09 January 2012

Tim Tebow’s 316 yards: Fans keep the faith after Broncos win - Under God - The Washington Post

The Denver Broncos’ playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday night was unlikely enough, but Tim Tebow’s passing yardage — the Christian quarterback threw 316 yards — sent commentators over the edge. The Associated Press reported that he also averaged 31.6 yards per completion. The religious connotations to John 3:16, a famous Bible verse, were too much for many to chalk up to chance.

For the true believers, it was no coincidence.

You know Jesus talked about people who made a public display of their faith and said they were full of it. Besides, everyone knows Jesus is a Lions fan that hates everything about Denver. Oh, Tim Tebow, it isn't that you believe, it's that you are at a 10, we need you at about a 5 or 6. Besides, Jesus has kids starving in Africa to tend to, not helping you score TDs. Dumbass.

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