06 June 2012

In the grand scheme of things, Wisconsin and it's erstwhile governor don't really matter much.  Yet today I read that yesterday's recall vote in that state is a death knell for unions (it isn't) and an affirmation of the GOP ideology (it wasn't) and that Democrats are sore losers (both parties are).

What the recall did show was that rich folk nationwide would stop at nothing to influence an election, even one as small and insignificant as this one.  In fact Gov. Walker's defense of his realm racked up an incredible $30M!  As the Washington Post notes:

"As of Monday, more than $63 million has been spent on the recall fight with Walker and his conservative allies vastly outspending Barrett and other Democratic-aligned groups.
Walker himself had raised in excess of $30 million for the recall campaign while Barrett collected just under $4 million.
Being outspent 10-1 (or worse) is never a recipe for success in a race. Democrats cried foul over Walker’s exploitation of a loophole that allowed him to collect unlimited contributions prior to the official announcement of the recall in late March."

So what good is our democracy now that it is manipulated by rich folk?  The sad truth is that our notion of democracy is dead.  Well, dead to us little people.  Our voice is drowned under an unending stream of $10s and $20s.  Luckily the rich had 10 years of tax breaks to throw at Wisconsin eh?

But that's not what people will talk about today because we have such worthless news outlets nowadays.  But that's what the discussion we as a nation ought to be having.

100 years from now, Walker, who will be as dead as I am, won't matter to anyone.  Citizens United will be alive and well, fostering the oligarchy it helped create.

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