26 April 2012

Stupid anime

As a former military man and a son of honorable, time tested veterans, I know that when you enlist in the United States Military, you are to keep out of trouble in peace and shut up and obey your orders in times of war.  This isn't a violation of free speech or personal liberty because Sgt Stein could have kept his thoughts in a private journal until he was out of the Service and published them then if he pleased.  You do not go online and openly advocate insurrection against the Commander in Chief. 

You idiots on the right need to shut the hell up and accept that, until November and MAYBE past that, Obama IS the POTUS.  I put up with Bush; you aholes can put up with Obama.  I'm putting up with him!  We can change that in November if we don't like it and write in Jon Huntsman for President and Howard Dean for Vice President because 1) It would be a huge poke in the eye to both Democratic and Republican party AND all those thrice damned religious whackos behind all this rage against the President.  2) Both men wouldn't be expecting it and would have to work together like grown ups to work out all the troubles that ail our nation now, unlike those crybabies in the Congress today. 

And while I'm dreaming I may as well wish that all our fighting men and women overseas, who are over there because an idiot allowed the most successful terrorist attack ever to happen on American Soil during his illegal watch and then waged 2 inept wars, one in which he blatantly lied to the American people to get into, would come home today before we waste anymore of their lives or our national resources.  Throwing good money after bad is never good.  And neither is what they are turning this country into.

I say all this because of this:

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