28 May 2012

Mitt Romney's Milk Gaffe

“Well Ken, maybe you can teach the vets to milk cows.”
--Mitt Romney, during his '94 Senate run, to homeless shelter executive director Ken Smith when Smith explained that the State of Massachusetts allocated $2.37 per day twice a day for each homeless veteran’s meal. Since the amount was so meager, the shelter had trouble providing each veteran with a carton of milk at each meal. Romney then walked out the door.

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  1. But several days later, Smith got a phone call from Romney, who told Smith he wanted to cover part of the shelter's milk costs, and he didn't want any publicity for it. Smith didn't know exactly how Romney had done it--he figured Romney had arranged something with one of the shelter's milk suppliers. But now, instead of paying for 1,000 pints a day, the shelter was paying for just 500. And it wasn't just some political stratagem. "It happened for a long period of time." Smith said he understood that Romney was still supporting the shelter when Smith left in 1996.


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