27 January 2012

If Romney develops a stage persona that the media can sell to the rubes down South that make up the base of the Republican party, like the one he used tonight but a little more fine tuned, it may very well come down to which side gets the most of their people to vote. 

Romney is a dangerous man and, worse, a True Believer, but up until now his being a Mormon has kept him from cinching up the nomination.  Get fundamentalist Christians to overcome that prejudice and a very fired up, fanatical group of right wing extremists are going to be voting in record numbers, their hatred of Obama is that strong.  A hatred created from no basis in fact or reality and believed as t'were God's own writ.  I just don't get it.

Anyway, Romney would use the indefinite detention on liberal groups and his government would root us out.  He has to because I think he will order the military to invade Iran.

Or not. 

I don't like him and I know the powers that be in White America would love to see Romney in the White House because he is, as we know by his dealings, their man when it comes to unfettered capitalism.

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