27 September 2009

thank goodness there's pro football

I haven't felt like writing much lately because the World is just too depressing. Lives overseas hang in the Balance as our elected officials decide what to do about Iran and Afghanistan. Meanwhile, here at home, Right wing Radicals are inciting insurgency against our government. They are literally hunting the President (which is why they take guns to his rallies) because with him out of the way they believe they can retake the White House behind Sarah Palin, who, today, is following the example set by Jane Fonda when she went to VietNam. Not to be outdone, dear Sarah went to the Communist country of China afew days ago and held our Commander in Chief out for scorn and ridicule as she spewed forth her Right wing ideology as if she were Somebody. But Sarah Palin doesn't love America, she loves her Bible and she loves Republicanism and strange wang every so often if One may believe the National Enquierer. But America? Bah! Still her base is working themselves up for some sort of shenanigans. I can feel it in my bones. So yeah, who cares? The World is always doomed and we dumb Apes seem to be the cause for that more often than not and NHL hockey is still another week away. Grr. But hooray it's Sunday and I can forget it all by watching the Lions win their 1st game but oh no I can't because the game's blacked out because Detroit has given up on their team. Dammit! But I'm getting to watch what turned out to be a good game between the 49ers and Vikings. The Niners look to be back on the path to being a Real Contender in the NFL. For some reason my local CBS station who has this weeks double header decided it couldn't be bothered to show game 1 a Chiefs-Eagles affair but will show game 2, a snorer between Pittsburgh (not them AGAIN?!) and the hapless Bengals. Never mind the better options of the Saints @ the Bills or Miami @ San Diego! Ugh! The Earth is Dying and my Football Sunday is off to a rocky start. My fantasy teams are doing well though if that means anything. And in 2 minutes the Lions will be 1-2.

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