25 April 2012

Like half the country, I really like President Obama.  I don't agree with all of his policy decisions, not by a long shot, nor do I like that he acts like a Republican half the time, or his institutionalizing the Bush Police State, effectively spelling the End of the Bill of Rights, just as the Citizen's United decision destroyed our Democracy.  Money does not equal speech.  They tell us that because they need an excuse to betray their fellow countrymen to the highest bidder.  That is not a Democracy.  That is the Soviet Union.  I point out that we too employ forced labor in our for profit prisons.

But do I think Obama is all the terrible, ugly things they say about him?  No, and I don't understand why people do it.  Even if you don't like the man or agree with him, he's still your president assholes!

Anyway, I'd like to have a beer with Mr. Obama and talk with him about our differing version of social justice and I think he'd be amenable to it just because I'd at least be civil and a lot of people just aren't civil to the President of the United States.  My gripes would doubtless be a welcome diversion from all the filth and profanity leveled against this man.  I always read the excuse that they act this way because the left acts this way, but that's a bullshit argument.  If you can't be better than that, your ideology is a joke and has no genuine substance.

We all need to get past this "liberal" and "conservative" horse shit and focus on saving America because both parties are ruining this great land of ours.

Yeah, so after all that, I would be as geeked as this young lady at meeting President Barack Obama, because I really believe he's a nice guy and a good father.


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