13 December 2011

Camping out in the Winter all Winter long

A few years back, I was homeless during the Wintertime.  For those not in the know, Michigan Winters can be exceptionally cold and blustery and that Winter was no exception.  While I was one of the lucky homeless people who could stay in one of Ann Arbor's few homeless shelters, many more were not.  I didn't find this out until well into Spring when the Delonis Shelter started kicking folks out as the warm weather arrived.  Having no place to go yet (my situation changed within the next few months), my friend/acquaintance Caleb, founder of MISSION (Michigan Itinerant Shelter System Interdependent Out of Necessity) and Camp Take Notice told me about his tent city behind an Arborland shopping mall.

The camp has since moved after police and city harassment drove them to the Western outskirts of the supposedly "liberal" Ann Arbor where it has taken bloom and currently boasts a homeless population of 50+ residents, all in tents with the harhser aspects of Winter coming all too soon for these struggling, though stalwart, individuals.

With the holidays upon us I figured now was the time to post their website info so that maybe, just maybe, some generous folks on Tumblr, Facebook, etc. will make donations or contributions to this worthy cause.  It really does a lot of good.  I know because I bear witness to that fact.


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