23 February 2012

NYPD racially profiling Muslims confirmed

This bugs me a lot. I know the rationale that the powers that be will have, how they would have me persuaded that we must, naturally, treat all Muslims this way because of 9/11. Now, I know this unpopular speech, I'm not altogether convinced that the US government didn't aid in or facilitate the events of that day. So this bugs me a lot. At least we aren't rounding them up and putting them into "internment" camps as our nation did with the Japs. If we allow the rights of any group to be denied this way, there is no true freedom in America. It is conditional. Does that sound right to you? Yet my countrymen overwhelmingly support actions such as these while belaboring the point that our nation is somehow still the greatest and freest. Today's Muslim is seen by too many Americans the way many Germans saw the Jews. It is our Two Minute Hate.

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