30 June 2011

Bachmann? Turn her over! Drive!

I read that rather than acknowledge Michelle Bachmann's mistake of naming John Quincy Adams a Founding Father when he was but a lad of 9 at the time, her followers have taken to Wikipedia to rewrite the JQ Adams page to make their favorite airhead correct.  Naturally, this tells you all you need to know about the rabid right who have demonstrated a propensity for rewriting American history to suit their ends, (especially those thrice damned fundamentalist Christers).  To me this never made any sense.  Either you are proud of your country's heritage or you aren't and if you are indeed proud of it, you don't go striving hard to change it.  If you aren't, too fucking bad!  That's how it happened!

But this sort of denial bodes ill for our future given that we recently have read that these days American students are less proficient in American history than in any other school subject.  And our world ranking in those other subjects are terrible.  Further, this isn't a new trend that has suddenly, astonishingly appeared.  This problem has been plaguing our education system for a while now.  This means that people like Bachmann can say as they damn well please about our history because, by and large, most Americans simply aren't going to know any better.

So I propose an amendment to our Constitution to the powers that be:  No one can run for federal office without passing a senior high school level American history test, strictly administered so as to prohibit cheating.  You don't pass, you can't run for congress or the presidency, period.  Why should a bunch of ignoramus' be allowed to make laws for the nation's future when they don't understand her past or have a fundamentalist Christer revisionist view of it?  My guess is most politicians would fail this test.  Good!  Get those idiots out of our halls of power where there ignorance and stupidity are causing untold troubles and chaos.

Hell, let's add IQ requirements too!  If you don't have an IQ above 125, you can't be a member of congress; if your IQ isn't above 140, you can't be president.  Hoho!  Now we're talking.

Naturally, this idea will never happen because those who own this country and run it like a Southerner's plantation wouldn't meet this criteria nor would their toadies the politicians who they have bought and paid for in bribes in the form of campaign contributions.  These powers would rail against any attempt by We the People to ensure we are getting some kind of quality leadership in Washington.  They would say we are impeding their rights to destroy the nation free expression or free speech.  Maybe they would even have some small point.  After all it is said that the people have the government they deserve and maybe we Americans deserve this turd sandwich our federal government has been corrupted into by greed, arrogance and mismanagement.  The voters voted these Becktards into power, just like they voted the ineffectual Republican Lites Democrats in a few years before that and, again, the Becktards before that.  There is no end to it because we Americans are too fat, too lazy, watch too much TV and are just plain too damn stupid to fix the damage we have allowed to happen because of our passivity and ignorance.  It is said that in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.  Would that we could find a politician even that qualified!

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