortex region of the primate brain -- an area that appears to be devoted to encoding the basic rules of math.

Neider and co-author Sylvia Bongard reported their findings online Jan. 18 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

To assess primate math skills and isolate the neurology behind them, the team trained two rhesus monkeys to assess when groups of various objects, such as dots, were either "greater than" or "less than" another grouping of the same object.

Having learned these two basic mathematical rules, the monkeys were then tracked as they worked levers to indicate which grouping was the larger or smaller of the two displayed.

During the course of 160 different trials, the authors also recorded neural activity among 484 randomly selected cells located in the monkey's cognition center in the brain, the prefrontal cortex.

Neider and his team found that the monkeys were able to successfully execute the "greater than" and "less than" rules -- and switch back and forth between the two -- between 83 and 92 percent of the time.

What's more, 20 percent of the monitored neurons appeared to be specifically tasked with facilitating this type of abstract math-rule comprehension. The cells did so independently, while other cells focused on the processing of sensory information, such as visual and/or or memory cues.

This isn't the first indication that primates possess some degree of mathematical talent. Last year, Duke University researchers working with macaque monkeys found that the primates are capable of basic math despite their lack of language skills. And in 2007, researchers from Japan's Kyoto University found that young chimpanzees actually out-performed human adults in tracking numbers and remembering sequencing.

And math proficiency may not be unique to primates.

"Number crunching is a widespread skill among animals," Neider said. "So far, several mammalian and bird species have been shown to possess it, as well as salamanders, fish, and even bees. This ability has obvious survival advantages. In foraging, for instance, it is an advantage to choose the food source with more items compared to few. Also in social interactions, it pays to know the number of individuals in one's own group as compared to an opponent party before deciding whether to flee or attack."

Nevertheless, Neider noted that human mathematical cognition remains leaps and bounds ahead of that of other animals.

"In all animals," he said, "set size is never represented in a precise way -- exactly five objects -- but always approximately, 'about' five items. Amongst other things, this sets us apart from all other animals. Guided by the development of language, we acquire a very precise understanding of numbers. We denote numbers symbolically, a skill beyond the scope of any animal."

"With such mental tools at hand and sophisticated logical abilities, we structure and process numerical information in the most sophisticated ways," Neider observed, "and with the most impressive results."

"It's simply a question of the much greater extent to which we, as humans, use abstract reasoning to maneuver in our environment, relative to other animals," added Joe Verghese, associate professor of neurology at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City.

"So while the idea that monkeys can perhaps specifically engage in abstract mathematical reasoning is, I believe, something new, there have been many previous experiments that have shown that primates do engage in abstractions," he added. "Which means that we are -- humans and animals -- probably all hardwired to do some kind of abstract reasoning. But it's a question of the pecking order, of sophistication. The question then is, do primates consider what is life? What comes after death? Unfortunately, I don't think there are experiments on that level yet."

18 January 2010

on the White American ape form of government

Once upon a time we White apes of America had formed a Republic form of government with democratically elected officials. While the elected officials had their own agendas to be sure (it is common knowledge that politicians are bankrupt morally and are nothing but liars and snake oil salesmen), back in the day, they adhered to the Republic. Now in a Republic the minority is at all times protected from the whims of the majority. This required a lot of selflessness from selfish politicians but, surprisingly, that was what was done. People minded their own business, the minority was looked after (other than in cases of racial discrimination which is inherrant to all the races of apes) and the selfish got to further their own aims. Mind you, it wasn't always perfect, but it was something.

I suppose the first real change in the old Republic was when the North insisted on forcing Southern states that wanted out of the Union to stay in. This was due to Northern greed and desire to exploit the South for financial gain but, today, the lie that the Civil War was about slavery prevails, probably because that's more altruistic than saying we fought the war to make rich Northerners richer. Which we did. It was a bloody war with hundreds of thousands of casualties and, when it was over, the North exploited the South for all they could. A damn shame really because the present day United States would be much better off without the South and their rabid, fundamentalist Christers who today repress everyone they are able while whining they are endlessly persecuted for their beliefs (which they aren't).

The other nail in the coffin for the old Republic happened recently in the early 1960's when the White apes decided it was high time to give the Black ape equal rights. This caused an ourage and uproar throughout the South and was the seed of todays Fundamentalist Republicans. To be sure, the Republicans already had Northern nut jobs in their ranks (like Dick Nixon and Macarthey) and so it was inevitable that these 2 forces would join together to take down American liberty and freedom. In fact, it would be the South that would elect Nixon president in 1968. Nixon would go on to destroy freedom and the Bill of Rights (among other law breaking activities) with staunch support from fundamentalists and right wing whackos across the nation (but mainly in the South). Nixon is infamous for being first to use law enforcement to spy on minority groups Republicans didn't approve of and ordering a break in of the oppositions head quarters.

The last nail in the coffin for the old Republic was the election of Ronald Reagan who worked very hard to destroy civil liberites and to bring the fundamentalist Christer into the Republican fold. At the same time, this bunch advocated majority rule which meant they could have their way over all minorities, all minority groups and the free will of the American people who disagreed with them. To the great shame of the American nation these forces have suceeded in destroying the old Republic and now what we have today is a Democratic Oligarchy where the majority can lord it over everybody else. The Republicans have proven to be quite pernicious in this regard and their fervor has overturned almost all of the Bill of Rights which, at one time, guarenteed each citizen legal protection from abusive groups like the Republicans. Now the American public has no rights. Republicans got away with this treacherous act when their leaders, the apes George Bush Jr, Dick Cheney and Kalr Rove helped attack America on Sept. 11, 2001. For some reason the American people have let them get away with this and is now plunged into endless war which is much like the German Whites of 1930's Germany allowed when they allowed Hitler and the Nazis to take power after the Reichstag fire that was blamed on the Communists but was in fact an inside job just like 9/11. Perhaps in another 10-20 years when we cause the next world war and are defeated (if we don't destroy the planet with our nukes that is) the Americans who survive (if any) will see the folly of allowing these rogues to ever come to power.

But there is another party in American politics (instead of the several it should have) and that is the Democrats. This party is supposed to protect the interests of the poor, the minorities and so on but are really Republican light nowadays so the Democrats don't really oppose the Republicans as much as they enable them and, worse, today's Democrat is as prone to bribes and accepting favors from the rich as any good Republican. They are in fact the very Pharisees and Sadducees of today which is ironic as the White ape religion of Christianity teaches to beware the leaven of the Pharisees and that money is evil but the White ape doesn't practice his faith as much as paying lip service to it and all these things in our American government done for Christian reasons are ananthema to what their savior ape Christ taught.

17 January 2010

clarifications pt 1.

I see already that I will have to make some general clarifications once in awhile and here comes the first ones.

1) Not all White apes are racist. The rest are either bigots or truly colorblind but the colorblind are rare in American and Canadian White apes while the European White apes are significantly colorblind. I suspect that it would break down like this:
American and Canadian racists 45%
American and Canadian bigots 37%
American and Canadian colorblind 18%
European racists 05%
European bigots 30%
European colorblind 65%

The difference between a racist and a bigot may seem unsubstantial to my fellow apes but there are markedly significant differences. For example a racist White ape will either kill or segregate a Black ape. A bigot White ape holds to broad sweeping generalizations about a race that are not true of all members of that particular race yet still get on with apes of different colors while thinking badly of them. For example, I tend to be a bigot about blacks having been shot with BB guns by a gang of them, being harrassed by a group of them and, back in the day, having to deal with Black shenanigans when it came to ordering pizzas. I still get nervous when I see 3 or more Black apes together in close proximity of me. That said, I know that not all Black apes are that way but because of my negative experiences with the Black ape, I remain internally conflicted. Further, I really can't blame the Black apes for how they act as they are socially programmed by the ruling White apes to be thugs, alcoholics, drug addicts, gang members, thieves and hopeless so that the ruling White apes can justify keeping the Black ape repressed through law enforcement, ghettoization and a sense of hopelessness. Mind you, this was my example and the same can be said for the White apes treatment of any other race. Like the Hispanic and Chin apes. Oy!

A very noticeable exception to the racist rule is the common Jew ape. While some White ape racists claim the Jews killed the savior ape Christ (it was the White Roman apes) and are worthy of death, there is a significant ammount of racists who love the Jew as co-heirs of the Christian heaven and so bend over backwards to give the Jew ape unwavering support. These racists tend to be fundamentalist Christians who substitute hatred of the Jew with hatred of all other races including their own in a sort of twisted reverse racism. For example, I am hated by the fundamentalist Christian because I am not a Christian and find the idea of "God" silly and say so often. As if there were a God ape somewhere making us sole guardians of the Universe. Ha! This also marks me for death by some of these fundamentalists. Another example are Homosexual apes who would be lynched regularly if it could be gotten away with.
The curious thing about this acceptance of the Jew ape as lesser co-equals is that the Jews are really Arabs and the White ape loves nothing more than killing Arab apes or keeping them under repressive regiemes like the Saudis. Ugh! Naturally the Jew ape exploits this strange symbiotic relationship with the White ape and gets away with just about everything you can imagine. For examples:
The Jewish ape has stolen American nuclear secrets or bribed American White government officials for additional nuclear secrets. As a result, these Jewish apes (who hate their Arabian brothers with as much venom as any White ape) have a nuclear arsenal ready to go whenever they please in violation of international treaty bans.
They regularly spy on the world's White governments yet still manage to keep unwavering White support. I can think of 4 stories I've read in the last 2 years where Jewish spies stole sensitive American documents yet nothing was ever done about it.
They are war criminals killing civilians as they please and purposefully bombing women, children and United Nations members who were brave enough to speak out against them. The Israelis justify this genocide by claiming Arab militants launching rockets into Jewish territory is to blame but 1)I don't know that childrenn conspired with adult militans and 2 ) Jewish territory is Arabian territory stolen by the White apes for the Jew apes based on their holy book about the ape god.
Personally I have no trouble with Jew or Arab but the Jews are as largely to blame as us White apes for all the death and destruction happening now in Arabia. As for the Arabs, I am conflicted as I think all killing is reprehensible despite any justifications. Killing in the name of the god ape be that god ape named Allah, Yahweh or Christ makes me wish there actually was a god ape to bitch slap those twisted fuckers into oblivion. Oh well. You get used to all the death and slaughter after many years of seeing it and it wouldn't surprise me if we dumb apes destroy the entire planet which is why I write this to you who find it (if you ever do).
I really can't say why but we apes have an inner death wish. We all "know" the world will end in cataclysm and we've known this for as long as we apes could write (roughly 7000 years). I say that's all bunk but I am but one ape. We apes could give up our suicidal tendencies, murderous wars and apocalyptic visions if we got rid of our ape god worship as death and the "end times" are fully integrated into 75% of the world's religions and for some reason billions of apes find this to be holy.

15 January 2010

on the ape Rush Limbaugh

When you come across the ruins of our ape civilization you may come across audio and video files of one Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh was a White ape born in America but hated America and her White freedoms because these freedoms were shared with Black apes, Asiatique apes and Arabian apes. His gift of babble and double speak deluded millions of less intelligent Americans (mostly fundamentalist Christians) to think he was a great American and patriot. In reality he was a racist and a neo Nazi trying to destroy White American freedom and the American Constitution while spreading lies and bearing false witness, 2 horrible sins in Christianity that his Christian followers willfully ignored. Limbaugh can be compared to Tokyo Rose if you happen to find records of her in the rubble.

The motive for Limbaugh's treason is hard to understand to an outsider. Certainly his White supremacist views come into play as well as desire to see the Black ape returned to slavery in America but he was also motivated by pure greed and a damning secret his followers never grasped: White American freedom was strictly for worthy, rich White American apes while lesser, poor White American apes were to be grouped with the inferior "colored" apes and deprived of freedom or mercy. In short Limbaugh advocated an Oligarchy over Democracy and his idiot followers were never the wiser.

Ironically for all his racism, Limbaugh was a staunch supporter of the Jews and their fight against their Arabian kin. This is largely due to the fact that the Jews are rich and Christianity is based on the Jewish holy book.

Limbaugh was hated and revilled among the other half of White America yet no one took guns to his radio show because the anti Limbaugh crowd hated guns. Not like when the Limbaugh crowd took guns to events President Barack Obama attended. Maybe if the anti Limbaugh crowd had America could have survived. >shrug< Speculating on future events is always a hit and miss proposition.


All life gets hungry and for us apes it's usually 3 times a day. Break fast, lunch and dinner. I am about to have left over chicken for lunch. Like most animals, we apes eat other species to survive like chicken and cow. Chicken and cow are very docile animals yet very, very tasty once killed and cut up and cooked over fire. Now, if I, a "modern" ape, had to kill and gut these animals myself I might have a very hard time with it. Cows are cute, dumb grass eaters who give us milk and cheese, 2 other Earth delicacies (although all Earth's mammals produce milk, cow is best but some argue goat is better).

But I don't have to kill or gut them because it is all done for me. By the time I see ready to eat chicken or cow carcass, it is prepackaged at the store and ready for fire. No snapping necks, no slicing throats, no headless chickens running about spilling their gushing blood on the ground, just boneless chicken breat filets and top round steak. Mm-mm-mm! But make me get my hands bloody and perhaps I eat veggies and fruit instead of carcass. Still my inner beast craves those juicy selections of carcass and nothing tastes better than cow blood cooked in steak form. Arghh!

As for us apes we generally do not eat each other though some of us still do and it is considered a great delicacy as well I'm told. Most of us would not eat another ape because of very ancient social taboos but when push comes to shove we will eat each other if we absolutely have to. White American history records this in the Donner Party and once a plane crashed on the Andes mountain and the survivors had to eat the dead to keep on living. I do not know how I would do under such life threatening scenarios. Could I gut a human ape carcass for survival say if nuclear winter befalls our species and that was all there was to eat or would I allow myself to starve to death. I think I might die and on a planet dedicated to survival of the fittest that just will not do. Such gruesome and macarbe thoughts are beyond my ability to reckon.

Eating another ape is called cannabalism with 2 exceptions. The first exception is when the ape or monkey doesn't belong to our same species (yes, some of us so called civilized apes eat our lesser cousins all the time) and the second exception is the White religion of Christianity which calls the symbolic eating of their saviour as Communion rather than cannabalism. Some sects of White Christianity believe their symbolic crackers or wafers (for the saviour ape's body) and wine (for the saviour ape's blood) actually become the real flesh and blood of their Christ.

Oh and many of us apes have indeed given up the eating of any flesh prefering nuts, fruits, grains and the like. I don't know what it means that I am not one of those other than I love the taste of animal flesh and blood. I wish I knew how it was on your planet so I could understand how you might perceive these revelations.

14 January 2010


I'm getting very, very sleepy and I haven't even taken my nighty night pills yet. This is a rare thing so I must be exhausted and I am in my brain. I've had nothing but headaches for the last few days and I'm way too wound up. Madness can be fun but it can be painful as well. Is fun the right word? Perhaps I meant challenging or entertaining. I mean, you never know what kind of me you'll get from day to day.

So you know I suffer from several psychological issues: severe depression, suicidal ideation, panic anxiety disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, dissociative fugue and agoraphobia. Yay!

As far as apes go I suppose I have it better than some but worse than others. It's funny though. I know war is wrong but my nation rejoices over it and celebrates it. I know taking bribes are wrong but my national leaders take them hand over fist be they Republicans or Democrats. I know lying is wrong but apes like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have millions of ape followers repeating lie after lie after lie.

It might be argued that through my madness I am more moral and upright than the 360,000,000 people that make up my country (White America). Perhaps I should pray the rest of the nation goes crazy!


As apes, we humans sure love to manipulate things. From our johnsons to the rest of the planet, if we can do something to either, we're happier than pigs in shit.

Unfortunately, not everyone on the planet wants to be manipulated by anyone other than themselves or people just like them, thus the manipulators of the world require powerful armies to ensure their mechanations come to pass upon clans that would reject their will.

A great example of this is Iraq. The Iraqis hated Saddam but put up with him because he was just like them and so his manipulations were a tolerable evil. Once we White Americans came along and killed their leader, it's been chaos and blood on the streets of Iraq ever since.

White America invaded Iraq for oil (fossil fuels) and lots of it. We didn't go as humanitarians but as manipulating conquerers looking to secure black gold. It is more than some coincidence that a bunch of wealthy Texas oil barons stole the presidency of the United States and invaded the weakest nation with the largest oil reserves in the Middle East (or Arabia).

For the last decade I've watched manipulation go on all over America, 24/7. Everybody in power has an angle; everyone in power is working the long con, trying to manipulate you to be on their side. From cable news programs (especially Fraudulant Obnoxious Xtreme Notnews) to your local paper, the opinions you have are not your own.

The biggest lie and manipulation of all in White America is that somehow, some way, rich people are better than you, more equal than all of us and deserve to keep their excessive wealth even at the expense of the poorest and neediest among us Whites and Blacks who have no protection because the wealthy run the federal government too. That is some kind of power. Too much power in my opinion. Notice how White rich folk like to fuck us up (like when they broke the national economy), how they like to keep you guessing and uncertain, nervous and afraid in a virtual cage like a free prisoner.

Another example? Sure I got millions! 9/11 when our own government attacked the American nation. Or how about when the Democrats made the radical right out to be the villains of not getting real health care reform done when in fact the Democrats never intended to fix the health care system because they take bribes from the insurance company. Do you knopw what this health care nonsense is really about? Forcing all Americans to buy outlandishly priced insurance against their will, which is what the Democrats and their Republican cohorts planned all along.

Yes White America is adept at mass manipulation and while I despise this, I know it isn't any better anywhere else because all us apes, White Black Asiatique Indian and Arab, are greedy and self serving though we will brag about how enlightened we are and how great our society is. Never mind we allow thousands poor White and Black Americans to die every year and don't really do squat about it.

Still, the rich abide, protected in their castles, without a care in the world.


Dedicated to whatever alien race may find this. Hopefully you can learn from our disasterous mistakes.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am an ape, one of many others like myself found on this planet, that we apes call Earth. As a species we are very deluded and egotistical thus we call ourselves 'humans'. Each human has a unique name or designation. At one point these designations marked our tribal affiliations but in these so called "modern" times, our names are primarily for governmental use so that they may keep distinct files on each individual. My first name is "Michael", a Jewish term that means 'the one (angel) who is like God' and my tribal designation is Villwock, which once was Willvock when my tribe still lived in Germany. I have no idea what Willvock means.

There are several major factions or houses (clans) of apes: the Whites (or Caucasions), the Blacks (or Negros), the Asiatiques (which include the American Indian, Hispanic and Eskimo), the Arabs (which includes the Jews)and the Indians of India. Few of these houses get along well for racial and religious reasons and each house distrusts the other. The most powerful of these clans is clearly the Whites who are warlike, crave bloodletting and the carnage of war. The Whites currently control the Earth and can destroy the planet a thousand times over. The predominant White clans are the Americans, British, Europeans and Russians which have dominated world affairs for centuries through the point of the sword due to their chief religion Christianity. While Christianity started as a peaceful religion, the pagan inheritors of it applied their blood lust to the new religion and now war and Christianity are indivisible.

After the Whites, the next powerful clan is the Asiatiques who are the most numerous and perhaps on the cusp of dominiating the Earth in the next 20 years if the Whites don't nuke it or do something drastic about global warming, a happening we Whites brought about with our fossil fuels. The Asiatiques boast one of the oldest 'civilizations' known to man, a civilization that has provided the world with many historic inventions like gun powder which Whites made the first guns and bombs from. To this day the Asiatiques are known for their incredible intelligence and many philosophies (Taoism, Zen, Shinto). I am an odd White in that I follow the great Tao.

Next come the Blacks who once were dominant and properous several millenia ago before war and disease decimated their home continent. Since then their culture devolved more than anything else allowing us Whites to enslave them for many centuries. The Blacks have since been freed but American Whites keep the Blacks under very strict control through social programming, forcing the Blacks to live in ghettos and and making use of abusive law enforcement. The only way Blacks survive in White society is by acting and talking White and accepting without question the White apes abuse. Otherwise, the Black is cast off and socially impoverished.

Next are the Arabs, a proud and very xenophobic people. They don't want foriegners on their lands and will attack any clan that violates it. For them, killing and death in the name of their religion, Islam, is a very prestigious thing. Islam once was a peaceful religion but twisted the way the Whites twisted Christianity. Arabs are just as dangerous as the Whites, however they do not enjoy the same destructive capacity of the Whites. A strange fued exists among Arabs as well. Some Arabs call themselves Jews (though the Jewish holy book proves they are Arabs) and the Jews hate the Arabs and the Arabs hate the Jews though they are all related and belong to the same house. The current trouble between these 2 groups was caused by the Whites when they arbitrarily decided to take away Arab land in order to give it to the Jews. This decision was made wholly from the Jewish holy book (or Torah) which Whites subverted and incorporated into Christianity.

Next is the Indians who are also incredibly intelligent but mired in ancient customs and caste systems so their impact on the Earth is hardly felt unless you live in Pakistan. This is also strange as these 2 peoples are also related though some of them would no doubt kill me for saying so. Thankfully I have nothing to fear which is a perk of being an American White (among other advantages).

We apes are very short sighted and believe we are divine in origin though we sprung from the same Earth as any ant, snake, dog or tree. It is this belief in divine origin that deludes us and allows us to be irresponsible to the Earth, kill our fellow apes with war and make laws that restrict our liberties and freedoms. It is especially hurtful and ironic that American Whites used to value freedom and liberty but it appears we are more akin to our Russian brethrens who love to be repressed by their government because they do not know how to be free. White Americans are that way today. Of course it didn't help that the apes George W. Bush, Karl Rove and Dick Cheney helped carry out a deadly attack on America which caused many White Americans to cry, "Take away our freedoms please! Just keep us safe!" Today's White American apes have devolved from their zenith in much the way the Blacks did.