09 September 2009

ready to explode

I gotta tell you, I am ready to explode as the radical right keeps bullying this country. I want to go disrupt their meeting, take a gun to their events, maybe punch a few of them in the face. If they want to fight, I for one am ready to give it to them. If they want to play dirty, then I want to get rough. Maybe that's the wrong approach (especially for a taoist) but I'm sick and tired off them pulling down the President, calling him a Commie and preventing my kids from having free health care so I'm good and pissed off. Are you? Then join me in a campaign to fight the radical right. Staring tomorrow I plan on posting flyers in local stores, on busses and wherever else I can that have the names and numbers of this areas elected officials so people can call their Congress person and tell them they want free health care. Then I plan on finding Republican events and disrupting them to see how they like it. And if someone gets up in my face I can't be held responsible if I fucking snap and break their nose. I don't usually encourage violence but these assholes brought guns to events the President of the United States is at. The radical right already has declared war on America so it's high time we should all treat them like the enemy and fight back for our rights, freedoms and liberty. They want to shout, we'll be louder. They want to get violent, we repay them in kind. They want to lie about our President, we lie about them. We fight them in our homes, we fight them in our neighborhoods, we fight them in town hall meetings, etc. For my country, I'm getting started. What about you?

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