24 September 2009

out of bullets

I should tell you that while we are wasting our time watching TV or playing on our computers (guilty), they are holding meetings in their homes and planning their next move in their war against us. It is a very real war to them, a Biblical war by golly. Jesus himself and through His Apostle declared it in the Olden Times that in the Later Days we would know the Signs that His Return was near . It is a time for War and Domination in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord and we must be ready! Arm yourselves! We are the Army of Christ and we will Rule the Earth beside Him as His Holy Saints! Garbage right? Unfortunately there are millions of Americans who believe that tripe. Never mind all that "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" crap. They believe that they are under attack by us. You and me. Right? What are we doing to attack anybody? Not a damn thing. Still they think we are and so they gather together every night for home held church where they sing hymns and pray in the Spirit and discuss their next move. Now while most of these folk funnel this paranoia into politics where they managed to take over the Republican party there are still a few more million of them that don't think that is enough. They also have prayed together in their homes but their God has given them a different plan of action. They are to arm themselves and train themselves in the usage of their weapons for when the Antichrist appears (President Obama) his Hitler like charisma will deceive the whole World and he will lead the Armies of Satan against God's Chosen people Israel. I'm making this all up, right? I see what they are planning to do now. They are here at home busily churning up the chant for Revolution. We will retake Washington by force if we have to! You've probably heard about that on the news recently. They will stop at nothing to acheive this for by God when the End Times come, America will be defending Israel against her enemies not leading them! It's all a gag, right? I'm fucking with you, I have to be. Yet they are plotting it. They are hoping that someone in his religious fervor will kill the President of the United States. You might have noticed the gun packing, 2nd amendment spouting rednecks that have shown up where the president is speaking lately. That's why. It is encouraged. Besides, the Bible explicitly states that the Antichrist will suffer a head wound and will come back from the dead. When Obama survives the attempt then his true colors will be revealed and Christ will Return and whisk them all away for 7 years where they will feast with all the saints since Adam and drink the finest non alcoholic wine before the come back and kill the rest of us on Judgement Day. No freakin' way, right? Top story of the day: America is suffering a shortage of bullets. Domestic terrorism is still terrorism even if they do call what they do Christian. I hope our Federal government does something about it soon.

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