28 January 2012

On Iran

As I watch Iraq Redux play out in public as “we can’t afford to let Iran have nuclear weapons” to grease the pump of the public up for yet another costly war (that may turn global this time), I can’t help but wonder, “What the hell do I care if Iran has a nuclear weapon?”

Their weapons are no threat to Americans whatsoever and I defy anyone to prove they are.
Go on, I’ll wait for you hawks to craft some improbable scenario where I, as an American, have to worry about a backwards middle east country having nukes.  Israel has bloody nukes.  Pakistan has nukes.  Not afraid.  Maybe if I lived on the west coast?  Even then, I find it highly unlikely that the Iranian navy is going to sail into American waters to take out Seattle unmolested.

In fact, the only reason the Iranians would want nukes would be as a determent to Israel nuking them first.  Think the above mentioned Pakistan and their arch rival India.  Same thing.

Yet the religious whackos in our country combined with corporate business interests looking to profit on Iranian natural resources are bound and determined to sell us this war.  For them, this would be a gloriously godly, profitable venture.  After all, with no superpowers left to oppose us, who can resist the American will once we’ve begun to throw our weight around?

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