18 January 2012

A few voices in the country's head driving us towards the cliff

So, as everybody and their monkey knows, today is a day to protest SOPA on the internet.  This may or may not accomplish anything.  In my opinion, the bill will pass as is because the entertainment industry has paid way too much in bribes to the members of Congress for it not to pass.  No, it doesn't matter to these jackals that this is a serious abridgement of freedom; what matters is that money exchanged hands because that is all anyone cares about in America any more: money.  Especially in DC where the millionaires club that is our Congress holds its hands out to the highest bidder with the blessings of the Supreme Court (after Citizen's United).

Unfortunately, not much has changed under President Obama.  The man swept into office with promises of draining the cesspool of Washington politics never addressed the problem once in office.  And that's exactly the problem.  Obama, who has been for all intents and purposes a Republican in the office of president, has simply allowed a continuation of the disastrous 8 years forced upon this nation by the illegitimate Bush junta by the aforementioned Supreme Court.  

Yes, the Supreme Court has done a lot to undermine this nation over the last decade or so and have done so under the auspices of law.  But whose law?

Certainly not the people's law, or the Constitution, which proclaims we are a Republic where all views have equal voice and all minorities (groups or races) have equal say.  No, that law was slain when the Reagan/Nixon people took the White House in 1980.  For those folks, who couldn't force their views or beliefs upon the population by any other means, the Republic was an obstacle, an inconvenience, a problem.  No!  they cried.  This is a democracy!  Majority rules!

You can easily see where that has led us today.  Combine that with the fact that every subsequent voting cycle the rabid right wing Christian fundamentalist has become more and more extreme in their views and you can easily see why we are in the mess we are today.  In fact, it was Reagan who ended the law requiring media outlets to give equal time to opposing political views leaving us stranded in a desert of right wing dogma blasted into our craniums 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Those same voices are driving us towards the cliffs and there is no way to stop them.  This is where America should be looking to liberals but there aren't any true liberals anymore.  Democrats today are exactly like Reagan Republicans and that is by design.   When the voices that dominate the media repeat the same message of how you should govern by conservative or moderate means over and over and over again, your brain picks up on that.  When the right leaning media watches your every move like vultures waiting for your carcass and demands morality, you adapt your actions to meet the needs of the situation.  When any view not matching the views of the right makes you a liberal communist tree hugging hippie socialist who hates America, you learn to keep your mouth shut.  And that is exactly what happened.

Now the nation is adrift from bad leadership on both sides of the aisle.  In a mere 12 years, these leaders have caused more harm and damage both to the Constitution or the dream that is America than any Soviet, Nazi or Red Coat.  Today we are without liberty or freedom, without representation in Congress because we aren't wealthy enough to be heard, without any privacy in our own homes as the Dept. of Fatherland -- oops!-- Homeland Security snoops our every online activity with no just cause, no warrant, no due process and no legal justification whatsoever other than the criminal George Bush allowed 9/11 to happen because either he's dumber than a bag of hammers or he was in on the fix.

Now, as America tries to right the ship, we see what the powers that be in Washington and around the country are prepared to do to the protesters as they unleash their gang members, the cops, on them with all violence authorized and sanctioned by the state that doesn't give 2 squirts of piss about anyone's personal liberty except the rich.

And it is the rich who wrote SOPA.

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