23 April 2012

Short and not so sweet

I read with great interest last week that 1) India has now perfected nukes that can hit Beijing and that 2) the Chinese military had some very pointed remarks for the United States regarding military exercises in their back yard.

Anyone who has read my stuff for any period of time knows that since 2005 (give or take) I've been sounding the alarm over the rising might of the Chinese because, as we have seen in our own nation, once a country begins to gain global economic supremacy, they invariably become militaristic because war is good for business.  Further, I've been warning that while our nation spends resources it doesn't have on unnecessary wars, we are weakening ourselves to the point that when China decides to flex its military muscle (and it will, trust me), we may very well be left impotent to stop them unless we engage in a nuclear exchange which, many fundamentalist Christians in Congress are all for because, according to their myth, Jesus will return.

Now I'm sure the powers that be with their fancy degrees and >cough!< "learned opinions" >cough!< will say Mike, you just don't know what you're talking about!  China is a trustworthy force of good ol' American capitalism! all I can say is the Chinese, telling themselves much as we do, that they are the best country on the planet and more deserving of god's blessings than anyone else, will not share in dominating the global economy and anyone who believes so is delusional.  Name one empire that ever did share its monopoly over the globe!

American "leadership" beginning with the Bush oil men and continuing unabated under Obama are leading us to a path of destruction wrapped in the flag and patriotism as they make our nation over in such a manner that the Chinese would approve by stripping us of our rights, liberties and freedoms.  By doing so, they have turned most of the world against us to the point where many nations are eager to see the Chinese ascendency supplant American global supremacy.  In short, they have painted us into a very small, very bad corner that we as a nation may not be able to get out of while the 2 most corrupt political parties fiddle like Nero.  When and if America burns, it is on the heads of both Republicans and Democrats.

My only hope is that some day soon Americans wake up, quit choosing one party over another and rise up against our political masters who are destroying our Republic and making us easy pickings for a future enemy determined and able to do us harm.

Traitors all!

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