30 July 2009

stupid human tricks

if anyone needed any other proof that there is no such thing as a liberal media then they need look no farther than their own tv sets as the conservative right wing media continued following the lowest common denominator in it's unending attempts to discredit the president and chisel away at all his popularity (presumeably in an attempt to make republicans look more appealing this coming election cycle). if i needed more proof that the majority of americans are down right stupid and easily manipulated all i have to do is look at the poll numbers that have arisen after the president gave the harvard police what for violating the civil rights of an american citizen. it seems that the bulk of you out there seem to think the president screwed up and think less of him now. i've heard this talked about on busses and in resteraunts. i see it still makes front page news. are you fucking kidding me??? nah, you dumb asses weren't being manipulated at all. there are 4 things this makes me want to say: 1) racism is alive and well in america as it has been since the bible days. 2) white people don't know how bad blacks are continuously fucked with by our legal system. that or whites simply don't care because people of colour make us scared. 3) the cops already have way too much power and can and will fuck with any one of us regardless of our civil rights or colour. 4) stupid americans don't care about their civil rights only that entertaining racism is on television.

23 July 2009

today i am a free man

finally, after a mere 20 years (give or take), i have once again become a free man. because today the state of michigan received my check for $3,109 outstanding child support and have closed my case once and for all glory to god in the highest amen and amen. no more warrants, no more living in perpetual fear of being arrested, no more garnishments or social scorn because that shit is paid (can i get a hallelujah?)! not only that but, as the fates have preordained before the dawn of life on this planet, --haha!-- my ex-wife got all the money i owed her as well (a measely $3500) so everyone is happy. even me but-- 20 years are you fucking kidding me?!? jesus fucking christ! child support is a civil matter, not a legal one you dumb shits! the state by insinuating itself into this particular civil matter has criminalized poverty. only the poor go to jail in this country, we all know that. in fact, the sole reason the states got into persecuting so called deadbeat dads is because assholes with shitloads of cash didn't want to take care of their own fucking spawn. oh they pay more now but they have lawyers to minimize the pinch and in some cases finagle obscenely low monthly payments for themselves. think of it as an off shore account justice. but the poor don't have lawyers and some men can hardly support themselves let alone pay $400 a month per kid. but then some people don't care some poor asshole can only earn $175 a week after taxes. could you live on $75 a week? i used to have to live on $65. you live with a lot of other people under these circumstances which is literally just one step above homelessness. i ought to know. child support has made me homeless on at least 4 seperate occassions. way to go you 50 states! you've made it illegal to be poor and managed to find a new way to feed the beast of our corrupt legal system! are you fucking kidding me you dumb fucking assholes?!? may all legislaters and politicians burn in hell and have to suck my balls for all eternity. i'm free!

22 July 2009

venting plasma from the nacells

last night i really, really upset a friend of mine by declaring that i wasn't proud to be an american. well, i'm not. there is so much shit wrong with this nation and all we dumb apes do is make it worse every day through our inaction, ignorance and lack of empathy. children go hungry here, there's no universal health care coverage, people are homeless (and their numbers are rising), the government has way too much power, our infrastructure is collapsing and rich people lord it over the rest of us poor schmucks who are too goddamn retarded to see the game is rigged in favor of those with money and political connections. so there. my friend on the other hand is fiercely loyal to america. she loved george bush and thought he was just tits as president (never mind he was never lawfully elected), thinks obama hates america (thanks a lot you right wing douche bags) and is red, white, blue, baseball, mom and apple pie. good for her. i'm happy she can look her nation in the eye and be at peace with all the shenanigans, darkness and filth. me, i can't do that. i was raised with morals, virtue and charity. when i see wrongness i must speak up and out. when i see what an abomination we have made of the lofty dreams of our founding fathers i get so angry that i feel like i'm being raped in the face. when i see the poor, the hungry, those wearing tattered clothes or left to fall between the cracks of our 'compasionate' society i just go mad with disgust. this is not the america the founding fathers wanted. hell, it's not even the america you wanted. this is the america corrupt politicians and greedy, rich, white folk want. to them america is just a means to an end that makes them richer. greedy, rich, white people and politicians don't love america, they love it's money. these covetous fuckers don't share our values, our ideals or our love for this nation yet they have done just a fantastic job convincing you idiots that they do. in fact many of you have your noses so far up the asses of the rich and the political that you don't love america any more than they do. you don't cherish our constitution or the bill of rights, you've turned your back on freedom and justice, you have betrayed all that this nation was founded on for a few greasy fucking dollars. and so here we are. rich versus poor, the real culture war. naturally the rich trumpet how great it is to live in a majority rules democracy and many of you buy this lie and are okay with it even though majority rules is another name for repression and tyranny. we are a republic (or we're supposed to be) and in a republic the minority is always to be protected from the fickle whims of the majority! but that's not true here is it? we have shucked off our proud, inspiring heritage for a couple of bucks. we have sold our birthright like esau and for what? what have we gained by selling the soul of this once great nation? why are we such bad stewards of our constitution and our heritage? yeah, i'm not proud to be an american. there are literally more freedoms in canada and free health care. just call me a canuck and get me the hell off this sinking ship we call the united states. fuckers.

20 July 2009

your right wing media @ work

ever since our president got into office, the right wing media has gone out of its way to discredit him or make him look bad. obama is a liberal, a socialist, an undercover al qaeda agent, blah blah blah blah blah. george dubya never had to face this sort of shredding and he was a liar, a law breaker and did his level best every day to shred my beloved constitution to so much useless scrap! the media and the radical right wing in this country gave all of us excuses for this sort of preferential treatment. "oh, we're at war and bush is a war president" or "it's unpatriotic to question a president during war time" and bullshit like that. are we still not at war? is not barack obama the new war president? what's changed between the bush and obama administration? you and i know the answer to that question: nothing. so why then is the national media, reputed to be so leftist it's wearing karl marx's underwear, trying so hard to discredit, embarass or deflate president obama? ever since the man entered office all the media has tried to do is tear him down. to what end? sure we can speculate they do it to help the republicans and, indeed, most media outlets are dominated by right wingers but is that all there is to it? or is it the inherent racism in the american collective mind? to put this in another perspective remember when dubya bush went to crawford nearly every stinking weekend he was in office and the media said nothing about it? president obama did some sight seeing in paris with his wife and little girls and for the next 2 days all we heard about was how obama was an intellectual snob who was neglecting his duties as president. how dare the president sight see with his family! i suppose he could go spend weekends in chicago a'la bush in crawford but then i suspect chicago's rampant craime would be blamed on our president as well along with media coverage about how obama is lending to the decay of our great american society. all bullshit to be sure yet everyday the rush limbaughs and the katie courics and the sean hannitys and the charlie gibsons keep pumping it out of their asses. now it's over health care. there are a lot of rich and influential fuckers out there who don't want universal health care. to them we americans are just piggy banks and they don't want to lose our money even though they have too much money as it is. and so president obama is under siege yet again. if we were all soldiers we'd be saying president obama is taking 'friendly fire' now but there's nothing friendly about this unconscionable, dastardly practice. why is no one calling this unpatriotic? how is this not giving 'aid and comfort to the enemy' a favorite mantra of the bush leaguers? doctors, hospitals, hmos, insurance companies and republicans already make too damn much money and they still want more and they want to squeeze every last cent from us that they can. how patriotic is that?

19 July 2009

setting my house in order

so yesterday i officially got furniture for my apartment and while it cost a pretty penny, i no longer sleep on the floor but rather my bed. woohoo! it's these small every day things we take for granted that mean the most. still i'm discovering i'm not altogether happy about my new place. the cement floors need rugs badly, the whole place is painted baby blue so i need some sort of wall hanging fabrics to cover the3 monotony and the lighting really sucks but as the fool who signed a one year lease i'm stuck with it for another 11 months.

16 July 2009

good times

so i have now had a place to live for a whopping 2 and a half weeks and i can't say that i am any more used to it today than i was the first day. worse, i haven't had any luck in getting any used furniture so it looks like i'll have to shell out $1100 to solve that dillema and finally bring me a goddamn bed to sleep on instead of the cement floor. still, if i am to be honest with you in the abyss, the cement floor hasn't been all bad. humbling perhaps. and waking up all sore and achey is a life lesson to be sure and not an experience i'd recommend to those with bad backs. but i wanted this. i wanted a basement to start this new chapter of my life and for better or worse i got it. be careful what you wish for eh? now i have rent, bills and such. ugh! we apes would do much better without having to worry about that nonsense! don't ask me how but this leads me to pro hockey. i am a huge red wings fan and this season i will be rooting for my team to the bitter end just like i do evey year. i think many fans of the team will be in for a rough year though as the wings front office went the wrong way and resigned the crappy henrick zetterberg and letting marion hossa run off to division foe chicago. zetterberg can't win us a stanley cup because he is too freaking soft and afraid to get hurt. he is always soft defencively. the team could have traded zetterberg for anyone they wanted like zack parise or ryan fucking getzlaf. you can surely win with those guys. but kopecky is gone, hudler wants to go, hossa walked, the underrated samuellson is gone. ugh! of course having the best coach in the nhl will keep the team competitive and the young bloods coming this season promise to be fun to watch but it won't be enough because the wings front office fucked up by securing zetterberg and some very spoiled wings fans are going to be stressed out for the next few seasons because of it. fucking overrated zetterberg. still maybe an early first round exit this coming season won't be all bad. the boys need a breather and can't go to the finals every year. so who wins the west this coming season. the san jose sharks. i think we will see a much better team this season and a dominating one at that. as for the east i look for the bruins to rebound from an embarrasing outing last season. hooray! in my heart i'll still be pulling for the wings but i am preparing for the lean years to come.