12 August 2011

Why I'm angry with Obama

It is irritating and frustrating to me that whether he wins or loses his upcoming re-election bid, Republican president Barack Obama comes out a winner either way.  As a former prez, he's set for life.  Doesn't matter that he's a shameless corporate toady that dropped the ball on real health care reform and is now happily gutting Social Security and Medicare because his fellow Republicans made up an artificial financial crisis.  This dude will never lack for a thing, or know what it is to scrape by like us peasants do yet history will extoll his greatness for being the 1st black president, an irony for a man who has fought so mightily (harder than he ever has for anyone of us in the lower classes) to prove his presidency has nothing to do with color even in the face of the staggering racism he's faced from his political foes. 

All I want to do is grab his lapels and shout angrily, "Don't you get it, you idiot!?  Because you sold us out and let the your foes have their way with dictating policy, you have accomplished nothing substantive!  All you'll be remembered for is being the 1st black president!!"

So Bush and his cabinet get away with their many crimes, the American government still has the Patriot Act to abuse our civil liberties, old folk will be eating cat food, disabled folk will be kicked off the Social Security rolls, people like me who rely on Medicare for prescriptions will get sick again, we will war in perpetuity, rich folk and their corporations will laugh (corporations can laugh; they are people haven't you heard?) all the way to the bank.

I really had hope when Obama said, "Yes we can!"  I even gave him the benefit of the doubt when he went on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and amended that  to, "Yes we can, but--".  Today I just feel the bitter disappointment of an American citizen with no representation in DC because I don't make enough money to matter to my government to make it worth their while to protect me from the fickle whims of the wealthy who have bought and sold every member of Congress and the White House.

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