22 January 2012

Romney's Mormon problem and the GOPs Gingrich problem

For all those political pundits out there all amazed at a Gingrich thumping of Romney, all I can say is you don't know Christian fundamentalists very well, if at all.  A Mormon can no more win the GOP nomination than a gay person because fundamentalists simply loathe them, judging them both as abominations before their god.  From back when I was a boy unto this day, it is taught in every Church of God, Assembly of God, Baptist church or any other fundamentalist house worth it's weight in body-of-Christ crackers that Mormonism is a cult and that it's adherents aren't legitimate Christians but people deceived by Satan to follow a wrong path that leads straight to hell.  Seriously.  That is the basis of their decision making.  They would rather see a womanizer who professes the right brand of religion as president then some devil worshiping cultist.

That said, it is important to point out that while most conservatives don't like womanizing sex addicts like Newt, they are willing to overlook these faults because 1) he says he asked their god for forgiveness and god, like an obedient toady, must comply as per the scripture, ergo Newt is forgiven.  2) he is perceived as the only one who can out-debate Obama or beat him, which is why Santorum isn't gaining any traction with his frothy, lubed Christian self.  3) fundamentalist Christians aren't as upset about cheating on women because a) most of them do it themselves and b) they're just women so who cares?

What all of this means is that because the GOP has gone too far right and to Christianized, they are handing the presidency back to Obama because the independents and moderates out there aren't going to vote for the candidates that are being supported by the religious zealots for all the wrong reasons.  Without a viable, mainstream moderate the GOP may not win the presidency for awhile. 

And I'm quite alright with that.

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