25 September 2011

Republican On Fox News Says Minimum Wage Should Be $3/hr | Addicting Info

Here we go again, more radical rhetoric from Fox News. On Fox & Friends Thursday morning, Republican businessman and former Senate nominee, Peter Schiffz claimed that the minimum wage was too high and that it affected the young and the poor in a negative way. Schiff even had the nerve to say “One Of The Most Anti-Poor People Rules Is The Minimum Wage.” A part of the transcript is below.

SCHIFF: Well, one of the most anti-poor people rules is the minimum wage. It keeps people poor. What the minimum wage does is says that if a person that has very little skills, and generally they’re young or they’re poor, you can’t hire them unless they can produce

KILMEADE: Right. SCHIFF: — $7.25 worth of value, but it’s not just that. It also has to compensate you for all the mandatory benefits and taxes and risks associated with hiring people.


SCHIFF: And people that have no skills, it’s not just worth it to hire them

KILMEADE: Peter, I want to get through, too

SCHIFF: — maybe $3 or $4 an hour, if that’s what they’re worth

As the real world looks at the extremely low minimum wage, Republicans and their conservative members want to lower it even further. Presidential nominee, Michele Bachmannz, has even said she would want to completely eliminate minimum wage as part of her plan to lower unemployment. This is just another example of the disconnect between the conservative mind-set of the Republican party and reality. Whether you consider yourself liberal, progressive or an independent, you can see pretty clearly that the wealth gap in the United States is growing. If the Republicans have their way, lowering the minimum wage will just grow the gap even more.

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