27 September 2009

Lions WIN!

Well This Years Detroit Lions finally pulled a victory out and no one in the area could watch it because of that stupid NFL blackout when the home team doesn't sell out but by God the Lions are among a plethora of 1-2 teams in Pro Football and they can build on this win. The losing streak is over and already you can feel the energy from the City of Detroit has become happier. Hooray! They could finish 7-9! But it could easily be 9-7 if this team can step it up. Too early to say but congratulations to the Detroit Football Lions. You won man!!! If you missed the Minnesota Vikings host the 49'ers you missed a Great Game. San Francisco played with a lot of heart today and, I thought, with enough to win the game but that damn Brett Favre. Love him or dislike him (and sometimes I do for his antics) he is perhaps the greatest in the game right now (after Tom Brady. Go Patriots!) and man did he prove it all day, winning the game with an easy as you please TD pass to Greg Lewis with only 2 seconds left in the game. Damn he's a Gunslinger! The Niners are undoubtedly a team on the rise but winning today was all to Favre. Now I get to watch a lame ass game between the World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the pathetic Cincinnati Bengals. Ugh! Who cares??? 13-0 Pittsburgh going into the half? I'm so startled! Are you effing kidding me? Why not the Saints @ the Bills or the Dolphins @ the Chargers? At least those will be close games! Maybe they'll change games after the half. Ugh! and I have to wait til Midnite for the NFL to post the Lions game so I can see their win for myself. Oh well. The Colts @ the Cardinals might be good for a few laughs. Colts number 1 pass defense shuts down the Birds while Peyton plays for bragging rights over his brother Eli (who is the better QB). Sorry Manning. Still have you as my starting QB on my fantasy team though. Might give Jay Cutler the start next week though; Seattle has a good pass defense and the Lions secondary is still unproven). Tomorrow night's game is probably a snorer too. Ugh! Carolina @ Dallas. Carolina 34 Dallas 21, Romo tosses 3 picks.

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