07 January 2012

Stupid politics

I'm done caring about the presidential election because no matter who wins, we'll still be stuck with a Republican styled president.

4 more years of this shit?  No thank you! 

But as 'mericans were stuck now ain't we?  The bad guys have had 30 years to change and militarize the system and they offer up these nitwits vying for your votes. 

And those nitwits, ladies and gentlemen, are the very best presidential candidates their system has to offer us.

No Carl Sagan's in this bunch nor Nelson Mandela's.  Nope, just a bunch of white (or half white in the President's case) religious, xenophobic, fear and war mogering, Constitution trampling zealots who are dumber than a bag of hammers and that's insulting the hammers.

Hot damn it's high times to be an 'merican!  The world may be laughing at us but that's okay-- in fairness, we are pretty fucking funny.

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