18 April 2012

The American Wehrmacht

Ah Spring when a young man's fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love... Er, I mean, posing with body parts.

I'm not shocked by the 2 photos produced by the LA Times, in fact, I'm more astonished that there aren't a shitload more.  And maybe there are, but, as with the Abu Ghraib scandal, we'll never see them because the Powers That Be in the government and military will be damned if you're ever going to know the extent of American atrocities committed in your name.  These heroes are somehow fighting for our freedom even as our government (first under the Republicans and now the Democrats) strips our freedoms from us.  It is the highest form of irony that few of my countrymen recognize, as though this were some subtle form of satire. 

I get it.  America has been in denial since 9/11 when they let the Bush people off the hook for allowing such an event to occur in the first place.  It was the Bush people who started the Afghan war so a lot of blood and blame belongs on their wretched little hands, but with the right leaning media and the rabid right wing shouting down anyone who had troubles with the Official Version of Events, the public was cowed into compliance and like good little sheep (to continue the animal farm metaphor >nudge, wink<) allowed themselves, and continue to allow themselves, to be herded into the corral to be sheared of every freedom they once were supposed to possess.  Worse, they are happily yielding away those rights as quickly as humanly possible in such manner that, the Founders of this great nation, who bled and died for the Nobel Idea that no person should EVER be oppressed by the tyranny of corrupt government, should somehow have seen this future where their erstwhile descendents viewed freedom merely as shopping where one likes with many choices to choose from and not the Very Great Evil they had fought so hard against, they would have been so dismayed they would have turned their weapons upon themselves for the futility of their venture.

Now that's preaching the Gospel, my friends.  Though not quite a Gospel our nation, specifically it's leaders want many to hear.

I mean, it's been a truism since P.T. Barnum that there's a sucker born every minute and this nation loves it's minute plans!

But back to the photos.

Boys will be boys, right Mr. Limbaugh?

I think it would be easy enough to punish these boys.  Hell, why not?  That's not America, right?  What's not to be appalled about.  Pissing on bodies, pshaw!  Piling men naked, mere tomfoolery!  Taking pictures looking joyful with a stranger's blown off limbs-- well, sir, if you don't see the hi-larity in that, well I'm not sure you're American enough!

Nah.  We'll hear crap like this because it gets them off the hook.  We as a Serious and Responsible nation discussed, made a public spectacle of it in fact, on our Cable News Networks and have roundly decided it was the fault of the lowest rank private would could feasibly charge as their commanding officer face no reprimand for allowing his troop to becom so undisciplined or unhinged. 

That's what these photos tell me.  Shows me how the horrors of war have transfigured these boys into something unwholesome.  That's what war is.  That's what war does.  It is not some Grand Enterprise, it is a Business.  Are we, the American people profiting from it?  Of course not; we're the one's being spied upon!  As if we were villains in a global conspiracy to take down the most powerful nation since Rome at its height! No, the war profiteers are profiting and laughing all the way to the bank, untouchable, unmerciful, unyielding as if theywere modern day Tsars come to scold us and show us the way through the iron fist of the old fashioned police state!

They don't care what your sons and daughters are becoming, they don't have to pay for them when they come home.  Hell, we have a hard enough time getting them to fully fund the VA.

But that's not the glamorous side of war is it?  No, that's what-have-you-done-for-me-lately territory there son.  Oh you need more money because of your health problems fighting our wars?  Get a job, hippie!

As proof I offer you scapegoats like the Lynndie Englands or the Brad Mannings.  No responsibility at the top whatsoever.  Boys will be boys. 

Make no mistake, 9/11 was no accident.  It was allowed to happen.  Period.  There's a lot of bullying about that today in America and allegations that one is crazy (which in my case, how could I argue?), but come on.  Only an idiot buys the "Official Version".  Want to make it official?  Make George Bush and Dick Cheney answer pointed, tough questions UNDER OATH!  

Until then, it is still a suspicious day in my mind. 

Anyway, it is certainly something to see our wehrmacht.  Very impressive.  Who cares that by squandering our resources now we have weakened ourselves if any enemy arises in the future?  Who cares that people in America go homeless or hungry while the rich and lofty enjoy lucrative tax breaks?  There's a war on idiot!  Besides the richer and fatter we get, the money will trickle (trickle n. 1. The act or condition of trickling.  2. A slow, small, or irregular quantity that moves, proceeds, or occurs intermittently.) >burp!< down to you eventually!  You know some animals are more equal than others!  Oink!

I suppose some will be offended by calling Our Very Fine Military a Wehrmacht, because I'm implying we ought be compared to the Very Great Evil that was >gasp!< Hitler's Nazi Germany, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Why I call it that is because I've seen photos like these before in history books.  I've seen those very same happy faces surrounded by the unconscionable back in grade school, which, I assure you my friends, was quite a long time before our Afghanistan campaign.  That's why I'm not shocked or outraged.  We are seeing the Depravity of War as it has always been and as it will ever be.  What I'm mad about, what I'm pissed off about is that this is happening to our children, our nation's sons and daughters and no one is helping doing anything to stop it.  Could we if we even try?

We are no longer the once Grand Republic of our forebears, we are the Soviet-style Police State, replete with our own oligarchy.  Hey, when we Yanks do something, we do it all or nothing, don't we?

I love my country, always have, in spite of her blemishes (like the hand we dealt to Negroes and Native Americans; we former Europeans >nudge, wink!< can be assholes), but this abomination she has become today is wrong and the people just don't see it.  Heck, it's almost as if Jesus was a profit-- er, prophet-- when he is purported to have said 'in those days the people will call good evil and evil good'.

Come to think of it, isn't Money the Root of ALL Evil?  Pretty sure that's in the same book along with praying for the government God put in authority of you, and we see how well half of the nation is coping with that edict! Ah well, we have our own version of Christianity rewritten to prove that Jesus was a proponent of unchecked, unfettered, rampant Capitalism and not the Hippie Socialist who declared it was as impossible for rich folk to get into Heaven as it is for camel's to walk through a needle's eye.  That Jesus sure was a funny guy!  Sell all your possessions and give it to the poor?  Indeed!  What Self Respecting Capitalist would worship that asshole?

But I digress.  This is about pictures and what they tell me.  Besides, it's only the Arabs.   Am I right?

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