26 January 2012

I am an independent progressive voter and think both parties are corrupt, self-serving and bad for America.  That said, I'm an American and I was always taught to respect the President of the United States.  To speak even more plainly, I still do not believe George W. Bush was ever lawfully elected POTUS.  He is a criminal and he allowed 9/11 to happen because he was careless in his duties.  But, if he had asked me to the White House it would have been, "Yes, Mr. President." or "Mr. President you honor me." or some such.  Why?  Because he was the guy my country settled on leading them.  Their consent made him President and thus, like it or not, agree or not, he was my President too.  You don't call yourself a good America when you make this affront to the office.  You don't make a conservative super star of the dame who made our nation look weak and foolish in the eyes of the world and those who hate us.  If this had been George Bush and that had been Sheila Jackson Lee you righties would have had seizures while calling for her head on a platter. 

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