13 January 2012

Brooklyn man claims police forced medical procedures on him in contraband search - NYPOST.com

A Brooklyn man claims in a lawsuit he was accosted by cops who accused him of swallowing “contraband” and hauled him to a hospital in a failed bid to prove it — only to be later billed for the medical procedures done against his will.

Schedrick Campbell, 54, said he had gone out to buy dog food in March and was walking back to his Crown Heights home when three plainclothes officers accosted him.

They grabbed his throat and yelled at him to “spit it out,” Campbell said in a Brooklyn federal court lawsuit, but police didn’t find anything.

Cops then hauled him to Interfaith Medical Center, where, he claims, he was handcuffed to a bed for two days while hospital staff, at the direction of police, conducted X-rays and CAT scans in a futile bid to find the alleged contraband.

“It should be noted that no foreign body was ever found,” the court papers state.

One officer threw out Campbell’s prostate medication and warned him that using the bathroom before some of the hospital’s procedures could lead to him being prosecuted “for tampering with evidence,” Campbell alleges.

The charges were dropped — but Interfaith added insult to injury by slapping him with a $9,530 bill.

The NYPD did not respond to a request for comment.

Some days I think that you'd have more freedoms living in Russia than here. Cops should never have this much power over citizens.

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