09 January 2012

Deja vu all over again

My bleary eyed, fresh from the bed, coffee craving self woke to these startling headlines:

1) The Iranian high court has sentenced an American accused of spying to death http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/iran-court-sentences-american-to-death/2012/01/09/gIQA3T8GlP_story.html

and 2) apparently the Iranians are producing nuclear material in a bunker. http://news.yahoo.com/iran-nuke-bunker-confirmed-115201184.html

With all the talk of the "next president" invading Iran, one wonders if the current president will decide to wait, especially after Iran's threat to choke off oil in the Strait of Hormuz.  I'm sure Israel is a go for military action. 

And while Iran may indeed have allies in Moscow and Beijing, one can only imagine that the leadership in Washington is fairly certain they can handle this.

Personally, provoking China and Russia seems like a bad idea, but then, I don't have the launch codes.

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