17 September 2009

the radical right hates all America

Yeah I get it when the Taliban says the covering of women is essential to keep a man's lust in check and , yeah, I get it when the radical right Republicans in this country say they will overthrowe the government but that doesn't mean I think they are right. People who are immersed in religion are obviously insane because, let's face it, God or Alllah isn't directly speaking to anyone because they do not exist. Sure, like you, I've been waiting for proof to the contrary but there isn't any because you cannot prove or disprove the existence of something that never was. Which isn't to say I'm against religion but, let's face it, when your faith becomes an excuse to act like a traitor to this, your country, then we have problems. I tolerated George Bush as best I could, but he was an idiot who fucked this nation straight up the ass. Yes he should have been arrested and hauled of in chains. Why? Because he lied to us, all of us. He said he'd be President but he wasn't. Rove and Cheney ran the show and we all know it. We all fucking know it yet they walk around free men. But George Bush Jr. was the face of the administration, the poster boy if you will, and he did nothing on his own that Rove and Cheney did not approve of. WE know this, yet still did nothing. George Bush was NEVER LAWFULLY elected President of the United States, ever. This isn't me being a Democrat or a what the fuck and who gives a shit anyway moderate or anything. This is me, a human being and an American by birth, a thinking, intelligent person saying George Bush ruled illegally the last 8 year because we, the American people, didn't have the drive, the passion or sense of priveliege that the Republican radical right to stand up in one voice and in unison demand that Righteouness and Justice were restored to the halls of power in Washington! That is how they win, that is how they get away with everything and that is how come we never get ahead in this nation. We are too nice, too civil, too mature while they push us, shove us, shout us down and threaten the President of the United States. When do we stand up for what's ours? When do we get a little crazy and push back against these radical right agents of insurgency? Why aren't we getting angry for free health care? Why aren't we getting angry that all the Right wants to do is to subdue us, to spy on us, to steal our precious liberties and waqrp our government into some twisted fascimile of itself? Why are we accepting defeat? We have the numbers, they don't. Why then are we rolling over like whipped dogs so that these people of wealth, money, power and ignorance can continue to fuck US straight up OUR asses! Why are we taking it like a bunch of $5 whore's on shore leave? Do we hate ourselves? Do we feel so guilty about how good we have it in America that we feel we must make martyrs of ourselves before the peoples of the Earth so that they can marvel at our helplessness before the powers of hate and racism disguised in Republican garb? Was George Dubya Bush the President WE chose or was he simply a sign of our inner need for self-flaggelation? Yet now we have a President that we elected and we know he won fair and square because we sensible Americans, worn down after 8 years of Bush incompetence, went out to the voting booth and gave President Obama and the Democrats a landslide victory and a clear mandate for change. Only the radical right is complaining. They carry signs depicting Obama as Hitler, signs declaring we Americans (all 75% of us) who voted for the President are stupid or ignorant and signs like "No diversity in my country!" No diversity? Why would a Southern white guy have a sign saying that? Why would psycho right wing radical Republican Christians ignore the Bible's edicts to take down our president? After all the Bible clearly states in Romans 13:1,2 that: 1Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. 2Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. So why are they cursing the words of their own God and spitting in His face by rebelling against His word (which they make so big a deal about)? What might cause radical right Christians to show how little they actually follow their own Bible? Or prompt Glenn Beck to call the President a racist or a sitting Republican Congresswoman to tell a crowd that the GOP is looking for the Great White Hope? And why is it that the gun toting right wing radicals who show up at an event where the President is are all white? I disagree with President Obama when he says race plays no part in the rabid fanatacism alligned against him, because it does (even though he's half white). The President being a Northerner doesn't know the reality of life in the deep South where racism is a way of life. Hell when I was in the Army (Ft. Polk, LA) most people were okay with the coloreds because they "knew their place" but the rest were in the KKK and used the words "Boy" and "Nigger" a lot. Even here in the North white guys hate "uppity niggers" (anytime "uppity" is used in describing a black person it is from the phrase "uppity nigger" used by most old folks when I was young). When I was homeless last year oh the racism was so thick you could cut it with a knife. And if a white girl was doing a black guy, she was a sloppy whore that you wouldn't stick a white dick into because she was forever "contaminated" by the black dick. So you can imagine how our 'friends' on the radical right must feel about President Obama's white mother hooking up with a black Muslim! No wonder they say the President is the Antichrist. The radical right is filled with this sort of hate, ignorance and jealousy. They always have been. I know from attending their churches growing up. They are jealous of white non-Christians because we have more freedoms than they do because their Bible imposes so many restrictions upon what they can and can't do every day. They hate non-whites who don't know their place. All they know is hate for their religion is for show and has no depth. After all, President Obama is a born again Christian. He should be considered their brother yet he isn't. If you have a better explanation as to why that is than I've just given you, I'd sure love to hear it.

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