09 February 2012

Last week I mocked the very notion that Iran could successfully attack America and still openly do.  Seriously?  If, 11 years later our Fatherland >ahem!< Homeland Security is so porous as to allow an Iranian operative into the nation, our tax dollars have been wasted.

Around that time or maybe even before it, the UKs Guardian ran this article that I only stumbled upon a few days ago, which reads in part:
The head of US intelligence has warned that there is an increasing likelihood that Iran could carry out attacks in America or against US and allied targets around the world...

...Presenting his annual "worldwide threat assessment" to Congress, Clapper said an alleged plot to blow up the Saudi ambassador in Washington last year, which the US blamed on the Iran's Revolutionary Guard, "shows that some Iranian officials – probably including the supreme leader Ali Khamenei – have changed their calculus and are now more willing to conduct an attack in the United States in response to real or perceived US actions that threaten the regime."

Clapper added: "Iran's willingness to sponsor future attacks in the US or against our interests abroad probably will be shaped by Tehran's evaluation of the costs it bears for the plot against the ambassador as well as Iranian leaders' perceptions of US threats against the regime."
All of which I heard before when the illegitimate Bush presidency was stalling for time before invaded Iraq. It ain't easy getting your army from point A(merica) to point B(rown people)!
So it's looking official, a matter of when, not if, we invade Iran, at least to me.  I say it will be after the election, but Israel may push the pace on this one, and, as our Most Christian Government does everything it is told to by the Israelis, we Americans are preparing ourselves dutifully for action.

Not to be outdone, the serious people in Washington DC who run that looney bin have recently decided, just in time for our new war, that it would be a Very Good Idea to change some rules:

The Pentagon on Thursday will propose rule changes that will allow more women to formally serve in jobs closer to the front lines. 

Women will still be barred from serving in infantry combat units, defense officials say, but the changes will  formally open up new positions at the combat battalion level that, until now, have been off limits.

The new jobs opening up for female service members will be combat support positions,  including communications, intelligence and logistical positions, defense officials add.   Typically, these jobs have been made available at the combat brigade level, but not at the lower battalion level, which was deemed too close to combat situation. 
It is worth reminding people that Iran, unlike Iraq, actually has biological weapons and will doubtless use them in military situations.  Just saying.

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