11 September 2009

on 9/11: some of you aren't gonna like it

www.judicialwatch.org/iraqi-oil-maps.shtml On the 8th anniversary of 9/11 let us all take a moment to remember the dead. To this day I have some very serious questions about the events of and leading up to 9/11. For example how did Dick Cheney know through 1997-1999 that he would be able to chop up Iraq and sell it off piece by piece to the highest bidder when, in theory, there was no way he could know he would be in office to honor the contracts he had signed in that time period? Naturally any answer I can come up with would be pure conjecture based on reason so how would any of you answer that question? Me, I look at the Florida fiasco in 2000 where the radical right, the same foes we face today in our national discourse, hijacked the voting process and stole the election for Bush. First they eliminated nearly all the black votes (damn Democrats!) then staged near riots to force a recount. Problem is the recount favored Gore and the whole world knows it because --haha!-- the news outlets around the world followed the recount through to its conclusion and Gore won, period. These outlets then ran the story while here in the States the right wing media fudged things a bit and said Gore couldn't have won with the votes he wanted recounted. Hopefully most Americans can remember back that far and say, "Oh yeah Mike, I remember those shenanigans." because these events are facts on record for all to find and see for themselves. So, honestly, doesn't it seem fishey to you that a person standing to make billions in loot if they get elected to office suddenly wins under questionable circumstances? Or would you say "Hmmm, that is weird." As for me, there are only so many coincidences that I am willing to accept. The version of the list you see if you click the link is an updated version from March 2001. The version I originally saw (but can no longer find online) dated 1999 but a careful perusal of the documents show the contracts and bids began in '97 so there ya go. But there are other coincidences that need explaining like how the George Bush's 12 page daily briefing "bin Laden Determined to Attack America" became a mere 2 page memo when released to the public during the farcical 9/11 hearings. Or why FBI, CIA and German intelligence was dismissed during that fateful summer. Or why John Ashcroft and other Bush officials were warned not to fly commercial airliners. Or why was the Air Force ordered by Don Rumsfeld to stand down while terrorist controlled planes headed for both DC and New York. Or, to me, the biggest issue: why wouldn't Dick Cheney or George Bush testify under oath about that day. Hmmm, that is weird. Unless... See, in America, we have free speech and I'm like Van Jones in that I am convinced members of the Bush administration had a hand in letting 9/11 go off as planned. Oh no, not Bush himself because he was merely the face man of that administration. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney were actually running the show and either Cheney or Cheney and Rove allowed that day to occur. Why? Billions of dollars. Will they ever be brought to justice? No. They got away with murder. We know the Bush White House destroyed evidence and obstructed justice yet to this day are not held accountable which is the shame of modern America. If the ultra rich can commit mass murder and get away with it then the justice system in this country is only meant for the poor who get abused by it everyday. Oh sure some rich folk swing but only because they aren't connected to the right people. If Bernie Maddof had Dick Cheney's connections, he'd still be a free man but I digress. So you see I have a hard time with this day because 3000+ Americans were slaughtered in the name of greed and unfettered Capitalism. From airline hold options to the doctored footage of the Pentagon exploding (you can clearly see it's a missle being fired from a low flying aircraft, presumeable a helicopter if you adjust your TV settings correctly) to the fulfillment of the Iraq land grab (amazing how the oil pipelines, rigs and refineries weren't hit during Shock and Awe) something is clearly wrong in the state of Denmark to quote the bard Shakespeare. So do we continue to live in this "new post 9/11world" or do we bring those government officials responsible to justice? Most of you choose to live in the former while those officials laugh all the way to the bank. If we truly honor the dead, we'd turn that laughter to tears but we don't. Instead we let their unsettled ghosts continue to suffer as we wrap ourselves in denial.

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