29 August 2011

on 9/11

One doesn't need a conspiracy theory to acknowledge that there is something fishy about the events of 9/11 that my country has chosen to mostly ignore for reasons I genuinely can't fathom, especially now, 10 years later, when we see the clear damage done to American liberty and civil rights in the name of national security.  One cannot deny that 9/11 was a great blessing for those folks (generally Republicans) who wanted more government control over us troublesome commoners with our short sighted demands for social justice and equality.  It was also a great blessing for war profiteers.  Too many people in the halls of power benefited too much from the events of that day and worse, now many of my fellow countrymen are quite alright with xenophobia, the use of torture and bombing the shit out of women and children with our drones.  They are quite alright with the money being made off the war going to the rich, the wealthy and the corporate interests even while continuing these wars are bleeding this nation's economic resources dry and causing the death or maiming of our soldiers.

Hardly the America I grew up in.

I get tired of those folks who say that because I believe members of the illegitimate Bush administration played a clandestine hand in the events of that day that I must needs be an idiot or a conspiracy nut.  I am neither.  There are too many unresolved issues and unanswered questions and I won't let Bush officials off the hook until some of those lingering problems are addressed and answered and neither should my countrymen.  It's especially ironic that my fellow Americans are so quick to let the Bush junta off the hook because we all know politicians are soulless insects incapable of truth or honor who are more concerned with getting a quick buck from their rich masters than the needs of common Americans.  And yes, we also know our government is capable of such a treasonous act against America, just look up Operation Northwoods.  All it took were men of power willing to go there and Cheney seems like a poster boy for that sort of abuse of authority.

Anyway, from Bush and Cheney refusing to testify under oath about that day to the doctored footage of the Pentagon attack (if you go over that 7 seconds of footage they released frame by frame after adjusting your TV's color settings, you can clearly make out the ghost image of a helicopter firing a missile into the Pentagon) to the stop options put on the airlines involved in the events of that day to Rumsfeld's orders to the air force to stand down to the mysterious collapse of WTC #7 you see a disturbing pattern that to this day is unresolved and the excuse to keep such unconstitutional things like the Patriot Act in place.  Worse, I see President Obama wants to legalize indefinite detention for anyone perceived as threat to the American government. 

As we slip further and further away from our Republic into a fascist oligarchy that will doom our nation to ruin with its militaristic ambitions, we can no longer simply accept the "official version" of events simply so we don't have to face the horrifying truth that evil men in our nation's capitol shrouded in Old Glory and believing themselves patriots would stop at nothing to achieve their designs of power and subvert the Constitutional liberties and freedoms that were such an inconvenience to their plans.

That's my 2 cents anyway.  13 days to go before I can wish everyone a Happy 9/11 Day!

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