07 September 2009

no more mr. nice guy

ever since the Reaganites decided to follow the Nixon strategy of catering to far right wing radical fundamentalist Christian nutjobs, said Christers have blossomed into a full fledged threat against American democracy. I suppose to understand the fundamentalist Christer's mind you'd have to go to one of their church services and see for yourself and while mainstream Pentecostals don't handle venomous snakes as their couterparts in the Tennessee mountains, they do have their own unique rights of passage that are just as bizzarre like speaking in tongues or dancing in the Spirit. It's like a carnival freakshow without the bearded lady. Still all the followers of this aggressive religion swear these are genuine manifestations of their god (who apparently loves people to act retarded) rather than their own group psychosis. Now, I don't care what religion anyone does or doesn't follow (personally, I follow Taoism) but when a group of religious fanatics try to force their views on the rest of us, it's time to take action to stop these domestic terrorists and they ARE domestic terrorists. 1) They have threatened the life of the President of the United States. 2) They have brought guns to public forums in an attempt to intimidate the rest of us (and by implication, the President as it was only at places the President was at that they brought the guns). 3) They have killed doctors in the name of Jesus. 4) They have rioted and disrupted elections in attempts to keep people of color from voting because people of color tend to vote Democrat. 5) They have beaten Middle Easterners and Mexicans or Indians who look Arabic because of religious differences. 6) They have blown up clinics and burned down synagogues for Christ's sake. 7) They knowingly and maliciously spread lies to the public and beaten those who disagree with them. 8) They view themselves as soldiers in the Army of Christ so their loyalty IS NOT to America but their imaginary savior. They use the Book verse in which Jesus says, "I came not to bring peace to the Earth but a sword." to justify this and this fuels their aggressiveness. After all Yahweh's law trumps man's law in their opinion so breaking the law, killing, etc. is justified through the prism of their distorted and twisted faith. 9) There is no compromise in them: it is their way or no way. 10) They are bent on bringing down the United States government. And so forth and so on. These are all facts readily available to any and all who look for them. Worse still they ARE the Republican Party. After Barack Obama won the Presidency, these fundamentalist religious whacko Republicans all got together and agreed to fight and resisit everything the new President and Congress might propose for the betterment of America. They have refused any compromise even though their Democrat counterparts worked with these assholes when they were the majority part under that failure Bush. They are like children throwing tantrums because their distorted religious views dictate the President must be the Antichrist simply because he's a Democrat. Their views also say we the people are blind followers of their Satan deluded in our lusts to lead this planet to Armageddon. How do I know all this? I was raised up in their churches and indoctrinated in their ways before I managed to break free of their brainwashing. Now they want to spread their ignorance and disease of mind to the whole country and take this country over to rule it as they had done under Bush. Why? To force us to follow their ways and to ensure America is on the right side in their coming Apocalypse, never mind they are supposed to be raptured away long before them. If that doesn't make sense to you, it does to them for they are truly America's version of the Taliban. Mind you, their numbers are not anywhere near a majority. They must rely on aggression, distortions and fear tactics just as the Nazis did to gain power in Germany. It is time the rest of us push back. When a bully keeps fucking with you the only way to stop him is to standup. If they come after our President, we go after their leaders. If they try to shout us down we punch them in the face. If they try to bring guns to public meeting places, we call the cops to have them thrown in jail for conspiring to commit violence against us real Americans. If their churches want to be political units for the Republican party, they should lose their tax exempt status. If they want a fight, we should all give them one because they sure as hell won't stop until we do.

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